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  • God Explains His Future Policy

    God Explains His Future Policy

    16/10/2020 Duración: 37min

    The call of the Gentiles along with a saved remnant of Israelites will form the New Testament church, the new creation -completely fulfilled in eternal glory-. Here are the special blessings of Christ's people, saved Jews and saved Gentiles, and how diverse saved personalities fellowship.

  • Why Faith is Paramount

    Why Faith is Paramount

    12/10/2020 Duración: 32min

    The care of a synagogue ruler who comes to Christ for the healing of a dying daughter illustrates the necessity of believing. Here are the reasons why belief is essential for conversion, its components and how it may come about. A message of life's purpose.

  • The Whole Life of a Believer

    The Whole Life of a Believer

    12/10/2020 Duración: 33min

    In these verses Paul urges greater knowledge, not only of doctrine, but of God's ways, how He deals with us, and the lot of believers. Here we also learn about applying the Word, our aims in behaviour, and the power to obey and please God.

  • The Feelings of God

    The Feelings of God

    09/10/2020 Duración: 36min
  • The New Life

    The New Life

    05/10/2020 Duración: 34min

    Beginning an epistle of essential doctrines, objectives, conduct and spiritual joys in the converted life, Paul defines and extols five aspects of this new life- faith in Christ, love for the saints, anticipation of glory, assurance, and love in the Spirit. Do we have these-

  • The Accomplishments of Christ

    The Accomplishments of Christ

    02/10/2020 Duración: 36min
  • The Dawning of Spiritual Light

    The Dawning of Spiritual Light

    30/09/2020 Duración: 35min

    Christ's miracle of the stilling of the tempest initially brought great fear to the disciples, because they realised as never before that He was divine. Now their minds were open to grasp His real purpose in reconciling people to God, and how He would achieve it.

  • Christ Enduring The Cross

    Christ Enduring The Cross

    30/09/2020 Duración: 32min

    The pre-eminence of Christ who condescended to be our scapegoat and Saviour. The accomplishments He foresaw. What He endured on Calvary's cross, and how He maintained obedient faith through the deepest conceivable valley of death. All the lovingkindness of the Lord in one verse.

  • The Presence of God

    The Presence of God

    21/09/2020 Duración: 35min

    Paul's closing counsels set before us the duties of Christian cheerfulness, keeping spiritual perspective and faith alive, being of one mind as a church family and maintaining harmony. Here are the steps to be taken, and the great reward of God's presence in our midst.

  • Testing Ourselves for Faith

    Testing Ourselves for Faith

    07/09/2020 Duración: 32min

    First, the problem when believers reform their behaviour but without any depth of repentance. Here is vital counsel. Then Paul tells us that if Christ is in us, it is fairly plain to see. Here are the signs of His dwelling in true believers.

  • The Beauties of the Gospel Church

    The Beauties of the Gospel Church

    04/09/2020 Duración: 31min

    The Gospel era will bring an amazing Gentile harvest, transforming Zion into a proclaiming organ, with a mutual love between saved Jews and Gentiles, extending throughout the world. Little Israel will beome a worldwide church. Here are the many precious characteristics - our goal today.

  • Finding Truth and Life

    Finding Truth and Life

    02/09/2020 Duración: 32min

    What did Christ mean when he said 'I am the light of the world'- Here is why he is the supreme light, and the reason for the world's continuance, and how following him leads us to walk with God now and for ever.

  • Strength for Servants

    Strength for Servants

    02/09/2020 Duración: 36min

    The apostle discloses how he experienced in mysterious manner entry into paradise, to prepare him for all rigours he must endure. He speaks also of the affliction given him to maintain humility, and to show him and us that every achievement is the Lord's doing.

  • What Atheism Steals from You

    What Atheism Steals from You

    24/08/2020 Duración: 36min

    Atheism steals the key to understanding of life, claiming there is no God, eliminating the soul and eternal life. It is unable to answer all 'why's-' of life or to forge character. It is bleak, purposeless, and useless in sickness and death.

  • Why Paul Suffered

    Why Paul Suffered

    24/08/2020 Duración: 38min

    Paul's labours and sufferings 1- added to his authentication 2- revealed his love for Christ and souls 3- showed his human limitations 4- preserved his humility 5- equipped him to comfort others 6- exposed human hostility 7- deepened desire for glory 8- set standards for consecration.

  • Personal Reformation

    Personal Reformation

    24/08/2020 Duración: 34min

    In a great call to sincerity the prophet exposes the human tendency to hypocrisy in worship, asserting that any worship that does not change and shape life is useless before God, then outlines the magnificent blessings flowing from conscientious striving for holiness.

  • Two Distinct Peoples

    Two Distinct Peoples

    14/08/2020 Duración: 34min
  • The Message of the Coming Church

    The Message of the Coming Church

    07/08/2020 Duración: 32min
  • The Fall and Rise of an Apostle

    The Fall and Rise of an Apostle

    03/08/2020 Duración: 34min

    The harrowing list of pains, pressures and trials, endured by Paul as a continuous authentication of his ministry as an apostle, starts at Damascus, with his ignominious escape. Here is the first of the purposes of Paul's many sufferings and how it applies to us.

  • False and Genuine Faith Compared

    False and Genuine Faith Compared

    27/07/2020 Duración: 35min

    The Bible has many biographies of people who came to know God, and of others who failed to do so. The story of Micah remarkably portrays dead or false faith, and how it differs from a sincere approach to God, and authentic conversion.

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