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  • Announcement – We Are Taking A Break

    16/04/2014 Advertisements

  • Let’s Talk Money – Episode 11


    “We’re all self-made, but only successful people will admit it.” Are money and wealth one in the same? Build your financial vocabulary as Q leads the group in a discussion about financial self-education, cash flow, and a new way of thinking about money. Mentioned in this episode: (free ebook with our referral code!) […]

  • Build a Team – Episode 10


    “You don’t get what you want in life, you get what you attract.” Teams—learn why they are important, what it means to ‘socially shotgun’ yourself, and how to build that group of value contributors in your life. Mentioned in this episode: Go Code Colorado Awesome people hanging out together–Ford, Edison, Harding, Firestone Mary Zalmanek […]

  • Terrible Jobs – Episode 9


    “From the neck down you are worth $8-15/hour; from the neck up you are worth as much as you want.” Often our most insufferable jobs are the ones that teach us the most. The group starts by reflecting on their worst working experiences and what they learned before delving into a conversation about goals, traditional […]

  • How to use age to your advantage – Episode 8


    “Right now in this time of history, there is more opportunity than ever before.” Is being young an advantage or disadvantage for a young entrepreneur? We weigh the pros and cons and discuss how to overcome the misconceptions people have with age and business. Mentioned in this episode: Harry’s HP Tire & Automotive Meg […]

  • What Most 20-Somethings Don’t Know – Episode 7


    Don’t just dress for success, act for it! Project Y.E.S. crew talks about how to dress well, act confidence, and have great self-presentation.  A little confidence, when applying for a job, or creating your own, can make it or break it. See how it affected us?

  • Becoming Successful With CEO and Entrepreneur Mark Wallace – Episode 6


    Self-employed entrepreneur Mark Wallace has started, sold, and inspired many successful businesses and is also a fellow podcaster.

  • Why You Should Get A Mentor – Episode 5


    “If I’m the smartest guy in the room, then I’m not in the right room” Do you need to have a mentor to be successful? Find out the group’s thoughts how to find a mentor, why having one can help you break through your limiting beliefs, and the difference between mentors and friends. Mentioned […]

  • Get Inspired! – Episode 4


    What keeps you motivated? Project Y.E.S. (minus Q) discusses inspiration, what it is, and where to get it. Mentioned in this episode: Foolish Adventure podcast The Elephant Rope story Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Women entrepreneurs, example not exception (TED Talk) Choose Yourself by James Altucher Nike Rise and Shine commerical Meetup Thank God It’s Monday The […]

  • College VS. Self Education – Episode 3


    “Learning isn’t about learning facts, it’s about learning how to learn.” Listen to the Project Y.E.S. gang weigh the pros and cons of traditional higher versus self-education. Mentioned in this episode: Coursera Academic Earth Khan Academy Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo What to Say When You Talk […]