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  • Cap Stable Season 5 Episode 4

    19/10/2016 Duración: 01h04min

    Hoots, Argus, Bhock, Kuda, and Erick talk about the news the more news and then some more news. Hoots stars in a feature film?: Hoots dies to a Wyvern: Lockefox looks suspiciously at Megacyte

  • Cap Stable Season 5 Episode 3

    08/10/2016 Duración: 30min

      Note: the show is a little late to post this week, was recorded October 2nd, 2015. Hoots, Bhock, and Turbo talk about the latest CSM minutes, the latest development update video, and more.

  • Cap Stable Podcast: Season 5 Episode 2

    26/09/2016 Duración: 47min

      This week Hoots, Bhock, and Lockefox talk about the latest O7 Show, learning how to program, miners unionizing, and a whole lot more.   Hoots is teaching himself python resources: Kill of the week: Contact info Email: Twitter  @capstable Website: We welcome your feedback.  If you have topics, segments, comments, ideas, […]

  • Cap Stable Podcast: Season 5 Episode 1

    19/09/2016 Duración: 39min

      This week Hoots, Bhock, and Turbo discuss the some recent summer events and touch on the upcoming November release. Game of Sov Nullsec Recap Kill of the week: The second Keepstar dead Contact info Email: Twitter  @capstable Website: We welcome your feedback.  If you have topics, segments, comments, ideas, or anything you’d like us to talk about, […]

  • Cap Stable Episode 82: Back and There Again

    15/06/2016 Duración: 17min

    For a quick episode, just because, Turbo, Kuda and Bhock rabble about the latest news in EvE Online. Community News Toronto Monthly Meetup: June 2016 First draw of goodies, for EvE Vegas ticket holders General News Bulk-fitting on SiSi End of Old Launcher and Vista/XP support on 06/30 Wine support for Mac 8 overview tabs coming […]

  • Cap Stable Episode 81: Keepstar and Carry On

    31/05/2016 Duración: 34min

    This week Lanctharus, Bhock and Turbo discuss the CSM 11 results, Citadel Patch 118.5, and more! Kill of the week: The first Fortizar dead Contact info Email: Twitter  @capstable, @Lanctharus,@aiehoots, @kudatimberline @TurboAddiction @BhockCollective, Website: We welcome your feedback.  If you have topics, segments, comments, ideas, or anything you’d like us to talk about, let us know.  Any […]

  • Cap Booster 18: Interview with Marc Scaurus

    22/05/2016 Duración: 38min

    Today Lanctharus chats with Marc Scaurus from Just for Crits about the state of EVE and the future of Cap Stable and Cap Boosters.

  • Cap Booster 17: Interview with Sapporo Jones

    16/04/2016 Duración: 41min

    We talk with Sapporo Jones, Executor of Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST], to discuss Test’s history, why they joined the MBC, and how the war is going.

  • Cap Booster 16: Interview with Crasskitty

    15/04/2016 Duración: 25min

    We talk with @Crasskitty, a Twitch Partnered streamer of Eve Online, to discuss her experience learning how to play Eve Online, her experience streaming Eve Online, and her coverage of the ongoing war.

  • Cap Booster 15: Interview with Grath Telkin

    09/04/2016 Duración: 01h13s

    We talk with Grath Telkin, CEO of Sniggerdly [SNIGG], member of Pandemic Legion, to discuss PL History and the Money Badger Coalition’s war against The Imperium in the North.

  • Cap Booster 14: Interview with Andrew Groen

    04/04/2016 Duración: 39min

    We talk with Andrew Groen (@ScienceGroen), author of Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of Eve Online about the book becoming publicly available April 4, on in Hardcover, Softcover, and Kindle editions.

  • Cap Booster 13: The Judge from Circle-of-Two

    29/03/2016 Duración: 26min

    We talk with The Judge (@_thejudge), Senior Diplomat and Fleet Commander for the Circle-Of-Two [CO2] alliance, to discuss CO2’s plans to leave and reset The Imperium. We asked The Imperium leadership for comment, but haven’t received a response by the time of publication.

  • Reminder: CSM XI Voting Ends SOON!

    24/03/2016 Duración: 01min

    Howdy Folks, In case you have been living under an asteroid belt, the CSM XI voting is ending on March 25, 2016. This is your FINAL reminder to VOTE NOW, and make sure to tell your friends and maybe your enemies to vote! NOTE: For the US folks the March 25 deadline will probably around […]

  • All Quiet on the Capstable Front

    17/01/2016 Duración: 02min

    Turboaddiction talks about what we are up to and where you can find it!

  • Cap Stable Episode 80 : Happy Birthday !

    06/01/2016 Duración: 25min

      Lanctharus, Turbo, and Bhock play news catch up after this holiday season. Community News Happy Holidays from CCP and more XMas goodies ! and Operation Frostline and In-Game giveaways All 2015 in a single Year in Review Some changes in Trial and Packs New chronicles by CCP Delegate Zero (Inheritance) More fight between Serpentis and […]

  • Cap Booster Episode 12: J Mcclain from the Best Of Us

    11/12/2015 Duración: 15min

    Lanctharus talks with J Mcclain (@EVEbestofus.) J Mcclain is one of the founders of the Best of Us community project which is helping Eve players who are veterans or those currently serving in the armed forces around the world. For more information visit

  • Cap Stable Episode 79: No Pressure

    30/11/2015 Duración: 38min

    Hoots, Turbo, and Bhock play news catch up before talking about the December patch. Bhock Trying my hardest not to play again EvE, so I can win EvE… I managed to stop an account, for THREE days, and I moved to our new home, did a stratop on Day 0 (sadly[?] I saved Hoots ass, […]

  • Cap Booster Episode 11: Red Vs Blue is NOT dead!

    21/11/2015 Duración: 17min

    The demise of Red vs Blue (aka RvB) has been greatly exaggerated. Lanctharus talks with Marc Scaurus PR director from Red vs. Blue.

  • Cap Stable Episode 78: #1 Community Certified

    31/10/2015 Duración: 49min

    We talk about the Amarrian Succession Trials, Eve Vegas, the CSM, and oh, did we mention Eve Vegas? Bhock Padding KB with POCO shooting, demonstrating the power of the RattleSnake (1906 MegNav 86k 530M ; 1773 DomNav 130k 616M ; 1780 Rattle 175k 1b) Kuda I finally got to fly that ship I’ve always wanted […]

  • Cap Stable Episode 77: Leaky Eve-y Easy Peazy

    16/10/2015 Duración: 31min

    On this episode we talk about the Eve Vegas, some CSM news, the Winter/Spring Roadmap Update, and much more! Bhock Wildstar Some ground work, and more work projects kicking in Lanc Kicking our weekly corp officer meetings back into gear. So I may have kinda sorta destroyed a fledgling new alliance Corp infiltration and you […]

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