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Xaverian High School, one of Brooklyn's finest college preparatory academies, is best known as the borough's first iPad one-to-one school. Here you will find the school's principal (Kevin McCormack) and its Instructional Technology leader (Patrick Fogarty) discuss the perils and triumphs inherent in being one of New York's only iPad 1:1 school.


  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS episode 13: "Make it work"


    Here's the latest edition of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, featuring the third and final part of our iPad deployment guide, a how-to on future-proofing your classes, and a lengthy excursion on what belongs in a 21st century literary canon. All that plus the lightning round, app of the week, and more.

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS episode 12: "Sometimes, administrators are watching..."


    Here is the latest edition of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, during which we run through the second stage of our iPad deployment, select the App of the Week, debate how to assess a one-to-one integration, and discuss whether grades still matter. Check it out, then rate and review on iTunes.

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS episode 11: "Minding the achievement gap"


    Here is the latest edition of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, during which we introduce our App of the Week segment, discuss the widening achievement gap as it relates to one-to-one deployments, and launch our three part, year-ending series on the first steps to going one-to-one. Check it out, follow us on Twitter (@fogarty22 and @kevmac71), and rate and review! If you tried checking this episode out earlier today, the technical glitch has been fixed!

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS episode 10: "We're not afraid to fail"


    Here is the latest edition of Ed Tech @XaverianHS featuring a conversation with one of Xaverian's most tech-progressive educators, a discussion of Xaverian's live-streamed debates, the always fun lightning round, and much, much more. Check it out, and don't forget to rate us and comment on iTunes!

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS episode 9: "Speak no ill of Google"


    Here is episode 9 of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, in which we discuss the reliability rates of different devices and how that might affect purchasing for education purposes, Zynga's infusion of cash into education technology start-ups, and the possibility that we're living in a bubble that's about to pop. Check it out!

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS episode 8: "A matter of 'when', not 'if'"


    Here is the (belated) latest edition of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, the near-weekly podcast from the instructional tech leaders of Xaverian in Brooklyn, NY. This week, we tackle iTunes U, iBooks and other means of extending our classroom, online and distance learning, and sending folks off to education conferences in far off lands. Don't forget to rate and comment on the podcast; we're educators, we NEED the feedback.

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS episode 7: "Now we work together"


    Here is episode 7 of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, in which our intrepid hosts analyze the best platform-neutral class apps and services, break down critical elements of the flipped classroom, debate the merits of the high stakes testing opt-out movement, and much more. Check it out, and don't forget to follow us @kevmac71 and @fogarty22!

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS Episode 6: "Big Brother is watching us"


    Episode 6 of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, Deacon Kevin McCormack and Patrick Fogarty features a spirited discussion on the (greatly exaggerated) death of Microsoft, an explanation of how to get a school excited through a series of livestreamed debates, and a celebration of the career-defining iPad's third birthday.

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS Episode 5: "Not worthy to hold his stylus"


    Here is episode 5 of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, in which our intrepid education technology leaders discuss the first steps to launching your one-to-one deployment, whether or not Microsoft's Surface tablet will ever be viable in classrooms, and a host of other topics that impact tech-progressive educators and school leaders.

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS Episode 4: "Not the only ones asking the question"


    Episode 4 of Ed Tech @XaverianHS discusses our institutional approach to the STEM initiative, our allegiance to iOS and the rapid growth of Android in the education sector, and features a lightning round worth your time. Our Twitter war also reaches new heights as we shamelessly seek followers in the name of personal glory, and we continue soliciting guests more interesting than we are.

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS episode 3 - "The carrot or the cudgel"


    During episode 3 of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, our diligent podcasters Dcn. McCormack and Patrick Fogarty discuss the latter's acceptance into Apple's Distinguished Educator program, getting the entire faculty on board with a one-to-one deployment, SXSWedu, and a whole host of other issues. We also continue our quest to bring in education technology luminaries as guests (spoiler alert: we're 0-2 so far).

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS episode 2


    Here is our second installment of Ed Tech @XaverianHS.

  • Ed Tech @XaverianHS - our first broadcast


    Welcome to Episode 1 of Ed Tech @XaverianHS, a podcast from two of Xaverian High School's tech leaders. Each week, principal Kevin McCormack and Patrick Fogarty, Faculty Advisor of Instructional Technology, come together to discuss the tragedies and triumphs inherent in becoming a one-to-one school.