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  • Episode 8: APPARITIONS

    21/11/2016 Duración: 01h20s

    I sat down with one of my oldest and dearest friends Cam Gillard of Apparitions and we spoke about a number of different topics super-late on a Thursday night at VIA Studios, Brisbane. LINKS: MUSIC: “Track 1” by Existence is Dead (from ‘split with Asherah’) “Lost” by Against (from ‘Won’t Be Your Fall’) “Anti-jock Revolution” by Conation (from ‘The Dichotomy of Earth and the Human Race’) “The Silence” by Conation (from ‘Troubled Waters & Fortresses’) “Tattoos Are For Lonely People” by Little Shadow (from ‘Possessions’) “Audience“ by Farside (from ‘Rigged’) “Movement is Vital” by Little Shadow (from ‘Healing’) “Akira” by Deafcult (from ‘self-titled’) “Denigrating in the Tanks” by Idylls (from ‘Prayer For Terrene’) “Don't Make a Sound” by Sleepwell (from ‘Rose-Tinted Gold’) “Japam” by Botch (from ‘An Anthology of Dead Ends’) “Death Dealer” by Sect (from ‘self-titled’) “Exit Fears” by Ceremony (from ‘The L-Shaped Man’) “Living Hell

  • Episode 7: MAKE MORE

    24/09/2016 Duración: 37min

    I chat Simon Reynolds & Josh Strange from noise-pop/shoegaze 3-piece MAKE MORE on the grass in the South Bank Parklands, Brisbane. LINKS: MUSIC: “Festering Legacy” by Make More (from ‘Spend Life’) “Best End” by Make More (from ‘Spend Life’) “Notre Langues Nous Trompent” by Saetia (from ‘S/T’ LP) “Reveling In Destruction; Ravaging In Defeat?” by Us Versus Them (from ‘S/T’) “Inhaler” by My Disco! (from ‘Collapse of an Erratic Lung’) “See Life" by My Disco! (from ‘Language of Lumbers’) “Loose Tombs” by Make More (from ‘Spend Life’) “We Are Not Ashamed” by To the North (from ‘To Work and Not Feed’ 10”) “Drift Away” by To the North (from ‘Landscapes’) “PM” by The Nation Blue (from ‘A Blueprint for Modern Noise’) “Future Ruins” by Make More (from ‘Spend Life’) “No Alibi” by To the North (from ‘Lustre’) “Fortune Teller” by Hot Cross (from ‘Cryonics’) “Venus and Bacchus” by Saetia (from ‘Demo’) “The Truth Of The Matter Is I Am Satan And On The

  • Episode 6: HURRICANE DEATH

    18/09/2016 Duración: 23min

    I chat to Lucas Stevens from grinding hardcore 5-piece HURRICANE DEATH from Brisbane straight after their set at the Indooroopilly Hotel in Brisbane at their show with Rebirth, Unravel, Masochist & Endless. LINKS: MUSIC: “I'll Feel Safer When You're Dead” by Hurricane Death (from ‘2-track Promo’) “Shadow Moses” by Hurricane Death (from ‘S/T Cassette’) “Pointless” by Puke (from ‘S/T Cassette’) “Locust Reign” by Converge (from The Poacher Diaries’) “Drop Dead” by Siege (from ‘Drop Dead’) “Chum” by Earl Sweatshirt (from ‘Doris’) “Believe” by Trapped Under Ice (from ‘Secrets of the World’) ‘Stepping Stone” by Angel Du$t (from ‘A.D.’) “Cryptic Holocaust” by Hurricane Death (from ‘S/T Cassette’) “Statistic” by Shackles (from ‘Forced to Regress’) “Gutter Rat” by Hurricane Death (from ‘S/T Cassette’) “Misery Guts” by Hurricane Death (from ‘2-track Promo’) “The Painful, Yet Unavoidable, Deathstar Comparison” by Charles Bronson (from ‘Youth A

  • Episode 5: MASOCHIST

    17/09/2016 Duración: 20min

    I chat to Rose Wadsworth & James Rolph from the socially conscious hardcore punk band MASOCHIST (Northern Rivers, NSW) after their set at the Indooroopilly Hotel in Brisbane with Rebirth, Unravel, Hurricane Death and Endless. LINKS: MUSIC: “Homewrecker” by Masochist (from ‘Malevolent’) “A Missed Chance For A Meaningful Abortion” by Dangers (from ‘Anger’) “Hostile” by Masochist (from ‘Malevolent’) “Just Ace” by Grinspoon (from ‘A Guide to Better Living’) “Ready to Fight” by Negative Approach (from ‘s/t’) “You Make Us Sick” by Outbreak (from ‘You Make Us Sick’) “Rage” by Angel Du$t (from ‘Xtra Raw’) “Disease” by Gouge Away (from ‘Disease’) “Coward” by Krimewatch (from ‘Demo’) “You Don’t Tell Me” by Super Unison (from ‘Auto’) “Walk Away” by Super Unison (from ‘S/T’ 7”) “Don’t Start” by Punch (from ‘S/T’ LP) “Lilin” by Melchior (from ‘It Means Nothing to Me’) “Thronebreaker” by Dispossessed (from ‘Insurgency’) “Nothing For You” by


    06/09/2016 Duración: 36min

    I chat to Drew Eicke about his label Naked Noise Records in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Queensland. NAKED NOISE RECORDS SONGS SNIPPETS IN THIS EPISODE: “Deny” by Puke from “s/t” “Assimilation” by Ash Mouth from “s/t” “Swine Brutality (II)” by Decayed Race from “s/t” “Anti-Life” by Frame313 from “To Serve… To Protect… To Kill” “Total Overload” by Mindsnare from “Gasman” “Let the Words Roll By” by Miles Away from “Tide” “Success” by CUM from “Success” “Human Shit Grinder” by Shitgrinder from “split w/ Coffin Birth” “Disgraced” by Ill Natured from “Depth of Despair” “In the Toybox” by Diploid from “Is God Up There?” “Human Capital” by Ash Mouth from “s/t” “Consequence” by The Fevered from “Blackout” “No Blindfold” by Race Machine from “They Live, We Sleep” “Backbreaker” by Manhunt from “split w/ Internal Rot” “Soothing” by Satanic Surfers from “666 Motor Inn” “Drained” by Scumguts from “

  • Episode 3: BRAZEN BULL

    31/08/2016 Duración: 19min

    I chat to Weldon MacDonald from BRAZEN BULL late on a Wednesday night in the South Bank Parklands, Queensland. LINKS: MUSIC: BRAZEN BULL 'Oriffice', 'Soirée', 'Taxi', 'Stagger' & 'Cleanse' from "Soirée" 'Ingesting Houdini's Belt', 'Backstroke Through Bermuda' & 'Sporting a Nevada Tan' from "The Travelling Parasite" STUB BORN ' The Stumbler' from "Loose Objects"

  • Episode 2: SHACKLΣS

    05/08/2016 Duración: 42min

    I chat to Mark Boulton from SHACKLΣS after the show with Magrudergrind, Idylls & Coffin Birth at The Coronation Hotel in West Ipswich, Queensland. LINKS: MUSIC: (all by SHACKLΣS) 'Fraudulent' from "Forced to Regress" 'Defined By Failure' from "split with Fissure" 'Gloat' from "Maunder" 'Obsolete" from "Disposed of" TOUR DATES: Thursday 4th August- Brisbane @ The Brightside- Doors 8pm- 18+ Friday 5th August - Ipswich @ coronation hotel- Doors 730pm - AA Saturday 6th August- Sydney @ Red Rattler -18+ Sunday 7th August- Sydney @ Jura Books Paramatta Rd -AA Monday 8th August -Canberra @Lacklustre HQ 110 MacArthur Ave - AA Tuesday 9th August- Wollongong @ Rad 95A Crown St -AA https://www.f

  • Episode 1: BLIND GIRLS

    31/07/2016 Duración: 26min

    I chat to Mark, Ben, Liam & Julian from blackened screamo band Blind Girls after their show at Fat Louie’s in Brisbane. LINKS: MUSIC: (all by BLIND GIRLS) 'Foot in the Way' from "He Who Swallowed the Bloom" 'Years in Grey' from "He Who Swallowed the Bloom"

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