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Professor Jimbles' Dice Bag is a weekly podcast about roleplaying! Join Professor Jimbles and his trusty sidekicks (Wife and best friend) as they discuss various subjects, run roleplaying games and even debate the merits of roleplaying systems.Please note that Professor Jimbles' Dice Bag is barely edited and contains adult themes and coarse language. Find on iTunes or listen directly on Soundcloud.


  • The Tree of Tales - Episode 31

    03/06/2020 Duración: 02h17min

    The Herd arrive at the strange, weird town, with undead figures standing in fields. Jimbles' Note: Professor Jimbles Dicebag stands against racism and institutional violence. Stay safe, but make your voices heard. If you are only capable of donating to causes, please do so. Soundcloud: Apple Podcasts: Jimbles on Twitter: Dev on Twitter: James on Twitter: Eliza on Twitter: Ian on Twitter: Jayde on Twitter: Facebook: Professor Jimbles' Dice Bag is a hobbyist podcast - We create episodes for fun! Please rate and subscribe on iTunes in your favourite app, and tweet your favourite parts to @Prof_Jimbles on Twitter. If you think anyone would enjoy li