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Positive and (hopefully) thoughtful editorials about gaming culture. Featuring in depth articles, studio profiles, and maybe even games! Especially recommended if you are just getting interested in the culture surrounding video games.


  • Episode 25 - Obra Dinn

    Episode 25 - Obra Dinn


    [EXPLICIT] Lucas Pope discusses his upcoming game, Return of The Obra Dinn, and talks about creativity, his process, the value of working alone, and work/life balance.

  • Episode 24 - Rogue Invader

    Episode 24 - Rogue Invader


    Rogue Invader is an upcoming 1-bit-styled action game from Squishy Games, who I talk to about life and learning the ropes of making games.

  • Episode 23 - Short Stack

    Episode 23 - Short Stack


    In which we talk about quite a few lesser-mentioned titles (from recent jams,, etc.) and throw in something much more akin to a "review" of Technobabylon as well!

  • Episode 22 - Low Poly

    Episode 22 - Low Poly


    Shape of The World and Biome are two upcoming games that feature unique ideas and mechanics, but will their low-poly aesthetic unfairly lump them in the category of "Proteus-likes"? In this feature with the games' creators (Stu Maxwell and Tom Kail, respectively) we talk about their games, creativity, and the odd world of marketing in 2015.

  • Episode 21 - Hyperemesis Pizza

    Episode 21 - Hyperemesis Pizza


    M. James Short's new iOS game Hyperemesis Pizza may not revolutionize the platform, but Short's careful consideration of his output and the marketplace make him one to watch. Hear his interesting story and learn what's next for him and his studio.

  • Episode 20 - Solstice

    Episode 20 - Solstice


    Solstice has been delayed for nearly a year due to re-writes, so I talked to the team about what those were, why the changes were needed, and about telling their story as a visual novel.

  • Episode 19 - Bertram Fiddle

    Episode 19 - Bertram Fiddle


    Learn all about the newly-released iOS & PC adventure game, The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle.

  • Episode 18 - Thimbleweed Park

    Episode 18 - Thimbleweed Park


    Want to know about Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick? The talented design team behind Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island? Hear about their time at LucasArts, their thoughts on creativity, and all about their new project, Thimbleweed Park.

  • Episode 17 - Fairy Fencer F

    Episode 17 - Fairy Fencer F


    Fairy Fencer F. It's from Compile Hearts. Need we say more? Let's find out...

  • Episode 16 - Guts And Queens

    Episode 16 - Guts And Queens


    Introducing CCG concepts to younger minds with Guts of Glory and Sleeping Queens!

  • Episode 15 - Natural Doctrine

    Episode 15 - Natural Doctrine


    Oh cool! A game that ignores decades of great design decisions in favour of everything that's awful! It's Natural Doctrine!

  • Episode 14 - Danganronpa 2

    Episode 14 - Danganronpa 2


    Danganronpa 2 plays a lot like Clue: The Movie, with an added tension that thrills to the end. But it isn't without it's "WTF" moments...

  • Episode 13 - Of Pirates And Preservation

    Episode 13 - Of Pirates And Preservation


    The preservation of games in our medium is a tricky subject. Are companies doing enough? What's the role of emulation? Is it ok?

  • Episode 11 - Eidolon

    Episode 11 - Eidolon


    This is a game about the state of being subtle, wonderfully achieved through an expertly blended mix of its elements.

  • Episode 12 - Short Stack

    Episode 12 - Short Stack


    On this episode, I talk about the 20th Anniversary remake of Gabriel Knight, the Oculus Rift, and the community!

  • Episode 10 - Disgea 4

    Episode 10 - Disgea 4


    It's a ridiculous mix of strategy and role-playing elements, with a healthy dose of Japanese-inspired culture in there, too. Is it for you? I don't know, but it sure was for me!

  • Episode 9 - Homogenization

    Episode 9 - Homogenization


    Homogenization is defined as "any of several processes used to make a mixture of two mutually non-soluble liquids the same throughout." So why's it bad for games!?

  • Episode 8 - Quest For Infamy

    Episode 8 - Quest For Infamy


    Quest For Infamy is a newly released adventure game--find out if it's worth your time. Spoiler alert: Combat!

  • Episode 7 - Two Thousand Six Hundred And Me

    Episode 7 - Two Thousand Six Hundred And Me


    It's been two years! Holy wow! So at any rate, the haitus was due to my time writing for Pixels or Death, a wonderful gaming website. In an effort to bridge any gap, I'm going to read an article I did for Pixels or Death that I always thought would be better as a spoken bit.

  • Episode 6 - Musical Themes in Mother 3

    Episode 6 - Musical Themes in Mother 3


    Musical themes are sometimes overlooked in games, and in this episode we're going to learn how to spot them using the Mother 3 soundtrack as an example.

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