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  • BLS Podcast: Episode 15


    Episode 15: NFL Wild Card Round The Bush League Sports Podcast couldn’t leave you without a week in which Krutch and JB discuss the NFL! This week’s NFL-centric edition of the Bush League Sports podcast recaps the wildcard round action (especially a gentleman named Tim Tebow), touches on the coaching carousel, and looks ahead toward the […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 14


    Episode 14: Bowl Wrap, Gators new OC, and Florida Basketball After a short hiatus, the critically-acclaimed Bush League Sports podcast returns to wrap up the bowl season! Technical difficulties prevented the guys from giving you their bowl knowledge in advance, so you’ll have to settle for Krutch and JB imparting their particular brand of wisdom as […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 13


    Episode 13: TEBOWMANIA! By popular demand, Krutch and JB give you another two-podcast effort this week! Earlier, their episode on the Weis-to-Kansas news posted here. The guys talk TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW, fired NFL coaches, the playoff picture, and make their week 15 picks! Thanks to Canago for the music, you can check them out here.

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 12


    Episode 12: Weis Leaves, Muschamp needs an OC The premier podcast on these internets is back for another episode! In this week’s episode, the guys talk about the Weis-to-Kansas news, and discuss potential replacements.  Also, they look at the basketball team as non-conference play begins to wind down, with the SEC schedule to start in a few […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 11


    Episode 11 It’s a podcast bonanza, as Krutch and JB give you a second episode of the week! The guys talk about Tim Tebow, the Packers 12-0 start, the playoff picture, and make some predictions for the upcoming slate of games.  Did I mention Tim Tebow? Thanks as always to Canago for the music.  Check […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 10


    Episode 10 After a considerable hiatus, Krutch and JB are back to wrap up the college football season. The guys discuss the poor performance by your Florida Gators, the latest BCS controversy, the upcoming Heisman trophy ceremony, and start to look toward Florida basketball (it’s FAAAAAAAN-tastic!) for solace. Thanks as always to Canago for the […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 9


    Episode 9 Krutch and JB give you twice as much podcast for your buck once again this week! This week we’re talking NFL in part 2. The guys BILL-eve in Buffalo, put the Vikings on Ponder-Watch, talk a little fantasy, and make some Week 4 picks. Thanks as always to Canago for the music. Check […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 8


    Episode 8 Krutch and JB return for another episode of the heralded Bush League Sports podcast! Here’s their take on the Florida Gators as they move from the preseason into the Gauntlet that is their October schedule, and also discuss SEC and national college football story lines and make Week 5 predictions. Additionally, the guys […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 7


    Episode 7 Krutch and JB’s triumphant return COULD NOT BE CONTAINED into a single episode, so we’re giving you a separate episode for your listening pleasure. In episode seven, the guys make some NFL predictions, cover the major storylines from week 1, and talk a little fantasy football. And in case you were curious as […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 6


    Episode 6 Back from hiatus, Krutch and JB bring you a 2-part football season ”preview” podcast! In part 1, they talk about the early college football action, the early returns of the Muschamp era and the Weis offense, and give some predictions for the Tennessee game!  Also, they give their selections for each BCS conference […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 5


    Episode 5 You’ve been on the edge of your seat, waiting to hear Krutch and JB breakdown the 2011 NFL Draft. In Episode 5 of the Bush League Sports podcast, you’ll get your wish. The guys cover where your Florida Gators were drafted, the in-state teams (Bucs, Jags, and Dolphins), and discuss some other teams […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 4


    Episode 4 After a brief hiatus, many of you have been clamoring for another installment of the Bush League Sports Podcast… well, wait no more! Krutch and JB return to discuss Florida Gators basketball (including the recent arrest of Erik Murphy and Cody Larson) and football (including the Orange and Blue Game), the NFL Draft […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 3


    Episode 3 Don’t miss the third edition of the heralded Bush League Sports podcast! Krutch and JB return to discuss the NFL Combine (including which Gator players are participating), other Gators who are not participating but are departing the team, the 2011 depth chart entering spring practice, and Gator baseball and basketball! As always music […]

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 2


    Episode 2 After the critically-acclaimed debut of the Bush League Sports Podcast, your favorite G1-writers-turned-podcast-hosts are at it again. Join Krutch and JB as they podcast their thoughts on Super Bowl 45, Will Muschamp’s first recruiting class, and the Gator hoops team. Thanks as always to Canago for the music (check them out here).

  • BLS Podcast: Episode 1


    Episode 1 After a long wait, G1 is launching it’s own podcast: The Bush League Sports Podcast. In the first episode, G1 contributor Krutch and I talk Muschamp and the coaching change, NFL coaching changes (especially those at Tennessee, Dallas, and Denver), Jay Cutler’s MCL, and a little Super Bowl and Signing Day. Thanks to […]

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