Pr Warrior



Join us as we explore the power of human connection in marketing today and how content, conversation and community can help build your brand and your business.


  • A behind-the-scenes look at TrinityP3's social media and content marketing machine with CEO and founder, Darren Woolley

    27/01/2017 Duración: 54min
  • Understanding the power of owned, earned and social media with Carolyn Hyams, Firebrand Talent

    24/11/2016 Duración: 48min
  • How used owned, earned and social media to build its brand from the ground up

    01/11/2015 Duración: 20min
  • EP 23 Talking content marketing and brand journalism with Rakhal Ebeli,

    16/02/2015 Duración: 19min
  • EP 22 - Joe Pulizzi discusses the state of content marketing in Australia

    22/11/2014 Duración: 29min
  • EP 21 - The power of blogging for business with Mark Masters, The ID Group UK

    21/06/2014 Duración: 35min
  • EP 20 - Creating Web Marketing That Works, with Adam Franklin, Bluewire Media

    15/05/2014 Duración: 26min
  • EP 19 - Using Twitter to build relationships that benefit business, with Steve Vallas, The Honey Bar

    25/04/2014 Duración: 27min
  • EP 018 - Creating Content With Passion with Brian Goulet, The Goulet Pen Company

    01/02/2014 Duración: 39min
  • Ep 017 - Trevor Young and Adam Vincenzini Riff on the State of Social Media and Content Marketing in Australia

    12/01/2014 Duración: 47min
  • Ep 016 - Growing Your Business Using Content Marketing with Cam McLellan, Open Wealth Creation

    13/10/2013 Duración: 34min
  • Ep 015 - Content Marketing in Australia with the PR Warrior, Trevor Young

    30/09/2013 Duración: 31min
  • Ep 014 - The Power of the Spoken Word with BureauXP's Steve Speziale

    30/09/2013 Duración: 23min
  • Ep 013 - The New Rules of Marketing & PR with Best-Selling Author, David Meerman Scott

    30/09/2013 Duración: 35min
  • Ep 012 - How to Use Blogging and Social Media to Grow Your Brand w/ Carolyn Hyams, Firebrand Talent

    15/06/2013 Duración: 29min
  • Ep 011 - Social Media and the Law with Jamie White, Pod Legal

    02/06/2013 Duración: 21min
  • Ep 010 - The State of Content Marketing in Australia with Jodie Sangster, ADMA

    19/05/2013 Duración: 29min
  • Ep. 009 - The 7 Different Types of Social Media Consultant with Adam Vincenzini

    12/05/2013 Duración: 44min
  • Ep 008 - Behind-the-Scenes of a Blogger Outreach Program with Kim Abbate #BrightDelight

    28/04/2013 Duración: 18min
  • Ep 007 - Getting your content discovered online with Ayal Steiner, Outbrain

    06/04/2013 Duración: 23min