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  • Virtual Good Deeds Society: A Network to Join Now

    Virtual Good Deeds Society: A Network to Join Now


    Podcast. You and your school can participate in a "Sister School" program with a school in another country.  Establish a "Virtual Good Deeds Society," which can help kids overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation, and develop a spirit of kindness and cooperation, that encourages freedom of expression. The Good Deeds Societies recognize that bullying, fearfulness, self-harming, and despair often weigh kids down in our world today, and they have few strategies for bringing themselves up. Plus, it can also often be difficult to make friends, and to feel trust and true acceptance. In a virtual Good Deeds Society, students communicate with their sister schools. It's a great opportunity for students to share ideas, get to know each others' cultures, and to get involved in outreach. What is a Good Deeds Society? * A club that is centered around the doing of good deeds. * Good Deeds come in different flavors -- they are grouped in different categories, which include family

  • Amy Winehouse: Tragic Camp of the Reinvented Bad Girl

    Amy Winehouse: Tragic Camp of the Reinvented Bad Girl


    Podcast: Amy Winehouse's exaggerated bouffant, Cleopatra eyes, and her own songs, "I'm No Good," and her remake of "He Hit Me and It Felt Like a Kiss," remind one of all echoes of earlier times. The perception is of women gutted by the male gaze, controlled by Svengali managers and boyfriends. Amy Winehouse's costuming and public persona evoke the tragedy of Anna Nicole Smith and even Dorothy Stratten, the Playboy centerfold murdered by her manager husband. However, the key difference is that instead of being physically dominated and controlled by an ever-present manager/boyfriend/husband, Amy's husband, Blake, languishes away in prison, where he is being held for obstruction of justice. While she claims he is always in her mind, he, by all accounts, is utterly powerless in his role. If he is in reality controlling her, it is only through the idea that she herself holds in her own mind about suffering and subjugation.In

  • Ruby On Rails: New Book Guides New Solutions (Review)

    Ruby On Rails: New Book Guides New Solutions (Review)


    Ruby on Rails podcast A new book, just released by Packt Publishing, can help make elearning solutions more efficient by using the Ruby on Rails web development framework. The book, which is intended for users who have a basic familiarity with the framework, and who wish to develop their own applications or enterprise solutions, contains valuable guidance and insight. It is not intended for users who want to develop exotic uses, nor does it require users to be familiar with more complex web-based applications. It is most valuable for the ways in which it instructs users in the planning, development, and deployment processes. The book is entitled Ruby on Rails Enterprise Application Development: Plan, Program, Extend.  For the entire text, please read the entry at ELearning Queen.  

  • Britney Spears and other Celebrity Deconstructions

    Britney Spears and other Celebrity Deconstructions


    podcast: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love - the commodification of personal disaster is discussed from the point of view of a postmodern media confessional. This is a variant of the genre of the confession or confessional.Susan discusses how the tabloid / media spectator confessional differs from that of, say, St. Augustine, or Rousseau, or even Thomas DeQuincey's Confessions of an English Opium Eater. The tabloid confessional creates a false catharsis within the viewer that drives a hunger for another catharsis. It engenders addiction.We can apply the ideas of Baudrillard or Lyotard quite nicely to this; also Richard Rorty.Please see eLearningQueen:

  • Small College Turnarounds: Identifying Problems, Proposing Solutions

    Small College Turnarounds: Identifying Problems, Proposing Solutions


    PodcastThis podcast proposes solutons for small colleges and universities that find themselves in dire straits. Some of the colleges suffering from rising costs, declining enrollments, and declining contributions and endowments may have actually experienced a turnaround in the 1990s, but, due to circumstances, find themselves in trouble again. This article, by Susan Smith Nash, helps identify problems and proposes solutions. Full text, with links Recommended sites on college administration and new visions in education:Stephen Downes: Articles published online. An amazing collection, very useful. Schroeder's Educational Technology: Wagner's Educational Technology and Life: Leslie's EdTechPost s