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Three men talking about God with all their human wisedom


  • Characters of the Old Testament: Joseph


    In this edition of the Three Semi-Wisemen podcast, we are looking at the life of Joseph. His life is filled abandonment, enslavement, and imprisonment, but ultimately God used to save a nation. And all this because of his continual encounter with dreams. Today we will delve into the subject of dreams. Does God still speak … Continue reading →

  • Characters of the Old Testament: Jacob


    In today’s podcast we’re moving on to the next characters in the line of Hero’s in the Hall of Faith, Isaac and Jacob. As always, we discover so much about the attributes and nature of God. Some of the tough questions that Jacob’s story draws out are: Why did Jacob, the younger son and a … Continue reading →

  • Characters of the Old Testament: Abraham


    In this podcast, we will be examining the life of Abraham. He stands out as a pivotal character as God sets him apart as the Father of the entire nation of Israel. We ask some probing questions about his righteousness and the covenant that God established with him. And as always, we want to compare … Continue reading →

  • Characters of the Old Testament: Noah


    We’re continuing our series on Characters of the Old Testament. Jesus and Peter make some rather interesting statements that relate Noah to New Testament Christians that we want to delve into and then answer some questions that are presented straight from the story itself such as, why did God flood the earth in the days … Continue reading →

  • Adam, Cain, and Abel


    Today we are starting a new series titled: Characters of the Old Testament. We believe that everything in the Old Testament is leading up to Christ death and everything the New Testament is a result of Christ’s death and resurrection. Our podcast has focused a lot on the New Testament and so we are going … Continue reading →

  • The Mission of the Kingdom


    This is our final podcast on our Kingdom of God series. We have talked about the King of this Kingdom, who we are as the citizens, and who the enemy Kingdom is. Today we are completing this series by discussing the mission of God’s Kingdom. What is it? What do we have at our disposal … Continue reading →

  • The Enemy of the Kingdom


    Who is God’s enemy? Satan would be an obvious and correct answer, but is there more than just that? We delve into what it means to be an enemy of God, what the weapons of the enemy are, how much power the enemy has and what we as Christians have to defend against and attack … Continue reading →

  • Citizens of the Kingdom


    How can one be a citizen of the Kingdom of God and be a citizen of the world? The reality is, being a citizen of the God’s Kingdom affects every area of our lives. Not only is our allegiance to our country changed, but so is our allegiance to everything else in the world that … Continue reading →

  • The King of the Kingdom


    Jesus is King! Foundational to Christianity is that we have accepted Jesus as Lord of our lives, which means that we have taken ourselves off the throne, and given it over to Jesus. He now rules and reigns. Often though, we have forgotten this: in order to surrender and live for him, we have to … Continue reading →

  • Introducing the Kingdom


    What is the Kingdom of God? It gets thrown around a lot in Christian circles these days. Jesus preached about it often. Do we really know what it means though. This is the start of a mini-series on the Kingdom of God and taking an in depth look at what the bible says about it. … Continue reading →

  • Find Glory in Grace


    Grace is truly an spectacular thing. God has given it so abundantly and freely that we can go our entire lives without exhausting it. Often I wonder how much I understand it though. With this podcast, I feel like we might actually get it and yet I know the full extent of his grace has … Continue reading →

  • Running the Race

    01/07/2013 One of the most common analogies for the Christian life, is that of a race. How we run that race is important. It requires training and preparation. Then once you start, it takes commitment, and perseverance to make it to the end to receive a glorious prize that is far better than anything this … Continue reading →

  • Three is not a Crowd


    The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We can somewhat related with those terms to describe the each part of God. Say Trinity and now it sounds a little intimidating. That is deep theological stuff for the bible school students and scholars. We don’t believe that only the really smart people can understand the … Continue reading →

  • A Memorable Podcast


    Ever tried to memorize scripture? If not, why not? We believe memorizing scripture can be a really important discipline in the life of a Christian. In fact, here’s an entire podcast based on it. Why is it important? How can it affect your life? How does a person go about memorizing scripture? And we end … Continue reading →

  • A Journey to the Center of Christianity


    Image from: 1 Cor 15:3 “For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins…that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures.” This is what defines Christianity and sets it a part from every other religion … Continue reading →

  • God, Will You…?


    “Praying for God’s will” is the topic of this weeks podcast. “God, will you…?” It’s not necessarily important what comes next when we bring our requests to God. The intent behind your request is. Is it God-centered or self-centered? Is it in the will of God or is it outside the will of God? How … Continue reading →

  • New Creatures? Or New Creations?


    Clearly we don’t become completely new creatures when we accept Christ as our Lord and Savour, but I thought using this title would make a good excuse to use this rather well done interpretation of a Kangaroowalrusphant. Couldn’t have done better myself. Anyway, even though we aren’t new and improved creatures that can fly or … Continue reading →

  • Church, the Good, the Bad, and the Holy


    Good, because the church has played such a huge role in giving people hope, reaching out to the poor, the broken and hurting. Bad, because it’s full of messed up people who often make mistakes, act hypocritically, judge intensely, say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, and the list goes on. Holy, because God … Continue reading →

  • God Told Me to Record This


    The voice of God. For being so vital to the Christian life, it’s possibly one of the least sought after things. God wants to hear from us and he wants to speak to us and answer our prayers. In this week’s podcast we wanted to bring some clarity to hearing God at the individual level, … Continue reading →

  • Parable Ship Jumping


    Each parable is immensely impactful and each could probably be a entire discussion unto themselves, but we’ve decided to tackle a bunch of them getting important tidbits from each and in the end a greater appreciation for the communication style that represents much of Jesus’ preaching. Download Subscribe

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