Expert Secrets – Codependency, Empath & Narcissistic Abuse: The Ultimate Recovery Guide To Cure Being Codependent, Control Emotions, And For Identifying Narcissists!

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Would you like to:
• Be able to spot narcissists before they overtake your life?
• Become more self-confident, independent, and controlled?
• Improve your boundaries and communication skills?
You’re not alone! This audiobook is designed to help anyone who has fallen into the claws of a narcissist.
Codependency is a dangerous game. It’s not just clinginess, sadly, it’s one of the most common issues for many people. Codependency is best felt when we live our lives through the others and depend on them for feelings of self-worth. Imagine what happens if someone leaves you? We’ve all been there. You fall apart into a million pieces and feel lost without that other person.
The good news? There is a way to become less codependent! In doing so, you will also avoid becoming a victim of narcissistic abuse. Narcissists always seem to find codependent people to stroke that ego… It’s time to take yourself out of that equation! As an empath, you need to set strong boundaries and develop high EQ.
Here’s what you’ll learn in this 3-in-1 self-help mastery audiobook:
• Codependency: Triggers, relationship types, recognizing the most common symptoms with advice and strategies on recovery, establishing healthy boundaries, developing self-esteem and becoming emotionally independent
• Narcissistic Abuse: How to recognize risk factors, symptoms, and causes of narcissistic abuse, strategies to get you out of a narcissistic relationship, and ways to develop healthy healing mechanisms after a toxic relationship
• Empath: Understanding an empath’s mind and hearth, an empath test, learning to protect your aura from other people’s influence, learning to say NO, embracing your gift and taking charge in your daily life and relationships
Are you ready to learn how to love and have healthy relationships?


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