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  • Review – Steven Page at the Fallsview Casino – July 21st 2021


    For the first time since 2019 -JStew and Sara review an actual concert! This time out they talk about The Steven Page concert at Fallsview Casino. They discuss their love of his music and how they discovered his old band The Barenaked … Continue reading →

  • Seriously..we eat cereal


    On July the 8th – JStew and Sara J  attempted the first ever live  We got the Geek chat on FB. We decided to review and do a taste test of two new Super hero cereals based on the Flash and … Continue reading →

  • The glorious return of Alfonso


    At Niagara Falls Comic Con 2022 we reunited with our buddy Alfonso from Studiocomix press for his 47th We Got The Geek appearance.  We talked about the challenges of the last couple of years and also about future plans Check out … Continue reading →

  • Catching up with Candy Cosplay at Niagara Falls Comicon 2022


    JStew and Sara J cover their first con since 2020. Their first live interview in over two years was with their dear friend Candy Cosplay. The conversation included Candy’s artwork and Stranger Things. listen here Check out Candy’s fb page here

  • We Got the Geek’s Top Ten Films 0f 2021


    It’s finally here! Once again we got together with Hunter and Kristen to count down our top ten films of 2021. Listen to part one here Here’s part 2

  • The Clive Barker good time show


    Our first podcast of 2022! Thanks to the magic of the Tubi channel we were able to view two Clive Baker films from the 90’s – The Night Breed and Lords of Illusions. Here are our thoughts Listen to the podcast … Continue reading →

  • Review – Loki


    The Stews finally reunited with the Hunters for the first time in almost 2  years to  record a review for the Disney Plus series Loki listen to the review here

  • Two friends catching up at Frightmare in the Falls


    JStew returned to Frightmare in the Falls. It was the first live event we covered in twenty months. He was joined by His good friend of 22 years,Kim. JStew was asked to moderate she panels as well which was a lot … Continue reading →

  • JStew needs your help


    JStew does a quick solo podcast to let you know about the awards he is nominated for and asks for your help. Links below for casting your vote. Voting ends September 26th. Listen to the podcast here vote in the … Continue reading →

  • Our friend Tamera


    JStew shares his memories of our friend Tamera a.k.a. Toronto’s Pink Power Ranger. Tamera is currently in the hospital and we are asking for your thoughts and prayers forher to get well and have a speedy recovery. Also included here … Continue reading →

  • Tales from the shed home edition 8 – To The Island


    JStew and Colin once again reunite over the  phone – this time to discus Crowded House and John Mellencamp among other things. check out part one here check out part 2 here

  • Tales from the shed home edition 7 – Here Comes The Summer


    Another fun filled over the phone adventure with Colin and JStew. This time out the old friends talk about Cheap trick, old times and Soulsville. Also – find out what JStew thought of the homework Colin gave him on the … Continue reading →

  • Review – The Falcon and The Winter Soldier


    JStew and Hunter team up once again . This time out they bring you a look back at the Falcon and The Winter Soldier which recently wrapped up its first season. Part one of our review And here’s part two!

  • Tales from the shed home edition 6 – Rick Springfield set lists and homework for JStew


    JStew and Colin  once again connect over the phone to talk about music, Miami Vice , new fruit flavored beverages and old times. This time out Colin gives JStew a list of songs to listen to. Listen to the fun … Continue reading →

  • Review – Wandavision


    At long last our review of the complete Wandavision series. JStew and Hunter chat about their favorite moments as well as their thoughts on theories that didn’t happen. Check out part 1 here and part 2 right here

  • The Cage match 5 : Face/Off and Jiu Jitsu


    JStew and McFirely return for another Cage Match. This time out they  look at 1997’s Face/ Off and  2020’s Jiu Jitsu. Enjoy. McFirefly on Jiu Jitsu  – “JStew You suck for making me watch Jiu Jitsu!” Check out the Nic … Continue reading →

  • We Got the Geek’s Top Ten Films of 2020


    Once again its our annual count down of our top ten films of the previous year.  We are joined by our wonderful friends Hunter and Kristen. Part one can be heard here here’s part 2

  • Interview – Artist/cosplayer Candy Cosplay


    We were joined via phone by our good friend Candy Cosplay to talk about the wonderful art work she has been creating during the pandemic. listen to the conversation here

  • Tales from the shed home edition 5 – the cat did everything!


    JStew and Colin reunite via ph0ne to talk about  – Music, turn tables, Spotify, cassettes and old times listen to the fun here

  • Kurt Your Enthusiasm episode 2 – Soldier and Stargate


    Welcome to episode two of our look at the films of Kurt Russell. This time out we look t a coulee of films where Kurt has played  a military man – Soldier and Stargate. listen to the segment here  

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