Chief Piggum





  • Dawn of Popestice


    The Popes talk movie trailers, porn parodies, eSports, closet beer, and endless nonsense in our efforts to educate Johnny about what it is we do as the Popes of Chilitown. Also, what happens if you masturbate into the Ark of the Covenant? We try to find out!

  • You Can't Skip It


    Part 2 of our Nintendo Direct special! John spends most of the episode trying to wrap up last weeks episode, but it doesn't stop the Popes discussing all the new characters we'd like to see in Smash Brothers, and our plans for future crossovers.

  • Smashing Bro Heads


    Finally getting a timely podcast out! Nintendo Direct happened, and we've got all kinds of opinions on everything, especially all that Smash Brothers news! title: "Smashing Bro Heads"

  • We're Talkin' Midgets!


    This week, we take a field trip to the state fair, we talk a lil' football, and we talk about all the hot new TV shows out this fall.

  • The Lesbianist


    This week, we listen to John meander about sports, John ups his sound effect game, and and we go balls-deep into Summer Slam.

  • Popes Gonna Give It To Ya


    This week, we discuss John's Fruit of the Loom problems, we do an in-depth analysis of Lenny Kravtiz's penis, talk about the surprise indie hit Ant-Man, and we all get hit by the crossfire!

  • Fruity Pebbles


    Everyone has an audio problem, but that doesn't stop the Popes from talking about movies, comic con, Rocket League, and the discussion of a new technology gives way to a much richer discussion of how to improve football through mad science. Also, NESkinews and no David.

  • Mr. Big


    Book-ending "Sex in the City" is either the best idea we've ever had, or the worst. We discuss our favorite Star Fox 64 quotes, talk about what we'd do with bionic arms, and the finale of Game of Thrones. Oh and E3 happened I guess.

  • Sports


    On this week's episode - sports! All the sports. Sports, sports, sports. We're pretty much the new SportsCenter this week.

  • NESkimos: The Flashback, Babies, and the Windy Apple


    On this week's episode, fart sounds abound! We hang topless and dive deeper into the world of crooked bar trivia, discuss our first-world problems, John's trip to NYC, share a NESkimos flashback, and other hot nonsense.

  • Nintendo Theme Parks, More Ultron, and a big NESkimos update!


    The popes bring David into the fold, and special guest Tim Conway dah- I mean Jessie Moore to talk superheroes, Nintendo themepark rides, and somehow manage to never get on topic. Also, breaking news about Nintendo rockers The NESkimos.

  • On Age of Ultron, and Other Stuff


    If you're reading this, frankly, I'm impressed. This week, we discuss Age of Ultron, Google Keep, and catch up on sports. We also discuss John Daly, our collective personal hero. Also, don't listen if you haven't seen Age of Ultron yet.