Passion Projects



At this point, its a running gag that Emerson students are too busyand its based on some level of truth. One result of this busy-ness is that we rarely get the chance to really appreciate the work of our peers. Passion Projects fixes that by spending each week talking to a student about a passion project of theirs.


  • 10: Chris Van Buskirk ~ Berkley Beacon


    Chris Van Buskirk is the incoming Editor and Chief of the Berkeley Beacon, the student newspaper at Emerson College. In his freshman year he was the student government reporter and has since grown to tackling college-wide issues such as Title IX reform, and breaking news. Advertisements

  • 9: Charlie Welling ~ Survivor Boston


    Charlie Welling is a producer and host of Survivor Boston. Survivor Boston is part of a growing genre of fan-made college campus Survivor shows. Hear Charlie talk about how Survivor Boston has grown at Emerson and what he sees for its future. Find Survivor Boston here: Youtube: Survivor Boston Facebook: Survivor Boston Instagram: @survivorboston_ Twitter: … Continue reading 9: Charlie Welling ~ Survivor Boston →

  • 8: Emma Giulianti ~ EVVY Awards


    Emma is the Technical Executive Producer for the 38th Annual EVVY Awards, the largest student run multi-camera awards show in the nation. With a team of full-time students and an upcoming show date, it can take a lot to keep everything under control. Hear Emma talk about the challenges and rewards of this work. Follow … Continue reading 8: Emma Giulianti ~ EVVY Awards →

  • 7: Tim Jordan ~ One11Twenty


    Tim Jordan is one half of the musical duo One11Twenty. With an EP coming out this summer, Tim talks about how his music has created community in a multitude of ways. One11Twenty: Spotify, iTunes, Instagram

  • 6: Owen Elphick ~ Hip Hop Society at Emerson


    Listen here! Owen is the historian of Hip Hop Society at Emerson and is featured on their first album which was released this semester. Find Hip Hop Society on social media below! Instagram: @thehiphop_society Twitter: @hiphopsociety1 Facebook: EmersonHHS

  • 5: Josh Schussler ~ The Audition Process


    Listen here! Josh is a performing arts student at Emerson in his last semester. With graduation coming up, that means it’s time to audition. Josh shares why he chose to pursue performing arts and what the audition process is like. Check out the dates below to see his final shows at Emerson! Working: The Culter … Continue reading 5: Josh Schussler ~ The Audition Process →

  • 4: Tay Thai ~ Imagine Brockton


    Listen here! Tay Thai created Imagine Brockton, a community art project that showcases local artists in Brockton, MA. On this episode, Tay talks about how her family and her role models instilled in her a strong desire to give back to her community. Follow Imagine Brockton on Instagram @ImaginBrockton. Follow Tay on Instagram @TayThai_

  • 3: Brady Baca ~ Affordable College for All


    Listen here! Brady Baca is the Class of 2022 Senator for the Student Government Association and is incredibly dedicated to addressing the issue of college affordability in the United States. Listen to hear Brady talk about his work establishing two GSA’s in Singapore before coming back to the US where he plans to spend the … Continue reading 3: Brady Baca ~ Affordable College for All →

  • 2: Bianca and Alfonso ~ New Sites, New Bites


    Listen here! Bianca Justine Nicdao and Alfonso Mateo are co-hosts for Bianca’s BFA project “New Sites, New Bites”. In the project they share their stories growing up Filipino and how their culture has influenced their work. See both of their BFA’s on May 11th at the Bright Family Screening Room!

  • 1: Alex Winzenread ~ Engagement Lab @ Emerson


    Listen here! Passion Projects is a series where we take a rare moment to spotlight the work of our peers. On our first episode Alex Winzenread of the Engagement Lab at Emerson talks about his work in design and internet advocacy. Check out his work at