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  • Special: The Full (and Exclusive) Mia Kafieris Interview

    Special: The Full (and Exclusive) Mia Kafieris Interview


    The full and unedited interview with Mia Kafieris. Enjoy the conversation about Disney films, antiheroes and more.

  • Episode 8 (Richard Wu)

    Episode 8 (Richard Wu)


    Richard Wu, Multiculturalism, Indian Cuisine, Noughts and Exes, Flannery O'Connor, Vintage Leotards, Public Transit, Josh Cunnigham, and a Dating Game. Yes, a jam-packed episode.

  • Hashtag Atrium’s Christmas Live Show

    Hashtag Atrium’s Christmas Live Show


    Our Christmas gift to you, packed with: Carolers, Enoch Daniel, Special guests Alex and Molly Fogleman, Christmas-themed Good, True and Beautiful with Dave Redfern, and Mrs. Sandi Smoker (James's mom!).

  • Season 2, Episode 3

    Season 2, Episode 3


    Mia Kafieris on Disney movies, October Fog, Seeing Gravity and Daniel Branch.

  • Hashtag Atrium Extra

    Hashtag Atrium Extra


    Wondering what a normal conversation in the atrium is like? Here's some bonus banter from Matt and James on the day Regent College almost took off. Literally.

  • Season 2, Episode 2

    Season 2, Episode 2


    Direct Download || iTunes Podcast Page On Season 2, Episode 2: Matt’s Makeover, Seth Anderson, Gungor’s I Am Mountain, Dinner Parties, Maria Bitterli and ANOTHER giveaway. Question of the Episode: If you were a musical instrument, which instrument would you be and why? Opening Yes, we tend to make decisions, apply them and then announce them later. What […]

  • Season 2, Episode 1 (aka Episode Four)

    Season 2, Episode 1 (aka Episode Four)


    Polar Christian Studies with Paul Gutacker and Ryan Kelley, Used Books, Sacred Streets, Esther Alloway, and a giveaway!

  • Episode Three

    Episode Three


    Alex Grudem, Amy Nickerson, Sleeping at Last, Lucas Lee's water and Nellie Salter.

  • Episode Two

    Episode Two


    Caroline Crawford, "Untitled Blue 57", Parks and Rec, American Gods and Hilary Guth.

  • Episode One

    Episode One


    Origins, fatherhood, Les Miserables, live albums, Tom Hunt. What a start.