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Candy Chat is monthly exploration of candy hosted by Betty Ebersol and Tabitha Hutchison. Each month, the ladies select an assortment of savory sweets based on a theme, sample them, and give their opinions as amateur candy connoisseurs. It's a scrumptious, mouth sound-filled romp through tantalizing treats!


  • Ep 36: Cadbury Cavalcade part 1

    Ep 36: Cadbury Cavalcade part 1


    Denny finally edited that long-lost special episode, and here it is – part 1 of a Cadbury Cavalcade! With a bountiful selection of Cadbury creations, the ladies begin a journey to find which ones to keep and which to Cad-bury. Dairy Milk bars, Moro, Wispa Gold, Flake and TimeOut are sampled in the first part, […] The post Ep 36: Cadbury Cavalcade part 1 appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 35: Flavored Peeps

    Ep 35: Flavored Peeps


    Look out! You got some peepin’ Tomasinas comin’ at you! The ladies are back with an episode all about flavored Peeps! Usually they come in nondescript sugary dollops, but flavored Peeps add a whole new level of tasty delight to the little bird treat. Recorded a while ago, this episode is perfect for the Easter […] The post Ep 35: Flavored Peeps appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 34: Halloween 2017

    Ep 34: Halloween 2017


    Boogity Boo! Treats for you! Betty and Tab scrape the remnants of store Halloween candy together for a delightful episode with no tricks. Standard brands with new flavors, this Halloween candy selection includes Cookies and Cream M&Ms and Hershey’s Skulls, and salted caramel Peeps. It was not easy to find discount candy this year, as […] The post Ep 34: Halloween 2017 appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 33: Japanese Kit-Kats

    Ep 33: Japanese Kit-Kats


    Enigmatic jet-setter Stella Robicheaux has sent the ladies foreign treats, this time several flavors of Japanese Kit-Kats! Bearing such flavors as Pistachio Grapefruit, Rum Raisin, and Butter, these Japanese Kit-Kats have Betty and Tab second-guessing their taste buds. Did the tricky Stella pull another fast one on them? Or is this a mea culpa worthy […] The post Ep 33: Japanese Kit-Kats appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 32: Cherry Candies

    Ep 32: Cherry Candies


    The girls get smart and tart with an episode all about cherry candies! The sampling covers some new, some old cherry candies with Cherry Mash, ICEE Squeeze, and Dairy Milk Black Forest. How tart can Betty and Tab handle it? Will any be surprises and/or busts? Check out this episode Candy Chat and see which […] The post Ep 32: Cherry Candies appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 31: Easter 2017

    Ep 31: Easter 2017


    Easter has risen again in this year’s edition of Candy Chat! Betty and Tab sample the Easter treats of Cadbury Oreo Cream Egg, Fun Dip, Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans, and an egg from Russell Stover. Reviewing the packaging, taste, and texture of each, the ladies see which will go in the treat basket and which […] The post Ep 31: Easter 2017 appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 30: Historical Candies

    Ep 30: Historical Candies


    The past is alive thanks to some kind listeners as Betty and Tab try historical candies! With such historical candies as cacao nibs, resin wax, sticks and even bugs, the ladies find out just how lucky they are with today’s candy. They also sample some garlic fudge from the Isle of Wight. Will any of […] The post Ep 30: Historical Candies appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 29: Valentine’s Day 2017

    Ep 29: Valentine’s Day 2017


    Betty and Tab have a real heart-to-heart in this Valentine’s Day 2017 edition of Candy Chat! Russell Stover pulls double duty with a heart box and brownie, Snickers joins the party, and Brach’s conversation hearts finally make an appearance. Who will steal the ladies’ hearts and who will leave them broken this year? Can the […] The post Ep 29: Valentine’s Day 2017 appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 28: Tabasco Candies

    Ep 28: Tabasco Candies


    Betty and Tab step out of their comfort zone after receiving a package of Tabasco candies from the mysterious and alluring Stella Robicheaux. Tobasco Chocolate, Jelly Bellies, and suckers are scary enough, but Ms. Robicheaux also included a candied ghost pepper to try. Will these spicy candies spell doom for the ladies? Or will their […] The post Ep 28: Tabasco Candies appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 27: Christmas 2016

    Ep 27: Christmas 2016


    Just hear those sleigh bells jinglin’, delivering a bag full of candy for Christmas 2016! With discount candy taken off the shelves early this year, the Christmas 2016 Candy Chat was pulled form the jaws of defeat by Betty’s dumpster-diving efforts. Luckily, she pulled out some great treats intact! Fannie May Better Than Fruitcake bars, Dum […] The post Ep 27: Christmas 2016 appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 26: Roll Candy

    Ep 26: Roll Candy


    The bottom of the ladies’ purses are probed for leavin’s, and roll candy is what was found! Easily transportable (and easily gross when old), roll candy can get lost at the bottom of a purse just like their taste gets lost over time. Betty and Tab, not ones to waste candy, sample Mentos Licorice Mint, […] The post Ep 26: Roll Candy appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 25: Old Timey Candy

    Ep 25: Old Timey Candy


    Betty and Tab take a trip to yesteryear and try a few selections of old timey candy! The ladies partake of Chuckles Jellies, Candy Raisins, and Bosco Chocolate, but which old timey candy fails and which is timeless? Join Candy Chat to find out which treats your forebears enjoyed. Were they okay with lying packaging? Did […] The post Ep 25: Old Timey Candy appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 24: Halloween 2016

    Ep 24: Halloween 2016


    The spookilies get dookilier this year for Halloween 2016! This Halloween, the ladies are getting scared by Booger gummies, Skittles Cauldron, Butterfinger Skulls, and Russell Stover’s pumpkin spice latter bar. How many tricks are in this plastic bucket? Will there be any treats at all? Betty and Tab haven’t heard from Russell Stover in a […] The post Ep 24: Halloween 2016 appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 23: Alaskan Candies

    Ep 23: Alaskan Candies


    The ladies get a tour of Alaskan Candies thanks to some kind listeners from the last frontier! Betty and Tab sample Alaskan Candies such as Beer Brittle, Bear Berry Clusters, Gold Gum Nuggets, Alaskan Candy Rocks. Some questionable packaging aside, will the candy from the biggest state in the union prove tame enough to handle? Will […] The post Ep 23: Alaskan Candies appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 22: Mystery Candy

    Ep 22: Mystery Candy


    Travel back to the olden days of radio with Betty and Tab as they brave the strange wonders of mystery candy! Owing to an equipment mishap, the audio for this episode was almost trashed, but Denny stepped up to change it into an old radio mystery. It’s not the best, but it was at least […] The post Ep 22: Mystery Candy appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 21: International Candies

    Ep 21: International Candies


    The ladies grab their passports and listener-sent international candies in this episode! Candy from India, the Philippines, England and Iceland are the featured international candies Betty and Tab are sampling. Juzt Jelly Strawberry gems, Tritlar slender men, Turkish Delight and Philippine Brand mango and tamarind candies make their debut. Which will surprise the ladies and […] The post Ep 21: International Candies appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 20: Problematic Candy

    Ep 20: Problematic Candy


    Houston, the ladies have a problem in this episode as they try what amounts to nothing other than problematic candy. A cheeky leprechaun, the not-so-sweet savoriness of gravy candy, and a couple questionably-named treats amount to real problematic candy. Will the ladies give in to the devious desires of naughty candy, or will they be […] The post Ep 20: Problematic Candy appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 19: Strangers With Candy 2

    Ep 19: Strangers With Candy 2


    Betty and Tab roll the dice once more in an exciting strangers with candy episode! Candy from three different listeners has the ladies thankful and nervous as they try goodies from across the globe in this strangers with candy. What have listeners Terah, Amy, and Susan sent? How about Dickmann’s Shoko Strolche, White Rabbit Creamy Candy, […] The post Ep 19: Strangers With Candy 2 appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 18: Easter 2016

    Ep 18: Easter 2016


    The bunny has hopped by the Candy Chat studio and left the ladies with a basket of wild new treats this Easter! Betty and Tab enjoy surprising new flavors and twists on old Easter standbys, but will the surprises be for better or worse? Can Russell deliver on some exotic whip egg flavors? Will Sour […] The post Ep 18: Easter 2016 appeared first on Candy Chat.

  • Ep 17: Valentine’s Day 2016

    Ep 17: Valentine’s Day 2016


    Cupid has a quiver full of chocolate love this Valentine’s Day! Betty and Tab grabbed great discount candy at PigglyDog and even had a kind listener send some in as well for this Valentine’s Day. New treats and familiar faces fill this episode, as the ladies enjoy Russell Stover Cakes, Cookies, and Pies Assortment, Russell […] The post Ep 17: Valentine’s Day 2016 appeared first on Candy Chat.

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