2Old4This is a podcast hosted by Jeremy Dove and Kevin Evans wherein we discuss film, TV and pop culture fandom from an adult perspective.We'll be following all the news about major franchises like Star Wars, MCU, DCEU, Game of Thrones and whatever else tickles our fandom fancy from week to week.The conversation will be real, raw and focused on the experience of the adult fan.Weâll also feature special guests from the fandom community to share their stories of navigating adulthood with fandom as your co-pilot.Weâll do our best to skip over the click-bait rumours of the day and all of the culture warring that has permeated the conversation lately.No hating, gas-lighting or triggering here. What you will hear is in-depth analysis and review from two veteran film and TV buff pod-casters who have a lot to say.So put the kids to bed and let your inner kid come out and play with Jer and Kev!


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