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  • Episode 26 - Pinewood Cove

    Episode 26 - Pinewood Cove


    Hosts: Jim, Jon & KentGuest: David SobkowiakIt appears we've returned!This episode was one of a handful coming up that we thought gone to the mists of time. Thankfully, we've finally managed to recover the audio and are delighted to present it to you!In this episode we create a PERFECTLY NORMAL town deep in the Hundred-Mile Wilderness where ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is amiss. Nothing. At all.Well, except during glider season...Here are some links for David online:Blog: mentioned in this Episode:Portal Cake MixDubstep KittyBroken SeaGypsy LauraTwin PeaksAppalachian TrailInnsmouth / HP LovecraftSuper8Mt KatahdinBaxter State ParkHundred-Mile WildernessThe ShiningDot-com BubbleSasquatchCall of Cthuhlhu RPGHunting and Trapping in MaineJackalopeDoctor MoreauSugar GliderLoch Ness MonsterR

  • Epoch Iteration 17 - I Bought a Monster

    Epoch Iteration 17 - I Bought a Monster


    RECORDED LIVE AT CONCAROLINAS 2015!Kent and I met up at ConCarolinas to do a live podcast this year, marveled at the fact that the room was nearly empty and practically gave up hope. Then, as we were getting ready to pack it all in, we were bolstered by the arrival of a single audient (quite possibly by accident), so we decided to do an Epoch Iteration with her.So here's that. Enjoy!LINKSConCarolinasExtra-Life, Team IntelsatSabrina's DeviantArt SiteTenebrousCypherCaster Magazine, Issue 001 Epoch Iteration 17 - I Bought a Monster Download

  • Episode 25 - Western Evolution

    Episode 25 - Western Evolution


    Hosts: Jim, Jon & KentGuest: Scott RocheOur latest world is a mashup of the Western, Sci-Fi and Horror genres with a slight touch of Steampunk thrown in for flavor. Not long before the turn of the 20th century, a group of scientists led by Nikola Tesla are caught in a war. To one side are the carriers of a lycanthropic virus - some want a cure, but others want only to take advantage of their newfound transformations. To the other are hordes of dead soldiers reanimated by the US government. Some say it's only a matter of time before the whole thing erupts into a second Civil War.Want to find Scott online? Here ya go:Blog - - - - mentioned in this Episode:Leper ColonyBeing HumanFrankensteinThe Casebook of Victor FrankensteinNikola Tesla / Colorado SpringsWerewolf BeltDr. Jekyll & Mr. HydeThomas Edison / Tesla vs EdisonApach

  • Episode 24 - Terror

    Episode 24 - Terror


    Hosts: Jim, Jon & KentGuest: MarkAnd now, as we get ever closer to Halloween, we bring you a realm of chilling darkness where fear is the greatest commodity. This is a place in which all of the world's worst nightmares are embodied. A strange, supernatural dimension where factions of living nightmares fight for dominance, each trying to force their own paradigm on each other even as they harvest the fear of mortals. Don't fall asleep, or you may find yourself there...Image courtesy of ImgurUnlike last month's extra-long episode, this one is a bit shorter than usual. We had a devil of a time with Skype on this particular episode, with calls dropping right and left, so we didn't have quite as much time to detail the world as we usually do, but I think we managed to put something pretty cool together. Along with making WAY more Frank Langella references than is generally recommended...Also mentioned in this Episode:Final JeopardyRice-a-RoniMonsters, Inc.Ronald ReaganMax Schreck / NosferatuFrank Langella

  • Episode 23 - Azure Tears

    Episode 23 - Azure Tears


    Hosts: Jim, Jon & KentGuest: Jason Bulmahn of Paizo Publishing and Minotaur GamesWe brainstorm up a world so full of ideas that we had to bleed into an extra half hour! In a Conan-esque world where magic waxes and wanes in centuries-long cycles, the one who has the most power is the one who is best prepared for change. And when the next wave of magic comes, who will come out on top? The barbaric humans who hold Stoneshadow Valley? The forces of the High Imperator, who - it is said - can never die? The dwarves who live deep in the mountains and hold a terrifying secret? Or the much-maligned elves who live outside of civilization, yet may hold the key to changing everything? The seasons are turning, and when the Azure Tears appear in the sky once more, the die will be cast!Jason's Kickstarter for his card game Pirate Loot can be found HERE! Check it out!Also mentioned in this Episode:Yoda / Midi-ChloriansPathfinderVMatt ForbeckOxy Acne MedicationConan the BarbarianZigguratLichHero's JourneySparta / Mongol E

  • Epoch Iteration 15 - Collating Data Between Our Various Selves

    Epoch Iteration 15 - Collating Data Between Our Various Selves


    Nope, we're still not dead. Listen in as we talk about recent events, the current state of affairs, upcoming releases and how to get rich using time travel. We also read listener feedback!Believe it or not, ACTUAL EPISODES ARE COMING SOON!LINKS:Think Baby NamesJim's interview with Storium's Stephen HoodRECOMMENDATIONS:Kent recommends the Fairy Behind the Door Kickstarter project (ENDS AUGUST 2nd, 2014!). Jon recommends the Monster Hunter series by Larry Correia. Jim recommends The Big Red Couch, an RPG brainstorming podcast from New Zealand.Also Mentioned in this Iteration:Loitsu24JennisodesD&D Basic RulesTableTop DayDoctor Who / Blinovitch Limitation EffectReddit WorldbuildingStoriumSuspended Animation TrialsPlan 9 from Outer SpaceDragon*ConWorld of WarcraftGood Night and Good Luck / Strength and Honor Epoch Iteration 15 - Collating Data Between Our Various Selves Download

  • Epoch Iteration 14 - Kobolds  Super Heroes

    Epoch Iteration 14 - Kobolds & Super Heroes


    A quick Iteration to talk about our guests' upcoming projects!Image courtesy of ImgurLINKS:Eloy Lasanta's Kickstarter for Third Eye Games, AMP: Year One, can be found HERE.Wolfgang Baur's projects for Kobold Press, Deep Magic and The Kobold Guide to Magic, can be found HERE and HERE. Epoch Iteration 14 - Kobolds & Super Heroes Download

  • Episode 22 - The Brilliance

    Episode 22 - The Brilliance


    Hosts: Jim, Jon & EdenGuest: Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye GamesWe create a future Earth in which some of the human population have begun to evolve into beings of light. These new types of humans have made significant gains in equality, but there are always those who refuse to accept them, and some who even seek their destruction!Image courtesy of ImgurEloy's podcast, Rolling 20s, can be found HERE. You can also visit his own site and the site of his company, Third Eye Games.Eden Royce's author site can be found HERE.Also mentioned in this Episode:GatoradeParanoiaDouglas Adams / HooloovooCocoonGreen Lantern / Emotional Spectrum RingsBattlestar GalacticaThe Speed of LightROYGBIVRed Dwarf / Hard LightSuperman vs the Elite / All-Star Superman / Lex LuthorStar TrekSingularityWorld of WarcraftFireflyDr. ManhattanGreen PartyBlack PanthersCloud CityIron Man Nyan CatWhig Party / Bull Moose PartyThesaurus.comTerminator Episode 22 - The Brilliance Download

  • Epoch Iteration 13 - A Frozen Wasteland

    Epoch Iteration 13 - A Frozen Wasteland


    This Iteration was recorded on Groundhog Day! We talk about the recent Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon (which seems to have repeated itself) and read listener feedback.Image courtesy of ImgurLINKS:The Walking Dead comparison page can be found HERE.Jim's story was published in Tales from the Front, available at Amazon and DrivethruRPG.RECOMMENDATIONS:Jon recommends the Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch.Also mentioned in this Iteration:Punxsutawney PhilEloy Lasanta / Third Eye GamesThe Walking DeadPolar Vortex / SharknadoKaiser's Gate / Savage Worlds / True20SHIELDFinal FantasyDoctor WhoThe Dresden Files / Hot FuzzThe Met Epoch Iteration 13 - A Frozen Wasteland Download

  • Epoch Iteration 12 - We Demand Sanitation Ninjas

    Epoch Iteration 12 - We Demand Sanitation Ninjas


    We are not dead! In this Iteration we go off on many a tangent about D&D, Doctor Who and conventions in addition to reading some listener feedback.Image Courtesy of ImgurLINKS:Scaldcrow Games' Worlds of Pulp (DrivethruRPG, Kickstarter)AetherConThe Probably Questionable PodcastKent's Extra-Life team, Team IntelsatJim's appearances on RPGRoundtable (Episode 1: Audio, YouTube) (Episode 2: Audio, YouTube)Jim's appearance on Happy Jack's RPG Podcast (Audio, YouTube)In the Bloodstream: an Anthology of Dark Fantasy and Horror(Jim's story in it is titled "Lady of the Manor")RECOMMENDATIONS: Jon recommends the TV show Parks and Recreation. He also recommends Agent to the Stars and Redshirts, both by John Scalzi.PROMO: Ideology of Madness - Ghosts of Reignsboro AP PodcastAlso Mentioned in this Iteration:Wired ImagesDragon*ConD&D 2nd, 3rd & 4th Edition / Epic DestinyD&D Next / Against the GiantsDresden Files RPGMACEDavey BeauchampParsec Awards / Sylvester McCoyThe WEIRD ShowDoctor Who / Th

  • Episode 21 - Epilareus

    Episode 21 - Epilareus


    Hosts: Jim, Jon & KentGuest: Charles White of Fabled Environments We create a fantasy city where the holy orders are involved in almost every level of society. The various factions of Epilareus are each guided by their religion, and it is up to the king to keep everything moving along and prevent the various orders from seizing too much power. All while seeing to the needs of the populace and protecting them from invasion.Image courtesy of ImgurFabled Environments' products can be found on DrivethruRPG.Mentioned in this Episode:PoseidonPantheon / The PantheonSandman / The EndlessTheocracyGeorge RR Martin / Faceless MenThe FatesForgotten Realms / Forgotten Realms DeitiesLankhmarMongolsConstitutional Monarchy / Parliament / PrimogenitureConstantineArtificial IslandColossus of Rhodes / Lighthouse of AlexandriaCommune / CollectiveGaneshaNecropolisNCISThanatologyParliament / House of Lords / House of CommonsPlebeian CouncilThe People's CourtIllyriaBehind the Name / 20,000 NamesRudolph ValentinoOphiuchusMo

  • Epoch Iteration 11 - Find a Naked Singularity

    Epoch Iteration 11 - Find a Naked Singularity


    In this Iteration we talk about recent events, read listener feedback and go off on many a tangent.Image Source: Northern Arizona UniversityYou can find Jim's other podcast, Transmissions From the Ninth World, HERE.You can find Kent's video podcast at the Distorted Order site, HERE.RECOMMENDATIONS: Jon recommends the comic Fables and the book Anathem by Neal Stephenson. Jim recommends the book The Reckoning: the Murder of Christopher Marlowe by Charles Nicholl and the game Dungeon World.Also Mentioned in this Iteration:Steel-Toed ShoesMythbustersENNie AwardsMonte Cook / NumeneraGenConDragon*ConPacific RimRon Perlman / Sons of AnarchyGuillermo del Toro / HellboyCharlie HunnamThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey / LegolasMatthew Wayne SelznickWotC / PaizoGern Blanston / Steve MartinBill Willingham / Scourge of the Slave Lords / Vault of the DrowVertigoMentatChristopher MarloweKen & Robin Talk About Stuff / Kenneth Hite / Robin D. LawsCastle Amber (X2)FATE Core / FATE Accelerated / FATE Core KickstarterNaked Si

  • Episode 20 - Sorcerers Gambit

    Episode 20 - Sorcerer's Gambit


    Hosts: Jim, Jon & KentGuest: THE Jim Harris In this episode, we create a Steampunk / Victorian Fantasy mashup setting. As the British Empire rolls out its engines of industry, the indigenous populations of its colonies call upon ancient magics to drive them out! Meanwhile, the Druids watch and wait and a sinister figure playing all sides against each other watches from the shadows...Image courtesy of ImgurJoin Jim Harris' cult on Facebook!RECOMMENDATIONS: Jon recommends The Mongoliad by Neal Stephenson.Mentioned in this Episode:SteampunkOrnithopterThe Da Vinci CodeBritish EmpireBoxer RebellionThe Royal SocietyThe League of S.T.E.A.M.GhostbustersDruidOxford UniversityBursarNational Geographic SocietyWicker ManGlastonburyThe Hermetic Order of the Golden DawnD&D DruidField Marshal KitchenerGaiaThe Green ManCernunnosCeltic PantheonBrigidArithmancyYog-SothothCthulhu"The only winning move is not to play."Boudica Episode 20 - Sorcerer's Gambit Download

  • Epoch Iteration 10 - Walk the Fire

    Epoch Iteration 10 - Walk the Fire


    Another quick Kickstarter-related Iteration this time. Upcoming guest David Sobkowiak talks about an ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Walk the Fire, a shared world sci-fi anthology series. Check it out HERE.And stay tuned at the end for outtakes from Episode 19!Mentioned in this Iteration:David SobkowiakJohn MierauTwin PeaksTexas InstrumentsBrian Aldiss / HelliconiaGame of Thrones / World of A Song of Ice and FireThe Hudsucker ProxyThe Man in the MoonJ.R.R. Tolkien / Middle Earth LanguagesGoldilocks ZoneSlurpee Epoch Iteration 10 - Walk the Fire Download

  • Episode 19 - Ptemos

    Episode 19 - Ptemos


    Hosts: Jim, Jon & KentGuest: Matthew Wayne Selznick Finally, a new episode with actual world-building in it! Though in this episode, we go about it a little differently. Our guest, creator Matthew Wayne Selznick, walks us through the process of building a truly habitable planet, as detailed in his book World-Building for Writers, Gamers and Other Creators, Volume One: Star, Planet, Moon. We develop the world, and from there we brainstorm up a sentient species with a primitive culture. Image courtesy of Victor Habbick / FreeDigitalPhotos.netDuring the course of recording, we found a pretty cool site about language: Edenics.RECOMMENDATIONS: Jon recommends SimEarth.Mentioned in this Episode:Brave Men Run / Brave Men Run Podcast Novel7th Son / 7th Son Podcast SeriesAnyman: The John Smith EPTee MorrisVulcanIoTorus / HypercubeShelobSemaphorePuebloGila MonumentOpluridaeSpore Episode 19 - Ptemos Download

  • Epoch Iteration 9 - Throw Yourself at the Ground and Miss

    Epoch Iteration 9 - Throw Yourself at the Ground and Miss


    We discuss recent strange turns of events related to the podcast. We also go back and talk about some listener feedback we neglected to cover earlier. (This show was recorded in late February.)The fateful promise Jim made in the Comments section of the FATE Core Kickstarter update can be found HERE.Brennan Bishop's Storm Battalion Indiegogo Project is HERE.Eden Royce's Dark Fantasy Voodoo Story "Rhythm" Appears in the February 2013 issue of the Siren's Call E-Zine - currently available for free download!Kent's new podcast appears on the Distorted Order web site. His sponsorship page for Extra Life can be found HERE.Volume I of Matthew Wayne Selznick's Worldbuilding for Writers, Gamers and Other Creators can currently be found HERE on Amazon.RECOMMENDATION: Jon recommends the web comic Snow by Night.Mentioned in this Iteration:Dragon*ConD&D Next PlaytestGen ConFATE CoreThird Eye Games / Eloy LasantaEden RoyceDouglas Adams / FlyingSanta Claus: The Movie / NORAD Tracks SantaDoctor WhoKickstarter / Do: Pilgri

  • Epoch Iteration 8 - The Internet Stares Long Into You

    Epoch Iteration 8 - The Internet Stares Long Into You


    We ramble on about recent events, continue pondering the apocalypse and pine away after movies and kickstarters.Mentioned in this Iteration:Asteroid MemeMaya / 2012 Apocalypse / Maya CalendarApocalypse ListJeane DixonApophis / ApophisClint BlackDragon*ConFriedrich NietzscheThe MetaverseReady Player OneThe Hobbit / The HobbitThe Tolkien ProfessorSylvester McCoyHell Noir / Gregory Weir / Eden RoyceHard MagicD&D NextFate Core / The Dresden Files RPGAtomic RoboMatthew Wayne SelznickJJ Abrams / Star Wars Sequel Trilogy / Star Trek  Epoch Iteration 8 - The Internet Stares Long Into You Download

  • Epoch Iteration 7 - Release the Christmas Bears!

    Epoch Iteration 7 - Release the Christmas Bears!


    We talk about current events, make announcements, discuss feedback and develop a strange fascination with spices and animal attacks.The Worldbuilding Subreddit Jon mentions can be found HERE.You can find the Transmissions from the Ninth World Podcast HERE.Andante's link for the wiki entry on Dejima is HERE.And Scott Roche's Indiegogo campaign for his upcoming anthology, The Way of the Gun, can be found HERE.Mentioned in this Iteration:Catfish AttackTridentDolphins Leaving EarthD&DChristmas Town USAThe Dresden Files / Cold DaysRedditTransmissions from the Ninth WorldMonte Cook / NumeneraHouse Greyjoy / A Song of Ice and FireDejimaEllis IslandTachyonMatthew Wayne SelznickScott RocheIndiegogoMur Lafferty / Jared AxelrodA Fistful of Dollars / Seven SamuraiWay of the Gun Epoch Iteration 7 - Release the Christmas Bears! Download

  • Episode 18 - Accord

    Episode 18 - Accord


    Hosts: Jim, Jon & KentGuest: John "Scooter" Weaver In this episode we create a burgeoning city full of humans making its way in the world on the edge of three nonhuman lands. In this fantasy world, the human kingdoms do all they can to get a leg-up on their competition, and political backstabbing is the norm. And all the while, the elves, dwarves and orcs watch them as they move closer and closer to danger.RECOMMENDATIONS: Jim recommends Trader Tales: Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell. Jon recommends Giant in the Playground & Order of the Stick.Mentioned in this Episode:Dungeons & DragonsThieves' WorldFritz Leiber / Fafhrd & the Gray MouserBlack Hills Gold RushConvicts in AustraliaDUNE / The SpiceBalance of TerrorThe Fisher KingHouses of the BloodedWicker ManBritanniaChivalry / Courtly LoveThe Bishop!LeviathanStar Trek / Kirk WomanizingDark SunChargé d'affairesHoovervilleDyson Sphere / Dyson Vacuum CleanersLowe'sStilgar / House Atreides / Muad'dibPresidio / The PresidioSolomon's Porch / Colo

  • Epoch Iteration 6 - Help the Walking Eye

    Epoch Iteration 6 - Help the Walking Eye


    A quick iteration discussing the fire that happened recently at the home of two of the hosts of the Walking Eye Podcast.Here is a link to the ChipIn fund that's been set up to help them out: to it if you can! Please help spread the word!Mentioned in this Iteration:The Walking Eye Epoch Iteration 6 - Help the Walking Eye Download

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