Sometime people catch glimpses - an old man's eyes peering out from the trunk of a tree, a monstrous shadow lurking in the corner of your eye that disappears when you turn your head. A trick of your mind? Or another realm separated from our world by a fine fabric. Join us each week as we fall into the Shadow Realms.


  • His Last Shot Part 1

    His Last Shot Part 1


    Lance Corporal is successful at what he does, but when his grandfather passes away, he finds himself unable to complete a job. As he sits in a diner and examines his life, he wonders if he's already had his last shot.

  • The Dance - Part 5

    The Dance - Part 5


    The conclusion to The Dance. Crimson learns what is really going on. Will it change her life forever?

  • The Dance - Part 4

    The Dance - Part 4


    Crimson encounters resistance and Lou worries.

  • The Dance - Part 3

    The Dance - Part 3


    Crimson receives a not-so-cordial welcome, a sensuous bubble bath, and a lesson on garden monsters.

  • The Dance Part 2

    The Dance Part 2


    Crimson meets a mysterious woman who asks her to dance...where will it lead?

  • The Dance Part 1

    The Dance Part 1


    The DanceWhen a phantom invites you to dance, should you take her hand?

  • The Bar -- Part 2

    The Bar -- Part 2


    Why are there dead flowers piled outside Uncle John's shop? What was so special about the doorknob that day? Why does Uncle John wear a single glove? And what about Rabid? Is there really nothing left to save?Find out in the conclusion of The Bar. The Bar is published in Mind of a Mad Man

  • The Bar - Part 1

    The Bar - Part 1


    A bartender recalls his friend Uncle John, a man who owns a card shop, writes novels, and wears a single glove.

  • The Bones of the Forest Part 3

    The Bones of the Forest Part 3


    The conclusion to The Bones of the Forest. Amanda Bard discovers more about the writer who lived in the crumbling house and about her knew friend Kylie. Amanda's mother shares a secret.For more Amanda Bard stories, visit http://bonesoftheforest.blogspot.ccom

  • The Bones of the Forest Part 2

    The Bones of the Forest Part 2


    Amanda goes to the old house and finds something that frightens her. Quarantine ends, but does she pass her interview?The Bones of the Forest is published in Bones of the Woods

  • The Bones of the Forest Part 1

    The Bones of the Forest Part 1


    More than 20 years ago, a terrorist outbreak occurred. A safety net was built around the cities and all sane people moved inside the safety net. Now Amanda's family has left the safety net and Amanda finds a journal in a crumbling house.

  • Shadow Call Part 4

    Shadow Call Part 4


    Is Jessie's baby safe or is Katie telling a lie? And what about Jessie? Is the frog-faced man real? Or is she, too, suffering from dementia? And what of their plan to stop Katie? Can Robert answer calls fast enough? And if so, will he be able to release the call before she gains the energy to do more damage? Find out in the conclusion of Shadow Call.

  • Shadow Call Part 3

    Shadow Call Part 3


    Who is the shadow caller and what are her intentions? Why does Jessie have an invisibility ward tattooed on her arm? And what about Jessies grandmother? Is Paul a real spirit or is her mind slowly slipping away? Find out by listening to Part 3 of Shadow Call.

  • Shadow Call Part 2

    Shadow Call Part 2


    Is Katie real or is she a figment of Roberts imagination? Or could Robert be losing his grip on reality? Find out by listening to Part 2 of Shadow Call by John E. Miller. Shadow Call is published in Mind of a Mad Man

  • Shadow Call Part 1

    Shadow Call Part 1


    Have your ever picked up the phone and no one was there? Are you sure you didn't hear a voice in the static?A short story by John E. Miller, published in Mind of a Mad Man

  • The Thaw Part 2

    The Thaw Part 2


    Carol's memories are coming back. FINGER FEARWill she discover who she is?And will she remember in time to save the next victim fromFINGER FEAR?

  • The Thaw, Part 1

    The Thaw, Part 1


    An amnesiac's past begins to unravel. But will she remember in time to keep Finger Fear from claiming a new victim?The Thaw is a short story by Rachelle Reese. It is published in the collection Bones of the Woods.