Brane Zorman Vs Beitthron - For Project 7 Composers Produced By Radiocona, 2008



Brane Zorman, composer, intermedia artist, working as a freelance artist in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has composed music for more than 50 theatre, dance, multimedia and newmedia sound pieces, as well as released several theatre soundtrack CDs and a few dance EPs for various labels. He composes music or film, TV and radio commercials. His most recent achievements include the first DTS surround encoded soundtrack for a theatre performance in Slovenia, the first DTS surround CD release in Slovenia, as well as an interest in special sound design, effects and sound sculptures. He works with intermedia artists such as Igor Stromajer and world renowned BALLETTIKKA INTERNETTIKKA guerilla internet projects with presentations and invitations from all over the world, as well as Irena Pivka on CONA (ZONE) ( projects and more recently legal radio station radioCona as an intermedia project radio for contemporary art, authors rights, airwaves as public space.