Paym Loves Red Launch '15



An event launch for "PAYM Loves Red" - a carnival themed event in line with SG50-Community, Game & Food booths-Live Performances by University Clubs-SG50 MP3 Experiment-Movie Screening Under-the-stars"That Girl in a Pinnafore"Date: 5th July 2015 (Sunday)Time: 6:00PM-10.00PMVenue: NUS Town GreenWe hope to see you there!


  • PAYM Loves Red Launch 2015 MP3 Experiment

    04/07/2015 Duración: 09min

    MP3 Experiment Prequel at NUS Town Green Here are the full details for The MP3 Experiment Prequel taking place on 5th July 2015 (Sunday) at 8.05 PM in NUS Town Green. Please take some time to read the instructions to enjoy the full MP3 Experiment Prequel. The details for the event are as follow: Date: 5th July 2015 (rain or shine) Location: NUS Town Green (see details below) Time: The event will begin at exactly 8:05:00 PM. Arrive early to join in the carnival! Wear: Red Top Bring: You will need your MP3 device, loaded with the MP3 track, a pair of headphones and a watch with second hand (optional). Most importantly, bring all of your friends along for the fun! Preparation: 1. Download the MP3 Track: 2. Load the track onto your mp3 player (iPod, handphone etc.) 3. Do not listen to the track! 4. Before you leave, sync your watch (or use your cell phone if it displays seconds) to the atomic clock on the big screen at Town Green. On The Actual Day: 1. For non-ticket holders, you may proceed to ‘The H