In Focus is our way of keeping you informed about what's happening in Iowa education. Each week, the Iowa State Education Association talks with educational leaders, policy makers, and Association members about everything from student achievement to public policy. These podcasts let us explore in-depth the issues that matter to all of us. We welcome your comments about the podcast, as well as your ideas for future topics.


  • In Focus, Episode 28

    In Focus, Episode 28


    Chris Bern has a lot of plans as he begins his term as new ISEA president. Tracey Kelley talked to him about those plans for our latest podcast. Download audio We want to hear from you. Email us with feedback...

  • In Focus, Episode 27

    In Focus, Episode 27


    Linda Nelson has seen a lot of schools and talked to a lot of teachers in her four years as ISEA president. This week, Tracey Kelley talked to her about the experience. Download audio We want to hear from you....

  • In Focus, Episode 26

    In Focus, Episode 26


    A lot of education talk has been happening at the state Capitol. Tracey Kelley has a legislative update with ISEA lobbyist Brad Hudson. Download audio We want to hear from you. Email us with feedback or suggestions for future topics.

  • In Focus, Episode 25

    In Focus, Episode 25


    Andy Mogle is the Iowa Teacher of the Year, and he's traveling around the state this year, answering questions about issues facing our teachers, students and schools. Tracey Kelley caught up to him for this week's show. Download audio We...

  • In Focus, Episode 24

    In Focus, Episode 24


    It's that time of year when a lot of you are thinking about contract renewal. This week, Tracey talked with ISEA legal counsel Jay Hammond about the process. Download audio We want to hear from you. Email us with feedback...

  • In Focus, Episode 23

    In Focus, Episode 23


    The Iowa Department of Education, along with teams of Iowa citizens, is establishing an ambitious initiative to provide students with a world-class curriculum. The Iowa Core Curriculum (previously called the Model Core Curriculum) gives local school districts a guide to...

  • In Focus, Episode 22

    In Focus, Episode 22


    Salaries for community college faculty in Iowa have been dropping in the rankings, and that's making it harder to attract and keep the best instructors. Lee Skeens is a psychology instructor at Southeastern Community College in Burlington. He's been studying...

  • In Focus, Episode 21

    In Focus, Episode 21


    Education support professionals -- people like secretaries and janitors and bus drivers -- play a big role in our schools. Joann Mackin, the ISEA's advocacy specialist, is working hard to make sure they're recognized for all their work, and Tracey...

  • In Focus, Episode 20

    In Focus, Episode 20


    Last fall, Tracey Kelley talked to Christi Donald about her work toward achieving national board certification. This week, we've got an update on that story, and an explanation from Christi of what the process was like -- and whether she...

  • In Focus, Episode 19

    In Focus, Episode 19


    If you have a great idea, but not a lot of dollars -- this week's podcast might help. Tracey Kelley talks to Kris Mesicek, a grant specialist with Des Moines Public Schools. Kris has lots of tips to help you...