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Sheer Alchemy with Leslie FonteyneLeslie Fonteyne is a Transformation Catalyst who uses her Intuitive and Energetic gifts to catapult listeners into living the life they were born to manifest. Whether it is shifting from scarcity to abundance, from emotional pain into joy or from illness into health. How does it happenKnown for the "Leslie Fonteyne Experience" and her Abundance Now events, Leslie not only teaches audience members how to clear their energy systems to achieve their "personal g ...


  • Being the Magic: Transformation at our Fingertips


    We can choose to manifest, to create, to heal, to transform. We can also experience the blocks that show up that let us know it is time to heal. Let s walk through some of those blocks and be the magic in our own lives.

  • Healing Core Wounds: A Way to Deeper Abundance


    After practicing the law of attraction for a while, many of us have drawn in the material manifestations of food, clothing, shelter, raises, promotions and relationships. Something compels us to go deeper, where we make the shocking discovery of neediness, pockets of anger and resentment, fears of heartbreak and abandonment all screaming for attention. We discover these wounds have been impacting what we draw into our lives all along. It is your soul s desire to heal your deeper wounds so that you can reach the next level of manifestation. Find out how.

  • Depression and Powerlessness: The Way Out


    Depression comes from feeling trapped and powerless to step out of our circumstances. Over time, we may have accepted nothing can change. Let s go into the underbelly and turn that story around.

  • Planting The Seeds of Abundance


    How do we plant seeds when life is not showing up as we would like? Do we wait until the sun comes out or do we go ahead and do it? And how, if we are feeling bad? This show s for you.

  • Alignment for Abundance and Joy


    We have to align with all parts of ourselves to feel joy. Otherwise it is pretense. And, we re coming from the should s, not our heart s desires. Let s be brave to align with ourselves.

  • Abundance Beyond Attachments and Control


    Attachments give us a feeling of control but they are finite and create a small world. We hold onto and the people, jobs and things we believe we need in order for us to be happy or feel secure. Let s talk about the constraints we can release so that we can attract true abundance.

  • Shifting from Discovery to Mastery Part 2


    Understanding the steps to mastery can be frustrating in a have-it-now culture. Let s take a look at the frustration, disappointment and blocks as opportunities to heal and shift. Let s change what we re attracting!

  • Sheer Alchemy! with Co-host Leslie Fonteyne: Practice Makes Perfect: From Discovery to Mastery


    Sometimes we expect to learn about a new capability, then reach perfection immediately. We learn about a new capability, and confusing that with mastering the implementation. They are not the same. If you find yourself knowing about a skill, but you have not been able to successfully implement it, this show is for you!

  • Shifting Our Victim Energies into Powerful Responsibility


    As we move on our spiritual path, we become aware of where we are not stepping fully into our power. But how do we do that? Learn how to move beyond feeling small, less than, with low self-esteem to fully powerful and responsible for your life.

  • Clearing Blocks to Your Purpose


    When we are stepping onto our path, blocks and interferences can surface that we never knew existed. They get in the way of what we are supposed to be doing, yet we can resist their removal. Let s explore how to move forward as we step into our greatness.

  • Sheer Alchemy! with Co-host Leslie Fonteyne: Creation: Every Day is New


    Whenever we are in the creation process, everything is new. New ideas, new experiences, things we have never done before. When we look for old ways of doing new things, we stop the creation process.

  • Abundance = Passion + Power + Creation + Focus


    Is abundance not unfolding for you? Are you stuck where your desired manifestation is delayed? Let s take a look at why our intentions are hung up in the ethers.

  • Creating Expressions versus Impressions


    We are afraid of our imperfections, of not sounding positive, seeming negative. So we suppress. But the energy comes out anyway. The gift of our truth is that we can allow it, honor it, hear it, and shift. Then our expression is genuine and we are creating our heart s desire. There s a fear as we get introduced to the power of our energy we understand the weight of our negativity but we misunderstand how to remove it. Suppression does not create positive expression. We learn that in the world. But spirit is operating from a much higher level of creation and manifestation.Source isn t saying, if you do these things, then I ll love you. That is the conditionality we learn from family and religious institutions and culture and then transfer to Source. So, the journey is to a much higher place. It is healing, it is fully loving, it is wanting to help us with our wounds.

  • Artificial markers: Who said you can’t do it now?


    Many of us have learned about achieving life goals from the lens of how old we are, what sex we are, our nationality, the state of the economy, what we re qualified for, and what value we have. Let s look at how those filters prevent us from stepping forward and how we can release those blocks.

  • Resisting Our Intentions: How to Heal the Wound


    We can set intentions and yet resist them. Why is that? Our intentions are for all good things. This show takes us down the path of identifying the resistance so that we can heal the wound that stops us from manifesting our highest good. Call-in to the show at 1-800-930-2819

  • Clearing Blocks of Tradition, Culture and Personality


    Many of our limitations are learned and absorbed practically on autopilot. They come from family, our culture, work environment, schools and even our personality. Let s reach higher and discover our limitlessness.

  • Big Dreams, Small Containers: Evening It Up


    Do you find that you have big desires but limit how it can manifest for you? There s a reason for that. This show walks you through how to increase the size of your personal container to accommodate your desires.Leslie and Dr. Pat lend their experience and knowledge to help you attain your desires.

  • Turning Challenges into Triumphs


    When obstacles come up or we experience a difficulty, we tend to evaluate what is going on from a limited perspective. Learn how to open up the challenge so that it can launch you on your path.

  • How Do We Release?


    Releasing is critical to allowing. It enables us to attract what we desires. Releasing can be hard because of attachments. Let s find out how to get to the other side to allow all that we desire.

  • How Long Does Change Take?


    We want it now. We want our new experience to unfold immediately. The suspense is too much! But why does it take longer than we want? Leslie and Dr. Pat will explain the delays and what you can do about it.

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