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  • God Has the Final Word

    God Has the Final Word


    There is power when we gather together with one purpose—to get His instructions—His plan for the victory. He is calling a “huddle” as we join together in unity, in fasting and in prayer. There may be different ways the Lord instructs us and different ways the Lord moves on our behalf. But one thing we know, God always has the final say. He doesn’t just hear, He comes and He saves. Let us believe in the Lord our God and His promises. Let us look at His greatness, His goodness, and His mercy. God is looking for leaders today, who are already marked; He is also looking for friends (not just workers). God has assigned people to you; He has designed works for you; He has assignments for you, and He has victories for you. God will have the final say. We know He has already defeated the enemy!

  • God’s Restoration Plan Part 3 – Rosh Hashanah  Communion

    God’s Restoration Plan Part 3 – Rosh Hashanah & Communion


    We are crossing over into a new season – a new era. But we must always remember the Passover, and the blood of the perfect Lamb of God. We must remember His Covenant with us. God is still seeking a people to covenant with. Just as Jesus instituted the New Covenant at the “Last Supper”, He is calling us today to the same table where hearts are prodded and decisions are made. Communion is not to be “common”. It is to be a priceless moment of intimate relationship with God. The reverential fear of God must return. He is looking to build a new culture with His people, with new, fresh, cleansed hearts. Those who are refreshed by the blood, awakened to their freedom, and aware that history can be determined through them.

  • God’s Restoration Plan – Part 2

    God’s Restoration Plan – Part 2


    In 2 Chronicles 30:5 God led Hezekiah to bring a nation back in remembrance and in action to honor the blood in order to save the nation. Hezekiah established a decree and made a proclamation that they would restore and celebrate the Passover, to remember the great deliverance that God performed for His nation, Israel. Right now, God is pressing on us to remember and decree the power of the blood. We must walk in the fullness of the price that Jesus paid, for we have been both redeemed and empowered by His blood. By the POWER of the blood we are empowered to serve the living God, and to affect real change—change that has eternal effects. Those who walk by the Spirit are the sons and daughters of God. Let us rise and honor and proclaim the blood of Jesus today!

  • God’s Restoration Plan

    God’s Restoration Plan


    During this time of chaos and confusion, we recognize the enemy is trying to silence us, but we know it is time for us to speak the truth that sets men free! In a study of King Ahaz and then King Hezekiah, we see how the enemy tears things down, and how God always has a plan for His people to be restored, and the things of God built back up! As we are persistent in keeping our eyes on Him and listening to Him, and allowing Him to work through us, we become the force to bring the transformation and reformation that God is wanting!

  • God’s Persistence vs. the Devil’s Persistence

    God’s Persistence vs. the Devil’s Persistence


    Why is this such a difficult season for the Church to actually arise? “People are perishing because they don’t recognize the seriousness of the times they live in or who their enemy is. It’s serious.” We are truly in a battle―a spiritual battle. We must recognize the enemy’s tactics. If you try to fight it in the natural, you’ll wear yourself out. The enemy’s attack is persistent. He wants to wear down your resistance, and affect your ability to stand for anything, and become frustrated and dissatisfied. Now God has a dissatisfaction, but it is redemptive. It is meant to shake what can be shaken and to get you to decide that you are on the Lord’s side, and you will be an example of holiness, and you will turn and help others out of the darkness and into victory.

  • W.W.J.D. Part 4 – W.W.I.D.

    W.W.J.D. Part 4 – W.W.I.D.


    The Church needs to arise into what Jesus has equipped us to do! The Spirit is upon you for purpose. He has anointed you and commissioned you with the Great Commission. We must obey our call. It’s time for believers to rip the veil off so others can see what the enemy has been doing and open their eyes to what God has done for them. The Great Commission is fulfilled as we demonstrate the result of God’s sacrifice. WE are the living proof to the world that Jesus is alive! Let’s quit watching the news and BECOME the news!

  • W.W.J.D. Part 3

    W.W.J.D. Part 3

    09/08/2020 Duración: 35s

    WWJD? When we look throughout the Gospels, we see What Jesus Would Do. He came to destroy the devil’s tactics. He demonstrated the Father’s heart. He lived out God’s Kingdom principles with every interaction He had. He broke through tradition and barriers and saw each individual beyond their race or creed or situation. He made a difference wherever He went. He imparted His ways to His disciples so they could make a difference in the world. Now Jesus is counting on us. We must live our daily lives being mindful of what Jesus would do. Ask yourself WWJD? And then, you must ask YOURSELF: WWID? What will I do to make a difference?

  • W.W.J.D. Part 2

    W.W.J.D. Part 2


    What Would Jesus Do? Elder Eric Taylor takes us on a journey to explore the answer to this question, including things Jesus always did and things Jesus never did. This teaching will encourage you to follow after Jesus every day!

  • W.W.J.D.?



    What Would Jesus Do? The acronym, WWJD was actually a Spirit-led revelation that began as early as the 1400’s, which was intended to help believers to be consistently aware of Jesus’ life and His actions, and to apply the same to their own lives. This campaign was resurrected in the 1800’s and again in the 1990’s. Pastor Dawn believes the Holy Spirit is breathing upon this once more to help Christians evaluate their life and actions and lead us to the question WWJD?  And to apply it to our lives currently. We need to impact our culture just as Jesus did. He did the exact opposite of the cultural norm. He demonstrated a new system―a systemic change to change the way things operated. There are great cries going up into the atmosphere today. Cries of hatred. Cries for change. Cries for justice. Cries for peace. Cries for restoration. The world is whirling in chaos and the Spirit needs to show up today. And we have been given the empowerment to do what is needed. In every situation, will we ask WWJD?