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Renewable energy and environmental conservation, sustainability, cancer research, genetics and genomics, diabetes and obesity, nanotechnology, space exploration, robotics, and K-12 science education. SCIENCE AND SOCIETY airs Mondays, 2PM to 3PM EASTERN. SCIENCE AND SOCIETY premiered in June 2003 and has presented interviews with more than 600 world leaders in science, industry, and education, including Nobel Laureates, best-selling authors, visionary executives, and Federal and State public policy makers.


  • Dr. Thomas Horan, Executive Director of the Claremont Information and Technology Institute and Director of the Kay Center for E-Health Research, Claremont Graduate University, 1-19-09


    Dr. Thomas Horan works on a wide range of applied technology projects relating to transportation and healthcare. His research interests include development and deployment of advanced information technologies and policies, including intelligent transportation systems and advanced telecommunications systems. Currently, one of Dr. Horan's biggest projects is as Director of the Kay Center for E-Health Research, where he is working on policy issues involving personal health records.

  • Dr. Matthew Kiernan, Chief Executive of Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, and author of Investing in a Sustainable World, 1-12-09


    Dr. Matthew Kiernan, Chief Executive of Innovest Strategic Value Advisors and author of the recently released, Investing in a Sustainable World, published by AMACOM. In 2007, Dr. Kiernan received a special executive award from the UN Environment Program's Finance Initiative for innovation and leadership in the emerging field of carbon finance. Dr. Kiernan will be a speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on January 28th, 2009.

  • Dr. William Halal - Futurist - author of Technology's Promise, 12-12-08


    Dr. William Halal's newest book is 'Technology’s Promise', published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2008. Macmillan's Encyclopedia of the Future ranked him among "The World’s 100 Most Influential Futurists", including H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, and Alvin Toffler. Dr. Halal discusses life extension, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy, among other forecasts for the next 25 years.

  • Jim Thebaut, President and CEO, The Chronicles Group, and writer, director, and producer, 12-10-08


    As an environmental planner trained in landscape architecture, Jim Thebaut created hundreds of impact statements and planning and energy studies, and analyzed environmental influences in the Pacific Northwest. He then turned to a career in filmmaking and has produced films about the water crisis that cut across the political spectrum. In July 2008, Mr. Thebaut spoke at the United Nations International Water Conference in New York City. His film, 'Running Dry - A Call to Action' was screened for the audience. Mr. Thebaut's newest documentary is 'The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry'.

  • Raymond Francis, author of Never Be Sick Again and Never Be Fat Again, 11-25-08


    Raymond Francis is an MIT-trained scientist, internationally recognized leader in optimal health maintenance, and author of the breakthrough books Never Be Sick Again and Never Be Fat Again. Raymond has proposed an entirely new concept of health along with a simple program for achieving it called the Beyond Health Model.

  • Orson Scott Card, author of Ender's Game and the newly released Ender in Exile, 11-13-08


    Orson Scott Card is the winner of the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award, and author of the renowned Ender's Game. His newest book, Ender in Exile, is published by Tor.

  • Dr. Neal Kaufman, Founder of DPS Health, 11-5-08


    Dr. Kaufman is Co-Director of the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families, and Communities and Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health at the UCLA Schools of Medicine and Public Health. Dr. Kaufman founded DPS Health in 2004, after a 26-year career in academic general pediatrics and public health.

  • Joy Hakim, author, The Story of Science - Einstein Adds a New Dimension, 10-22-08


    'The Story of Science - Einstein Adds a New Dimension' has also received the 2008 National Science Teachers Association Selector's Choice Award. Joy Hakim is also the author of 'A History of Us', a ten-volume history of America for young readers. The series won the first James Michener Prize in Writing.

  • Dr. Michael W. Deem, John W. Cox Professor in Biochemical and Genetic Engineering and Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University, 1-14-08


    Genetics, modularity, mutation rate, horizontal gene transfer. Dr. Deem's specialty is statistical mechanics, specifically the computer simulation of complex molecular systems. He works in the areas of evolution, immunology, and materials. Dr. Deem has developed methods to quantify vaccine effectiveness and antigenic distance for influenza, methods to sculpt the immune system to mitigate immunodominance in dengue fever, a physical theory of the competition that allows HIV to escape from the immune system, and the first exact solution of a mathematical model of evolution that accounts for cross-species genetic exchange. Dr. Deem's recent study, published in the December 2007 'Physical Review Letters', found that genetic modularity arises spontaneously because of the selective pressure of a changing environment and the existence of horizontal gene transfer.

  • Dr. James M. Gentile, President, Research Corporation, 1-14-08


    Research Corporation, science education, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. Dr. James M. Gentile is president of Research Corporation, America's second-oldest foundation and a major proponent of the advancement of science. He is a leader in the field of science education and a frequent speaker on issues involving the integration of scientific research and higher education. Dr. Gentile is a national associate of the National Research Council, where he played a leadership role in the highly praised NRC publication 'Biology 2010 - Transforming Undergraduate Education for Research Biologists'. He is the author of more than 100 research articles, book chapters, book reviews and special reports in areas of scientific research and higher education.

  • Dr. Charis Eng, Chair and Founding Director, Genomic Medicine Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and Professor and Vice Chairman, Department of Genetics, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 8-9-07


    Genomic medicine, genetic counseling, PTEN, breast cancer research. Dr. Charis Eng's research interests may be broadly characterized as clinical cancer genetics translational research. Dr. Eng has published over 230 peer-reviewed original papers in such journals as the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, and Nature. She is a Fellow of AAAS and recipient of the Doris Duke Distinguished Clinical Scientist Award. Dr. Eng will serve a four-year term on the Board of Scientific Directors of the National Human Genome Research Institute beginning in Fall 2007.

  • Dr. Eric Isaacs, Director, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory, and Professor of Physics, James Franck Institute, University of Chicago, 8-9-07


    Nanotechnology, x-ray microscopy, solar energy, nanophotonics, nanoscopic battery. Dr. Eric Isaacs has been a developer of modern synchrotron-based x-ray scattering techniques including inelastic x-ray scattering and a hard x-ray nano-probe. Research interests include novel electronic and magnetic materials with a particular focus on creating images of new phenomena in reciprocal and real space at the nanoscale.

  • Dr. Catherine T. Hunt, 2007 President, American Chemical Society, 8-9-07


    American Chemical Society, science education, renewable energy, nanotechnology. Dr. Catherine Hunt is a Leader of Technology Partnerships - Emerging Technologies - for Rohm and Haas and her background is in catalysis and inorganic chemistry. In her 23 years in industry, Dr. Hunt has applied her background in these two areas across a broad range of electronics, materials, catalysis, hydrogen, coatings and health care. An ACS member since 1977, Dr. Hunt has been involved in numerous Society activities, including the Divisions of Analytical Chemistry, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.

  • Craig Lund, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Mercury Computer Systems, 7-26-07


    High-performance computing, medical imaging, energy, national security. Mercury Computer Systems provides computing systems and software for data-intensive applications that include image processing, signal processing, and visualization. Mercury's applications include detecting aneurysms, designing safer, more fuel-efficient aircraft, and visualizing virtually every aspect of scientific investigation.

  • Dan Gerding, Managing Principal, Gerding Collaborative, 7-26-07


    Sustainable design, restorative design, architecture, triple bottom line. Gerding Collaborative seeks ecologically sensitive solutions that promote responsible use of energy, land, and water resources for commercial, institutional, and residential clients. More than 70 percent of the firm's technical staff is LEED accredited. Dan Gerding has 23 years of professional experience, and has long held a keen interest in conservation and environmental responsibility.

  • Cathleen Campbell, President and CEO, U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation, 7-26-07


    Science and Diplomacy, public health challenges, reducing security risks, developing reliable energy sources. A private, nonprofit organization established in 1995 by the U.S. Government, CRDF promotes international science and technical collaborations. CRDF has provided grants, technical assistance, and training to scientists and engineers in Eurasia, and recently has expanded its geographical focus to include the Middle East and Baltic regions. Cathleen Campbell has nearly three decades of international science and technology policy and program management experience. She served from 1998 to 2002 as Director of the Office of International Policy and Programs in the Technology Administration of the Department of Commerce.

  • Dr. Christer Strom, Director, MAQUET Critical Care, 7-19-07


    MAQUET Critical Care, Neurally Adjusted Ventilator Assist, neonatal critical care, SERVO-i. The MAQUET Group is the world market leader for Medical Systems, focused on the Operating Room and Intensive Care Unit. MAQUET provides innovative medical solutions from three divisions - Cardiopulmonary, Critical Care, and Surgical Workplaces.

  • Corey Powell, Executive Editor, Discover magazine, 7-19-07


    Discover magazine, robotics, cancer research, science education. Corey Powell oversees the Discover magazine's overall design and content, with a special emphasis on narrative features and investigative stories. Mr. Powell is an adjunct professor of science writing in NYU's Science and Environmental Reporting Program.

  • Dr. Mark Wrighton, Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis, 7-19-07


    I-CARES, sustainability, energy resources, science education. In June 2007, Washington University in St. Louis launched a new International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy and Sustainability. The I-CARES mission includes investing in infrastructure for world-class research efforts to meet the environment and energy challenges of the 21st Century.

  • Dr. Francis Barany, Professor of Microbiology, Weill Cornell Medical College, 7-12-07


    Cancer research, personalized medicine, Endo V mutation scanning, universal DNA arrays. Dr. Francis Barany is also Director of Mutation Research at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center. He is program director of two multi-center NCI and NIAID grants to develop new methods of cancer and infectious disease detection. Dr. Barany is best known for developing the ligase chain reaction and ligase detection reaction, and Universal DNA arrays for detection of genetic diseases and cancer-associated mutations. Dr. Barany was named to the 'SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 50' in 2004.

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