An attempt at serious scientific discussion that becomes farcical and chaotic with increasing rapidity. May contain the odd naughty word. Hopefully contains comedy


  • Science Digestive: Webnoise - 7

    Science Digestive: Webnoise - 7


    Back, at long last. Dean and Dave discuss various scientific things that show a disturbing knowledge of, or perhaps tendencies of, Psychopaths. Drunken Violence, wild hobos, and bare-knuckle billionaire battles, we will destroy you!

  • Science Digestive: Webnoise - 6

    Science Digestive: Webnoise - 6


    A severely delayed return of the science-themed gibberish fest that is the Science Digestive webnoise. This time, Dean and Dave inadvertently end up exploring the final frontier, focussing mostly on space based issues. As well as self-service tills and Coca Cola, and we finally settle the burning issue of which of the royal princes is best.

  • Science Digestive: Webnoise - 5

    Science Digestive: Webnoise - 5


    Dean and Dave return again with a surprisingly damp semi-fishy special. Dave develops a surreal fascination with things from the sea, so this quickly degenerated into the Mer-special (half fish-based, that's the joke). More efforts at talking science that degenerate in gibberish, this time with a faint aroma

  • Science Digestive: Webnoise - 4

    Science Digestive: Webnoise - 4


    It's back! Science Digestive, the Webnoise, has farted it's way back onto the web to the sound of the most depressing fanfare of all time. And what a hot hot show it is! This time, the hunks of higher education, the male sirens of Science Dean and Dave have turned this into a throbbing, pulsing sexy special which is, in keeping with all science ever, no way arousing or sexy. Join them as they discuss breast feeding, women's tears, fetishes, advertising, ecstasy and the science of attraction. They also analyse Children's TV as well, but that's not meant to be in any way sexy. Just in case you were thinking of alerting the authorities.

  • Science Digestive: Webnoise - 3

    Science Digestive: Webnoise - 3


    Just when nobody expected or even cared one way or the other, Science Digestive: Webnoise returns for 2011. Dean and Dave return with new recording technology and, as an ironic tribute, spend most of the time talking about all things prehistoric. Subjects discussed and ruined include birdsong, Celebrity chefs, racial fashions, neural complexity, and a lot about primitive hominids and early cultures.

  • Science Digestive: Webnoise - 2

    Science Digestive: Webnoise - 2


    Another dose of barely-coherent high-brow scientific ramblings. Topics covered this time include antimatter, Children in Need, semi-human chimps, foul-smelling fruit and we finally solve that most pressing of issues: Who would win in a fight between Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole? Contains some strong language and mild peril.

  • Science Digestive: Webnoise - 1

    Science Digestive: Webnoise - 1


    The first effort at spontaneous Science Comedy in what will no doubt be an increasingly farcical affair. Topics this week include Crows, The Twitter Joke Trial, Chaplins Time Traveller, the Ostrich T-Rex and more. Contains reference to wanking. WARNING: Sound quality is variable, we're working on it.