A King's Ransom Low Price

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Bestselling author James Grippando demonstrates his trademark gifts once again in a taut new tale of intrigue that will keep you guessing to the final, breathtaking scene.

Nick Rey is on the fast track at a hot Miami law firm when he is suddenly plunged into a dangerous bid to save his father, who has been kidnapped while on business in Colombia; the ransom demand of three million dollars is far more than his family can ever hope to raise. Fortunately, Matthew had purchased an insurance policy to protect against just such a threat. Unfortunately, the kidnappers seem to know all about the policy, and the insurance company, suspecting fraud, is refusing to pay out.

With nowhere to turn, Nick links up with Alex, a beautiful, street-smart woman who may be the only person capable of negotiating with his father's captors. But Nick soon discovers that the gravest dangers to him and his family are not the kidnappers and their guns, but the men in suits at a powerful firm with something to hide, and they will stop at nothing to keep Nick from unleashing the truth.

Performed by John Bedford Lloyd


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