Console Wars



Episode 1


  • Console Wars Episode 3: A Smashing Success!!


    Episode 3This week the guys take a look at Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Also the Ps4 and Xbox One celebrate their first birthdays!!!As always if you have concerns, comments, feedback or want to ask the guys a question then email them at

  • Console Wars Episode 2: This Game is Broken!!


    Episode 2This week we bring up some great discussions on whether games should launch if they aren't ready, will Nintendo have to deal with online bugs during Smashes release just around the corner and just exactly which Amiibo gives you the best bang for your buck!! As always if you have any questions to pose to the guys or just want to tell them they are doing great email them at

  • Console Wars: Episode 1


    Episode 1Come join the war and choose a side as Tyler Mizerak and Cory Reisinger go through the news and discuss about how each major console company is doing. Then at the end of the show they decide who they think has won the weeks battle. Have a question, feedback or tell the guys you dont agree, send an email to