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The Artelligence Podcast unpacks the mysteries of the global art market through interviews with collectors, dealers, auction house specialists, lawyers, art advisors and the myriad individuals who make the art market a beguiling mixture of sublime beauty and commercial acumen.


  • Robert Mnuchins Legendary Career

    Robert Mnuchin's Legendary Career

    30/03/2021 Duración: 47min

    Robert Mnuchin, a retired banker who became an art dealer, reflects on his career as an organizer of insightful and original exhibitions. In an era when galleries have expanded across the world with multiple venues and large sales teams, Mnuchin remains a committed individual dealer advising and supporting clients in their acquisitions. Mnuchin’s unabated passion and a record of groundbreaking shows that gather works rarely seen together by a single artist—some lent by leading museums and collectors—has won him the confidence of the world’s best-known collectors. Presented by The Macallan.

  • Artsy CEO Mike Steib Thrives in Lockdown

    Artsy CEO Mike Steib Thrives in Lockdown

    04/03/2021 Duración: 45min

    Artsy CEO Mike Steib joined the platform for galleries and collectors only eight months before Covid-19 shut down the global art market. The pandemic has isolated most galleries from their collectors. Without gallery shows or the huge influx of visitors at art fairs, Artsy has worked to fill the gap with new tools for both client galleries and collectors seeking engagement. Despite the coronavirus-constrained art market, Steib believes the greatest opportunity in art lies in expanding access and participation. Presented by The Macallan.

  • Hong Kong Saves the Art Market: Auction Reaction with Koji Inoue and Kim Heirston

    Hong Kong Saves the Art Market: Auction Reaction with Koji Inoue and Kim Heirston

    16/02/2021 Duración: 52min

    The 2020 auction season—a wild ride of improvised sales amid strong but elusive demand—closed out with Asia driving the market for a wide range of artists. Koji Inoue, Senior Director of Sales for Hauser & Wirth in the Americas, and Kim Heirston, a private art advisor, help us make sense of the bidding. Hong Kong Saves the Art Market is part of our ongoing Auction Reaction series.

  • Christies Faces the New Reality with CEO Guillaume Cerutti

    Christie's Faces the New Reality with CEO Guillaume Cerutti

    27/01/2021 Duración: 01h03min

    Following a year in uncharted territory, Christie’s CEO Guillaume Cerutti takes stock of his company’s performance and ventures a look ahead to the challenges of 2021, which include increasing art market access to a broader range of clients and property. Cerutti highlights the bright spots in Christie’s 2020 auction results—especially the strength of the Asian market even as European and American buyers continue to grapple with the constraints of the pandemic—as well as the novel strategies his team has used to transform the sales calendar from in-person events to livestreams.

  • Made You Look, Barry Avrichs New Documentary About the Knoedler Forgeries

    Made You Look, Barry Avrich's New Documentary About the Knoedler Forgeries

    08/06/2020 Duración: 31min

    Barry Avrich is a prolific documentary film producer. In 2017, he released "Blurred Lines" about the Contemporary art market. Avrich's latest project, "Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art," deals with the Knoedler forgery trial that took place in 2016. Avrich talks about how he got former Knoedler director Ann Freedman to participate in the documentary as well as alleged mastermind of the fraud, Juan Carlos Bergantinos. Throughout the movie, Avrich allows the parties to speak for themselves. The result is a fair but compelling look at the illusions and delusions that surround the world's most valuable art. The film will open with a limited theatrical release later this Fall in New York, London and Los Angeles. It will be streamed in wide release in early 2021.

  • Buying, Selling and Financing Art from Quarantine with Bill Griffin, Cynthia Sachs and Naomi Baigell

    Buying, Selling and Financing Art from Quarantine with Bill Griffin, Cynthia Sachs and Naomi Baigell

    13/05/2020 Duración: 44min

    Bill Griffin of Los Angeles's Kayne Griffin Corcoran gallery joins Cynthia Sachs and Naomi Baigell of Athena Art Finance to discuss the current state of art market. Griffin discusses the ways that the pandemic has had an impact upon his business and the surprising ways that it has not. Gallerists are traveling less but collectors seem no less keen on continuing conversations and re-thinking the composition of their collections.

  • KASMIN Director Nick Olney on Paul Kasmin, painter William Copley and California Surrealism

    KASMIN Director Nick Olney on Paul Kasmin, painter William Copley and California Surrealism

    23/04/2020 Duración: 33min

    Nick Olney, Director at KASMIN Gallery, discusses the life and legacy of Paul Kasmin, the gallery's founder who died in March 2020. Olney illustrates Kasmin's vision through an examination of the William Copley show that opened just days before New York fell under a "stay-at-home" order that closed the galleries temporarily. Copley was a California-bred painter who became an ardent and self-styled surrealist before becoming an artist in his own right. Copley's experience dovetails with the subject of another show at KASMIN Gallery—"Valley of Gold: Southern California and the Phantasmagoric"— temporarily suspended too.

  • Women in Creative Leadership: Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance at The Armory Show

    Women in Creative Leadership: Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance at The Armory Show

    15/04/2020 Duración: 34min

    This is another episode in our series of collaborations between ARTnews and Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance. At the Armory Show in New York, Vajra Kingsley moderated a panel on what it takes for women to be successful in creative leadership positions featuring Angela Redai, founder of Artine Advisory; Samantha Bloom, partner at Unbranded Pictures; Lexie Komisar, global head of Startup Ecosystems & Partner Platforms at IBM; and Wen-You Cai, founder and director at Special Special.

  • Athena Art Finances Prize for the Best Booth at The Armory Show Presents

    Athena Art Finance's Prize for the Best Booth at The Armory Show Presents

    08/04/2020 Duración: 33min

    Since 2017, Athena Art Finance has awarded $10,000 to the best booth in The Armory Show Presents, a section of the fair for emerging galleries. In this podcast recorded at the fair, Athena's Naomi Baigell and ARTnews Editor-in-Chief Sarah Douglas talk to Mariane Ibrahim, a gallerist and former winner of the prize, about what it takes to put on a winning art fair presentation. You'll learn here about all of the thinking, planning and strategy that goes into making an effective art fair booth.

  • Michael Weisz on Art Lending for Collectors and Investors: Yieldstreet at The Armory Show

    Michael Weisz on Art Lending for Collectors and Investors: Yieldstreet at The Armory Show

    06/04/2020 Duración: 38min

    Continuing ARTnews's collaboration with Yieldstreet for the Armory Show fair in New York, Michael Weisz talks about bringing liquidity to art collectors in the form of non-recourse loans backed by Yieldstreet's platform. Weisz, co-founder and President of Yieldstreet, talks about the transformation Yieldstreet is bringing to investors looking for diversified investments and the opportunities that offers to art collectors and dealers. Loans, properly applied, offer those with significant capital tied up in art greater flexibility and spending power.

  • The Business of Art: Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance at The Armory Show

    The Business of Art: Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance at The Armory Show

    25/03/2020 Duración: 53min

    At the 2020 Armory Show Art Fair, three entrepreneurs—Yieldstreet's Co-Founder and President Michael Weisz, PRZM Co-Founder Larry Milstein and Athena Art Finance's CIO Cynthia Sachs—got together to talk about the challenges to building a business in the creative industries. Milstein's PRZM guides companies through the complexities of marketing to Gen Z consumers who prize experiences and cultural property in ways that are novel and rapidly expanding. Sachs has built Athena into the leading non-recourse lender in the art finance category. Now owned by Yieldstreet and benefiting from the capital sourced through Yieldstreet's platform, Athena provides art collectors and dealers with a different model for managing the capital and liquidity requirements of owning art. Weisz shared his experiences in building the Yieldstreet platform and vision for the future of finance.

  • Tina Perry and Ric Whitney Discuss Their Art Collecting with ARTnews Editor in Chief Sarah Douglas

    Tina Perry and Ric Whitney Discuss Their Art Collecting with ARTnews Editor in Chief Sarah Douglas

    03/03/2020 Duración: 33min

    To kick off the second Frieze LA art fair, ARTnews Editor-in-Chief Sarah Douglas interviewed Los Angeles collectors Ric Whitney and Tina Perry-Whitney at the Four Seasons Los Angeles, exploring ways to begin collecting art. During the panel the Whitneys spoke about their interest in patronage of such institutions as CalArts, getting to know artists as individuals, and how they got involved in the art world in Los Angeles and beyond. “All this art we live with, there’s an energy emanating from it,” said Tina. “It is a privilege to get to buy this work and live with it.” Since 2012, the couple—Ric is a music publishing and talent management entrepreneur, and Tina is president of Oprah Winfrey Network—have been building a collection that is diverse not only in terms of the artists’ ethnicity and gender, but in medium, comprising sculpture, installation, painting, and photography. Among the artists whose work they hold are Charles Gaines, Genevieve Gaignard, Joe Goode, Henry Taylor, Sadie Barnette, David Shrigley

  • AiA Art + Tech with William S. Smith, Laura Lehmann and Ann Spalter

    AiA Art + Tech with William S. Smith, Laura Lehmann and Ann Spalter

    22/02/2020 Duración: 22min

    At the Peninsula hotel in Los Angeles, Art in America hosted a brunch for the highlighting the magazine's January Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Generative art. Artist, scholar, and collector Anne Spalter joined A.i.A. editor William S. Smith and tech entrepreneur Laura Lehmann for a conversation about the history and future of computer art. Spalter, author of the influential history The Computer in the Visual Arts (1999), described how her research into a field within art history that was neglected at the time led to her interest in collecting. She and her spouse, Michael Spalter, have built a significant collection that includes work created between the 1950s and 1980s by pioneering figures such as Vera Molnár, Georg Nees, and Koji Fujino. Though many of the compositions were produced by algorithms, the designs were fabricated with plotter printers on paper. The Spalters’ collection of computer art features many pieces in traditional mediums. Lehmann articulated an expanded view of collecting, noting

  • The Point of Final Collapse: Brian Droitcour Interviews Postcommoditys Cristobal Martinez

    "The Point of Final Collapse": Brian Droitcour Interviews Postcommodity's Cristobal Martinez

    27/01/2020 Duración: 50min

    Postcommodity's The Point of Final Collapse is a sound piece broadcast from San Francisco Art Instititute's Chestnut Street campus every day at 5:01pm. The work incorporates the effects of AMSR to capture the city's housing crisis by highlighting the sinking Millennium Tower, a ten-year-old development in downtown San Francisco, and its structural problems. The work attempts to turn data about Millennium Tower's pitching and yawing into a soothing, ever-evolving audio experience. In a conversation with Brian Droitcour, an editor at Art in America, artist Cristobal Martinez of Postcommodity discusses how he turns data into sound and why he feels the piece provides a tonic and comment upon upheaval in San Francisco's built environment.

  • Painter Diarmuid Kelley Interviewed by Art in Americas Will Smith

    Painter Diarmuid Kelley Interviewed by Art in America's Will Smith

    20/12/2019 Duración: 38min

    Art in America's Editor Will Smith interviewed Diarmuid Kelley at Offer Waterman's pop-up gallery on Madison Avenue in New York during the November 2019 sales season. Smith and Kelley talk about Kelley's interest in clothes, costume and cinematography. Born in Stirling in 1972, Diarmuid Kelley grew up in the north of England. He studied Fine Art at Newcastle University, graduating in 1995. He was the youngest artist ever to win the prestigious Nat West Art Prize at the age of 23, in the same year, he graduated from Newcastle. He went on to study for a Masters degree at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Kelley has a long association with Offer Waterman & Co, having had five solo-exhibitions at the gallery. His work has regularly featured in the BP Portrait Award held at the National Portrait Gallery, London, and he has recently participated in a number of other group exhibitions including The Figure, Browse & Darby, London, Hinterland, Thomas Williams, London and Illuminate, Jasmine Studios, Hammersmith, Lond

  • Pamela Joyner and Sarah Douglas at the CORE Club

    Pamela Joyner and Sarah Douglas at the CORE Club

    05/12/2019 Duración: 46min

    Pamela Joyner's collection of abstract art by African-American artists includes some of the giants of the field like Alma Thomas, Jack Whitten and Sam Gilliam. Her collecting focuses on supporting scholarship as much as acquiring and donating important works by African American artists to institutions like the Tate Modern in Britain.

  • Adam Lindemann on Buying and Selling at Auction

    Adam Lindemann on Buying and Selling at Auction

    13/11/2019 Duración: 40min

    Adam Lindemann regales Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-Chief of ARTnews, with his stories and adventures on the art auction market. Lindemann explains the strategies he uses to approach estimates, reserves, guarantees and private sales. One of the most successful sellers at auction, Lindemann set the record price for a living artist in 2007 when he sold Jeff Koons's Hanging Heart for $23m. He succeeded again when his Jean-Michel Basquiat painting sold for a record price of $57m.

  • Fantasy Art Collecting Tips from Christies Johanna Flaum

    Fantasy Art Collecting Tips from Christie's Johanna Flaum

    07/11/2019 Duración: 31min

    AMM Fantasy Art Collecting game is live now for the November auctions. Entries will be accepted until 9pm on Nov 10th at In this podcast, Christie's Johanna Flaum, a past winner of the game, joins us at CORE Club to talk about strategies for playing the fantasy collecting game and give us an overview of the November 2019 New York sales season.

  • Sean Kelly Collect Wisely

    Sean Kelly Collect Wisely

    17/10/2019 Duración: 37min

    This podcast is a partnership with Sean Kelly Gallery to promote their Collect Wisely program which is a series of podcasts in which Sean Kelly interviews prominent international collectors on the nature of collecting and connoisseurship in the 21st century. These conversations aim to inspire a new generation of individuals committed to making a vital and meaningful investment in our common cultural future. To subscribe to Collect Wisely, please visit Anchor, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast hosting platforms, or through Sean Kelly's website: Sean Kelly will have an exhibition at the gallery in the summer of 2020 which will have a publication the following year. Join the conversation, subscribe to the podcast and leave a review.

  • Art in Americas Editor in Chief William Smith at CORE Club

    Art in America's Editor in Chief William Smith at CORE Club

    16/09/2019 Duración: 31min

    Art in America's Editor in Chief, William Smith, talks about the redesigned magazine, the launch of two newsletters—one featuring a daily review from the magazine's critics and one on the subject of Art & Technology—as well as Theaster Gates's Portfolio project featuring images from the Johnson Publishing Archives and W.E.B. Dubois's early 20th Century infographics about African American life, and his own essay on the artist KAWS and what Smith calls the long 1990s.

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