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The SunTrust Foundations and Endowments Specialty Practice has more than a century of experience working with not-for-profit organizations, delivering comprehensive investment advisory, administration, planned giving, trust and fiduciary services to over 700 not-for-profit organizations.

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  • An Introduction to UPMIFA

    20/04/2016 Duración: 04min
  • Benchmarking Basics – A Fiduciary’s Perspective

    01/02/2016 Duración: 05min
  • Balancing Income and Boosting Your Endowment

    29/10/2015 Duración: 05min
  • Make the Most of Your Board’s Advisor Search

    01/10/2015 Duración: 04min
  • Gaining International Exposure in Uncertain Times

    25/09/2015 Duración: 05min
  • Align Charitable Giving with Your Company’s Brand

    20/05/2015 Duración: 04min
  • Transitioning Private Family Foundation Leadership

    12/02/2015 Duración: 07min
  • Four Steps to Transforming Your Board Into a Super Board

    13/08/2014 Duración: 07min
  • Creating an Endowment Spending Policy

    15/07/2014 Duración: 06min
  • Preserving Intergenerational Equity: Strategies for Educational Institutions

    17/04/2014 Duración: 06min
  • Foundations and Endowments: Balancing Over Distribution with Long-Term Spending

    26/03/2014 Duración: 06min
  • How to Start a Private Foundation: Key Considerations and Steps

    26/03/2014 Duración: 04min