Our weekly gaming group attempts to stay on track as we complete table top adventures.


  • ATG 127 - How Did He Get a Carrier Pigeon Out of That Basement

    ATG 127 - How Did He Get a Carrier Pigeon Out of That Basement


     The Coterie destroys the wyrm equipment and inspects the equipment provided by the garou.After defeating the wyrm creature, the coterie explores the factory and collects some of the green goo that appears to be used as materials.The Coterie decides to destroy the machinery by overloading the boiler and blowing up the building.The explosion results in the deaths of three men and it weighs heavily on Barnes’s conscious. He decides to seek a confession from Father Letheigh.Kenny calls Barnes and reports that the werewolves have dropped off the equipment that they promised.The Coterie inspects the equipment but decides not to take it given Ronnie’s direction.Salazar receives a carrier pigeon message in Italian from Professor Cheswick inviting him to work with him to learn more about the Atlantian ruins that they discovered.Salazar visits Cheswick and learns that the translation of the ruins indicate an eternal threat that emanates from them.Charles tries to feel out some of the primogen for how they feel re

  • ATG 126 - I Was Told This Would Work

    ATG 126 - I Was Told This Would Work


    The Coterie receives orders to investigate a strange office in the financial services district.The Coterie goes to meet Strange’s boyfriend and is met at the woods with growls.Strange’s boyfriend agrees to help and offers a “door” in the form of a silver locket.Ronnie calls and provides an address in the financial district for them to report to and investigate.[01:09:00] The day the Fuckleague died.The party goes to the address and finds some plain offices. Inside there is a sort of tunnel leading to a lower level.Down in the basement, the party finds a mechanical production facility operated by a giant flesh monster.The party dispatches the creature and investigates the production facility.

  • ATG 125 - Chucky Barnes, The Summer Soldier

    ATG 125 - Chucky Barnes, The Summer Soldier


    The Coterie must collect itself following the startling results of the vote for the new Prince of Dean’s Corner.The vote for the new prince ends and the vampires disperse to consider their futures.Katsune tells Bradley that he and his coterie must appear at a meeting the following evening.The Coterie decides to meet with Night Ripper again to discuss the changes that have occurred.[00:20:45] Chucky Barnes, the Summer Soldier.Charles visits Ben and convinces him to come to the meeting.At the meeting, Katsune says that she will be the new Seneshal of Dean’s Corner. The coterie explains about their conversation with Night Ripper and tells them that the kindred should handle it.Ben visit Fathey Lethy to inform him about the change in leadership and how Elyseum will be moving into the old fishery near the church.Ben gets a feeling of unease or danger from the docks district. It seems strongest closest to the waters.The coterie meets with Night Ripper. Strange is also there. Afterwards they speak with Kenny. They l

  • ATG 124 - Dance Off

    ATG 124 - Dance Off


    The Necrodancer fights to protect his new domain while Biggus and friends seek to restore balance to his biome.The party battles The Necrodancer on his ever shifting battlefield.[01:37:00] Dance…. Off……After defeating the Necrodancer, the party is flushed from Biggus’s body and returned to their normal size.The next morning it’s discovered that the Biggus automaton came to life and escaped the lab.

  • ATG 123 - This Bar Now Has a Basement. Dont You Mean a Grave?

    ATG 123 - This Bar Now Has a Basement. Don't You Mean a Grave?


    Biggus and friends must find a way to get into his head but to do so they’ll need to go to the darkest place of his biome.Biggus’s body walks into a pub and engages in a bar fight. The party must control him using the nerves of the body.[00:32:30] My name is Jack Torchman and you will respect me.[00:36:00] This bar now has a basement. Don’t you mean a grave?After returning Biggus’s body and securing him back in the lab, the party helps to resolve the conflict between the defender cells. They explain that only the Leviathan has the power to break through the cartilage leading to Biggus’s head. The Leviathan can be attracted by a specific worm that lives in Biggus’s nethers.The party must be blinded before entering the Nethers or else the horrors there would drive them mad.The party retrieves the worm and uses it as bait for the Leviathan.The Leviathan, a gold fish, arrives and chews through the cartilage leading to Biggus’s head. There the party encounters the Necrodancer who attacks.

  • ATG 122 - How Many Buttholes are There Around Here

    ATG 122 - How Many Buttholes are There Around Here


    The party explores Biggus’s digestive tract as it seeks to clear the remaining infection.[00:11:15] Damn Joe! What a hit!The party clears the remaining infectionAfter entering Biggus’s stomach, they are attacked by immune cells and must escape a room that is slowly filling with acid.[00:22:00] How many buttholes are there around here?The party comes across a hermit living in Biggus’s boot. He offers to show them how to escape if they answer his riddles.

  • ATG 121 - Crit. Double Crit! TRIPLE CRIT!

    ATG 121 - Crit. Double Crit! TRIPLE CRIT!


    Percy & Co clear the infection from Biggus’s body.The party fights the infection on one of the nerve bundles.The party finds a block of cartilage blocking the path to Biggus’s head. The doctor explains that this is probably an immune response.The party fights and destroys the infection on two more nerve bundles.[01:13:15] That was like six puns in a row.[02:00:00] Crit. Double Crit! TRIPLE CRIT!The party takes a long rest after depleting their resources.

  • ATG 120 - I am the Land, Fuck You

    ATG 120 - I am the Land, Fuck You


    The procedure to restore Biggus’s biome begins and the team sets out to discover and eliminate the source of the infection.The party begins their journey through Biggus and look for the sources of infection.After finding a mass of infection, Dr. Fecktenstein advises that there are four nervous hubs throughout Biggus’s biome that will need to be cleansed before movement can be restored.The companions find two opposed factions in Biggus’s gut that appear to be engaged in a never ending conflict.The party meets a Biomite who explains that his tribe came here some time ago and normally protects the Great Biome but that something turned half of them against each other and they can’t do their job until the conflict is resolved.[00:36:30] I am the land……. Fuck you.[00:40:30] We have different definitions of bellowing.Something large passes overhead as the Biomite emplores the group to hide. He explains that the Leviathan hunts within Biggus’s biome.The party finds and unblocks the IV syringe releasing the Percy anti

  • ATG 119 - Open Your Ankle Sphincter!

    ATG 119 - Open Your Ankle Sphincter!


    Biggus is sick and the gang must enlist the help of a mad scientist and ethically questionable mage to save him.Biggus explains to the rest of the group that he is ill and has an appointment with a doctor later. The doctor has asked that the rest of the group accompany him.Mathis tracks down the eccentric Dr. Fecktenstein who tells him that he should return with the rest of his party.After retrieving Biggus and the rest of the group, Dr. Fecktenstein explains that Biggus is dying and that there is a great threat to his biome. He wants the group to go into Biggus’s body to clear out the infection. He reveals that they will need the assistance of a mage named Meddwy but that they may have trouble convincing her to help.The party visits Meddwy and explains the situation. She agrees to help in exchange for P&C offering their protection against Fecktenstein’s unwanted advances.After returning to Fecktenstein’s lab, the gang discovers that Percy is ready to begin the transfusion and they make preparations for t

  • ATG 118 - Oh No, I Dont Have a Plan

    ATG 118 - Oh No, I Don't Have a Plan


    The party infiltrates Temo’s base to dig up some dirt and rescue some old associates.The party meets with the pilots of the cargo ship to discuss their plan for infiltrating Temo’s base.A plan is devised to stow away in shipping crates and then grab the attention of allies after they land.[01:09:30] Joy for Spooning.The party lands on Tatooine at Temo’s compound and is smuggled inside supply crates.After establishing contact with Mathus, the party learns that Temo is attempting to reverse engineer the battle droids so he can produce his own. They steal a data pad with Mathus’s notes to use later to report to Jaba.Vex hacks the security systems and shuts down the blaster on the landing pad as well as gains access to all security cameras.The party escapes with their friends and considers their next steps.The party receives 50k credits for their efforts and sets course for Naboo. They see a video feed of Temo being led away by Jaba’s men.[02:12:30] Oh no, I don’t have a plan!

  • ATG 117 - Hutt Facts

    ATG 117 - Hutt Facts


    The party celebrates their victory over Drombb and meets an interesting bothan that offers them a new job against an old foe.The party returns from Drombb’s compound and celebrates with the Numians.Heading back to the space port, the party heads through the city gates and notice someone spying on them. They are unable to track him down though.Nim introduces the party to a bothan named Ota who has more work for the group but informs them that a bounty of 50k credits has been posted for them.Ota tells the group that his contacts have heard that Temo is dealing with the geonosians to possibly obtain battle droids. Also, he believes that Temo is trying to cut into the Rylothian spice trade without giving Jaba his cut but that Jaba needs solid evidence of Temo’s treachery to act.Ota says that his organization will contact the party when they need the information. He also explains that the party will be paid the bounty if they pull this off.The party returns to Drombb’s compound to look for more information to help

  • ATG 116 - Hello?

    ATG 116 - Hello?


    After springing their trap, the party storms Drombb’s compound.The party returns to Drombb’s compound under the guise of bringing an injured soldier back.After a surprise attack, the party takes down the rest of Drombb’s men and take him captive.[01:01:00] Hello?The party frames Drombb for stealing Temo’s money and then takes him out to the desert to execute him. A key is found on Drombb’s corpse.After returning to the compound, a safe is opened with the key and 2,000 credits are collected.

  • ATG 115 - Sick Berm Yall

    ATG 115 - Sick Berm Ya'll


    After striking a deal with Angu Drombb, the party lays a trap for his men.The party arrives in the shanty town with Bura Ban.Bura Ban informs the group that Angu Drombb’s men built a huge berm around the town and have been harassing them in other ways over the last several weeks.The party finds a pair of guards watching the berm preventing villagers from passing. They offer to introduce them to Angu Drombb in hopes of negotiating a deal to clear the village away.[00:22:00] Sick Berm Ya’ll[00:34:30] We Need a BermerThe party visits Drombb and offers to help resolve the situation with the villagers.[01:04:30] This is the only shaft? It’s bigger than I expected.The party hatches a plan to lay a trap for Drombb’s mercenaries. They will detonate charges at the mine entrance trapping them while a strike squad assaults his base.[01:34:30] The Great Rylothian Berm[02:06:00] Can I do Voices?[02:10:30] You t-rexed and then seaturtled both my games.[02:14:00] Surely they’re not dumb enough to fall for that again.

  • ATG 114 - Ass Fucking Dice

    ATG 114 - Ass Fucking Dice


    The party docks on Ryloth and is hired to help recover a mine from Temo.The party enters the Nabat district on Ryloth after landing and enters a sanctuary hosted by the Newmene Liberation Front.An agreement is made that the party will help liberate their mine and in exchange, they will scrub the Krait Fang.The party boards a speeder to travel and try to gather information on the hut attempting to steal the mine but are shot down by Trex in the journey.[01:15:15] Sexy Yep Yep Cosplay[01:30:30] Ass Fucking Dice!After engaging in a fire fight with Trex and his crew, the party defeats them and recovers to plan their next move.[01:47:00] I’m gonna robo climax inside you!Burabon and the party repair their speeder and then complete their journey to a shanty town.

  • ATG 113 - Droid Dick

    ATG 113 - Droid Dick


    After stealing the Krait Fang, the party must avoid pursuers and decide their next course of action.[00:03:45] Droid Dick.The party boards the Krait Fang under the guise that they are installing the part ordered by Trex.After hacking the computer, they steal the Krait Fang and engage in a tie-fighter dogfight.After defeating the tie fighters, the party finds a prisoner named Burabon in one of the holds. The party decides to travel to a mining planet called Ryloth to refuel and scrub the registration of the Krait Fang.

  • ATG 112 - Whats This

    ATG 112 - What's This


    A new adventure begins in the Star Wars universe as four servants of Temo the Hutt plan their escape.Sprocket, 41-Vex, Askara, and Sasha are attempting to escape from Temo the Hutt and duck into a bar after being pursued by four gamorians.After defeating the gamorians. The bartender tells the party that Captain Trex is currently docked in port and needs a part to repair his ship before he can leave.The party visits the junk yard to try and obtain the part.Sasha and 41-VEX create a distraction so Askara can steal the needed part.Sasha climbs a water tower to spy on the landing pads while the rest of the party investigates. They learn that they will need to release the clamps from the ship via space port control before they can leave.An imperial ship arrives and some storm troopers come looking for the party.[01:57:30] Lord of the ballchinians. The storm troopers locate the party and engage in a firefight with them.

  • ATG 111 - The Yelp of Butts

    ATG 111 - The Yelp of Butts


    Taking a break from RPGs, the group plays Machi Koro and Splendor.[00:33:00] You’re done peeing for the week.[02:01:30] The Yelp of Butts.

  • ATG 110 - Coachella the Defness

    ATG 110 - Coachella the Defness


    After entering Kochai’s castle, the party must locate his death and then destroy him.Frank tells the party that they must find Kochai’s Death and destroy the vessel it resides in along with the orb that contains his soul.The party enters Kochai’s castle and discovers a series of rooms guarded by traps and undead creatures.The party meets a young girl roaming the halls of Kochai’s castle. She reveals that Kochai keeps his death in a broom by a fireplace.The party finds Kochai wandering the halls. He invites the party as visitors to join him.After retreieving the broom, Scribbles smashes the orb against Kochai’s head and Equity breaks the broom. They then attack Kochai.[02:34:45] Finish me off!After finishing off Kochai, the members of the party are returned to their own worlds if they desire. Atropos elects to stay in this world.[02:37:30] I wish this guy didn’t have teeth!

  • ATG 109 - You Guys Sea Turtled my Whole Thing

    ATG 109 - You Guys Sea Turtled my Whole Thing


    The party undergoes a spirit quest and contends with the oddities of the desert region.The party travels into the desert region where they are warned that strange things will occur.A desert druid invites the party into her oasis and offers for them to go on a spirit quest.Scribbles undertakes the spirit quest and wanders off in the night. The next day, the party begins to look for him.[00:16:30] Finding Scribbles.The party meets The Scorpion King and sends him on a spirit quest before moving on.[00:25:00] Spirit side questing.A dancing woman invites the group to dance with her.[00:33:30] The tracks go in different directions.The party encounters two tieflings and a genasi fighting some spiders and an antlion.Scribbles meets a frog person who is the servant of the scorpion king and claims that he will become the new scorpion king if Dwayne doesn’t come back. He asks Scribbles for a potion to increase his bravery so he can face the den of the scorpions.[01:27:00] You guys sea turtled my whole thing.After embark

  • ATG 108 - Bring Me a Goose You Son of a Bitch

    ATG 108 - Bring Me a Goose You Son of a Bitch


    Mathis, Tiny, Frank, and Ergoth embark on a special holiday adventure when a mysterious invitation shows up on their doorstep.Several adventurers receive a “Christmas card” from a mysterious source instructing them to arrive at the town of Cringle on the eve of the magical midwinter night.[00:11:45] She’s taking it out by putting it in.At the Humbug Inn, the innkeeper Marley tells them that their room and board has been paid and that they are welcome to explore the town.The party eats and gets drunk then heads to bed. During the night, Strahd Von Zarovich appears and tells them that they will be visited by three ghosts that will show them visions intended to teach them the true meaning of Christmas.The first ghost to arrive is Pepe who is the Ghost of Christmas Past. He takes them to Grundy where a loan officer is seen denying a loan to Flugan.[00:33:00] You guys are talking, he’s over here axing a loan officer.Tiny kills the loan officer and the party robs the bank.Pepe returns the party to the Humbug Inn an

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