Aaron Benner, lead pastor at RMC, shares his in-depth studies in The Word of God.


  • Calm On Palm

    Calm On Palm

    05/04/2020 Duración: 28min

    Aaron talks about being "Calm On Palm

  • The Bracket

    The Bracket

    01/03/2020 Duración: 38min

    March Madness. The Bracket, Why do these guys do this? They play for the reward.

  • Mark Watkins - Burn the Ships

    Mark Watkins - Burn the Ships

    23/02/2020 Duración: 36min

    Burn the Ships, Letting go of things in the past to serve Christ

  • Love Wins

    Love Wins

    16/02/2020 Duración: 43min

    Love Wins, Aaron Benner, RLMC, Richfield Life, Purposes of the Church

  • Answer The Call

    Answer The Call

    09/02/2020 Duración: 42min

    Answer The Call

  • Where the Love Fern Grows

    Where the Love Fern Grows

    02/02/2020 Duración: 44min

    Purpose of RLMC, Love, Where the Love Fern Grows

  • Connected People Connect People

    Connected People Connect People

    26/01/2020 Duración: 41min

    Connected People Connect People

  • Reach With Love

    Reach With Love

    19/01/2020 Duración: 46min

    Reach With Love

  • Exclusive Love

    Exclusive Love

    12/01/2020 Duración: 42min

    Love, Exclusive Love, RLMC, Aaron Benner

  • The Mystery of the Blood

    The Mystery of the Blood

    05/01/2020 Duración: 33min

    The Mystery of the Blood

  • Victory


    10/11/2019 Duración: 42min

    Victory from Revelation 17

  • Strong


    03/11/2019 Duración: 34min

    Revelation 15, Strong, Idea: once again we see the revelation of Gods power unveiled. God persistent display of His supernatural power reminds us just how gracious and patient He is. But the revealed power of God should

  • Keep Going

    Keep Going

    27/10/2019 Duración: 36min

    Revelation 14, Keep Going

  • Paul Beech

    Paul Beech

    13/10/2019 Duración: 33min

    Paul Beech

  • Seeing Clearly

    Seeing Clearly

    06/10/2019 Duración: 40min

    Revelation 13, Seeing Clearly

  • The Battle

    The Battle

    29/09/2019 Duración: 41min

    The Battle - Revelation 12:1 - 8

  • Bob Givens

    Bob Givens

    15/09/2019 Duración: 32min

    Bob Givens, Global Outreach Patner at RLMC, talks in this week's podcast.

  • Share Life

    Share Life

    08/09/2019 Duración: 34min

    Why do we need to have people in our lives? Why does Jesus ask us to make disciples? Because we need others. There are multiple times that the bible tells us to do something for one another. One thing that we share in th

  • It Can Be Too Late

    It Can Be Too Late

    01/09/2019 Duración: 37min

    There's this idea that there will always be more time. Or that we can change tomorrow. But this thought process cab lead to incredibly dangerous results. But God calls us to respond today! This point is clearly seen in t

  • It’s not about you

    It’s not about you

    25/08/2019 Duración: 29min

    This week we are going to be focusing on the purpose of Sunday school. The message will center around why it is important that the word of God is inerrant and that it is studied and meditated on in a group. The goal will

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