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  • Ready to Bust Your Limiting Beliefs

    20/12/2016 Duración: 30min

     Does the idea of daily flow of good energy and positive vibes no matter what’s taking place sound appealing to you? Would you like to resolve limiting beliefs for life-mastery in all areas of your life? My two guests today are travelling the globe to impart their wisdom and acumen for entrepreneurs like you and I.Jackie Knechtel is a transformational coach, adventurer, visionary leader, super-connector, master manifestor, and pioneer in the area of flow.  She’s founder of the Conscious Collective which holds retreats, leads workshops and delivers transformational experiences worldwide. Jackie is also the co-author of the forthcoming book Flow: The Art of Effortless Living and is actively shifting consciousness on a global scale through her speaking, coaching practice and by blending science and spirituality into practical tools for living an enlightened life.Justin Faerman is a visionary change-agent, international speaker, serial entrepreneur and consciousness researcher dedicated to evolving global conscio

  • Become a Conscious Millionaire

    06/12/2016 Duración: 28min

    Are you ready to commit to a conscious millionaire mindset and actually visualize it, experience it and actualize it a bit more daily? Do you know there are three types of consciousness – awareness, visionary and social. Today’s podcast guest decided as a child to grow up and be a millionaire and he has accomplished this and the three types of consciousness along the way.J V Crum III helps established business owners, coaches, and service providers achieve their First Million. He is the Founder CEO of ConsciousMillionaire.com, that provides training, coaching, and masterminds through its First Million Academy. J V is a speaker, coach, podcaster, Huffington Post Columnist, and #1 best-selling author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.” He hosts the top-ranked “Conscious Millionaire Show.” and holds an MBA, JD, Masters in Psychology. J V has built and sold successful companies, and is featured in the upcoming movie, RiseUP. To learn more about host Christine Monaghan, go to htt

  • Life is way more fun with plenty of spice, right?

    29/11/2016 Duración: 30min

    Life is way more fun with plenty of spice, right? Knowing what you are really good at and love to spend time offering to others is a common denominator in entrepreneurs who succeed on all levels. Sometimes, differentiating yourself is about infusing your brand with your cultural heritage. Today, our podcast guests share their success in doing just this!Two feisty South Africans, Glynn and Mel, met at the sweet young age of two-ish, played, grew up, went to art school, and many years later adventured their way to Canada. On opposite coasts they found each other again, their paths having criss-crossed along the way. Divine intervention, a sprinkle of magic,and some serious love has inspired these friends- for-life to create The Spice Life. Born of a vision to live the healthiest, most joyful and delicious life and to share that blissful path with others. Mel and Glynn combine their superpowers, spice powders, and sparkly outlooks to bring online wellness education, aromatic product lines, and the spice life to

  • Pulp Pantry Turns Waste into Profitable LA Based Biz!

    22/11/2016 Duración: 30min

    So many remarkable business ideas and successes begin with identifying a problem and deciding to solve it. Today’s podcast guest is one of these entrepreneurial successes that the world is better off as a result. Every wonder about the waste, nevermind the nutritional value remaining in the left-overs from the yummy juicing trend? Well, wonder no more…In her last year in college, Kaitlin watched a friend juice a carrot, shocked to see the heaps of vibrant pulp that resulted. Wondering what commercial juiceries might be doing with their pulp, she was shocked to find out most were simply trashing this high-fiber, highly nutritious resource. After graduating college with a degree in Environmental Studies and Social Entrepreneurship, she worked to find a better solution for juice pulp, developing Pulp Pantry. Today, Pulp Pantry creates delicious, healthy food from upcycled juice pulp in Los Angeles. To learn more about podcast host Christine Monaghan, go to http://dailylifemastery.com  

  • Become an Activator with Your Voice

    15/11/2016 Duración: 30min

    Classical soprano and spiritual luminary, Christine Powers shares how to become an activator with YOUR voice  to deliver your expertise. Christine Powers, soprano, healer and spiritual luminary, is an activator. Stepping beyond an entrepreneurial path encompassing marketing, communications, event management, fundraising, and PR, today she is her most powerful presence as her “soul-voice” — currently expressed through singing, speaking, writing, and teaching. She invites us to remember and uncover our true essence and consciously create a joyful, vibrant life. Christine resides with her family in the Adirondack Mountains of New York state.To learn more about podcast host Christine Monaghan, go to http://dailylifemastery.com