Geek Fight Club: Bastards Of Young



An Actual Play 5e D&D Podcast. Four brothers scattered over the globe play D&D using the magic of Google Hangouts, Roll20 and their ability to put up with each other's nonsense!


  • Bastards of Young Episode 4: If a Tree Falls in the Woods, Can it Get Up and Hit You?


    After being joined by Ingtar, the High Order of Skullduggery has been escorting a caravan from Neely to Wheat’s Landing. Their prisoner’s head has exploded, though he did give them some small clues. What other strange things await these guys in the woods? Join Chuck as Ingtar the Half-Elf Cleric, … Give me more...

  • Geek Trash Episode 0: Where My Podcasts At?

    08/06/2015 Duración: 02min

    Hey listeners! This is Mondo, host and dungeon master of the geek trash family. You may have noticed that this downloaded mighty fast, and that all of the Geek Trash podcasts, like Delusions of Grandeur and the Geek Fight Club D&D games … Give me more...

  • Bastards of Young Episode 3.5: Echoey and Explodey!


    The Bastards count some coin, and join Ingtar on the wagon train to Wheat’s Landing after saying goodbye to George Goblin. The woods are filled with echo, and something terrible happens to a prisoner. Let’s all pretend that the echo in this episode is due to “an outside force”. Hopefully … Give me more...

  • Bastards of Young Episode 3: A Cleric! And Some Bandits


    Having saved the town of Nealy from goblins and members of the Cult of Shaddatho, Fredo, Brash, and Brunden rest up at the Straw Needle. They meet a Cleric named Ingtar, who helps them murder a whole bunch of bandits. Nealy isn’t a safe place to be, huh? We’re joined by … Give me more...

  • Bastards of Young Episode 2: Shuddatho Sucks!

    28/04/2015 Duración: 01h16min

    After defeating the goblin bandits on the North Road from Nealy, the party returns to the hamlet with George Goblin and finds the town under attack by scimitar wielding cultists! The action never stops!

  • Bastards of Young Episode 1: Road to Ruin


    What happens when four brothers decide to play Dungeons and Dragons over the internet? Join brothers Mondo, Chuck, John, and Damian as they roll some dice and play some D&D! New Episodes every Wednesday! Subscribe through … Give me more...