The Way Around

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From the wilds of the Amazonian jungle to the paved confines of suburban New Jersey and back, The Way Around is David Good’s amazing chronicle of self-discovery. It is also the story of his parents, as he relives his American anthropologist father’s journey encountering the world of his mother, a Yanomami from a distant part of the Amazon, and his mother’s painful struggle to adapt to a Western lifestyle. In this powerful memoir, David illuminates the pain of his mother’s abandonment when he was only six, and the toll it took on his childhood; the rebellious teenage years marked by depression and drinking; and the near-fatal car accident that gave him purpose: to find a way back to his mother.

A tale of recovery and discovery combining adventure, history, and science, The Way Around is a fascinating exploration of what family really means, and the way that the strongest bonds endure across decades and worlds.