Speculative Machines



Electronic soundscapes transmitting from a speculative microcosm.Follow for new monthly track postings and downloads.


  • Discognition Ignition

    25/09/2016 Duración: 34min

    To hear, to see, to touch and then to know. We do it in the habit of humans. Don’t think different. Think Alien!

  • Sentimental Singularities (remixed)

    02/09/2016 Duración: 27min

    The mammalian knob turns down the anthropo-affected habit of the campy, the kitschy, linguistic beer goggles and the ironic wink. The hymns rotted away so we sing the carbon date. The hominids were not invited, so the jelly fish click ‘interested’. The Singularity knob turns up while humming to the tasks of its house cleaning. Peep through the key hole to see the silicon solipsystem at work. That gloryhole is a USB port, your meatware is obsolete. How does 4-on-the-floor work in 4 dimensional space time? Most planets make instrumental music. Listen to anthems for the unoccupied universe, the other 99.99999999999999 percent. Can slime-molds carry their own tune? Make Alternative Music with pheromones. Hear lonely mating calls of the first tardigrade walking the surface of Mars. Yodels echo across a canny valley, from cheap android knock-offs awkwardly mimicking the wet bios of analog song birds. The Plastiscene era begins spinning in the center of the Pacific. Try the Cambrian Explosion as a tape loop. We thou

  • Chthulucene

    24/08/2016 Duración: 34min

    We were never alone. Before the first telescope, before the first written word, before the opposable thumb, the invasion happened. The viruses clicked into position to hitch rides in our DNA. The microbes possessed our insides to ferment food and instinct. Our fantasy of the self is a realism of micro and macro cosmoses. Our free wills are the by products of massive and systemic symbiosis. Let the tentacles unwind, the work is incomplete.

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