Life Center Weekly Sermon Podcast



Life Center is one church that gathers in many locations. We are located in the heart of Lewis County, Washington. We are building a 21-century local church community that influences our region, state, nation & world.


  • Advance: Victory


    Pastor Jonathan ends this series with us looking for BIG Miracles. We need to pray big prayers and expect big miracles!

  • Be Planted in The House


    Our guests today are Dick and Roxie Iversen. Pastor Jonathan honors them at the opening of this message. Pastor Dick shares on the importance to our lives of loving what Jesus loves.

  • What's Your Next Step?


    Justin Manzey, Latitude, has been speaking to churches for 20 years about what steps they should take next. He has a great message for us and for Life Center.

  • Advance: Obedience


    Week 3 of Pastor's series: Advance, based on Josh. 3:5. God wants to give you something, in this case, the land! All we have to do is follow His plan.

  • Advance: Get Ready


    This series, Advance: Get Ready, is based on Josh 3:5. Today we realize the time has come - Joshua 1:1-9. "Now is the season of entering into the promises of God." Choose to believe!

  • Advance, Be Courageous!


    What a way to enter 2017! Advance, Be Courageous! Pastor Jonathan says, "as we enter 2017 we must prepare ourselves to ADVANCE; to take back ground from the enemy." Let's get ready! Josh. 3:5 For daily reading, go to ssites main page and click on Advance icon as it appears in flyer.

  • SEARCH 4


    In this the last message of 2016, Pastor Jonathan finishes this great series "SEARCH". He reminds us that we haven't seen anything yet! In 2017 God is going to do some amazing things. I only wish I could show you the wonderful children's play. It so touched my heart!

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