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Loving God Passionately...Serving Others Significantly


  • Revelation, Activation and Restoration


    In this teaching, Pastor Dawn exposes the root cause of so many things plaguing our nation and our world today. We know that satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, but God is always desiring to redeem and restore. It is from this perspective that we look at God's original intentions for men and women and children. You will be inspired to take back your authority and take a righteous stand to defeat the enemy's agenda, and restore God's agenda, in your family and community!

  • The Assignment After the Alignment #2


    When the disciples were baptized with fire and the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, Holy Spirit gave them utterance (language) that could be heard and understood by multiple people with a multitude of languages. In this teaching, Pastor Dawn highlights the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to speak in a relatable language to anyone, so that they can clearly understand the Gospel. Jesus spoke in a language designed uniquely for each individual He encountered—what was needed at the time. And always with redemptive purposes. That is how we are to operate now as we relate to people every day, impacting their lives for eternity! That is our assignment!

  • Water Baptism Part 1


    This sermon about baptism took on a prophetic revelation as God revealed a prayer strategy and an assignment, in the re-telling of the story of Todd Beamer, from Flight 93 on 9/11. In water baptism, an alignment with God’s plan takes place. And then the assignment comes, just as it did for Jesus.

  • Water Baptism – A Major Opportunity


    There are many references throughout the Bible regarding supernatural activity in water. Safety, restoration, covenant, healing, provision, new life ... All having to do with salvation. There is so much more happening in the act of water baptism that we need to be aware of. Let's leave the past behind and forge into the new with revelation and determination!

  • Face Time with God Produces Faith Time


    Why aren't more of God's people doing supernatural things? They aren't spending enough face-to-face time with God to have more faith! James tells us that if he who does not act on the Word, forgets who he is, and can be deceived! We must gaze intently into the Word and into the face of Jesus, so that we will be changed into His image. And then, we will not just look into the mirror, we will become mirrors that reflect Him! As our faith is tested in difficult times, let us be found building our faith by having one-on-one face-to-face time with God!

  • How to Win a Battle


    Using the example of King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20, we learn that to win the battle, we must stand in our position, knowing that we cannot achieve victory in our own strength. We must declare the greatness of God and remind ourselves of past victories, and allow our faith to be built up in total trust in our God. And then, we must worship Him, giving God allthe glory – before the victory comes. We must get rid of all fear and discouragement, keeping our eyes on Him. Today, God wants to establish us in His order and cause us to conquer, invade and capture every bit of territory that we have lost in the past season. Being filled with the Spirit and living with a heart of worship to our God is the way we have to live if we are to live with victory in our hearts.

  • JESUS – It’s All About Him


    We must keep our eyes on Jesus and focus on Him, no matter what is going on around us. He’s asking for a movement, and it begins with us moving towards Him. He wants us to know Him and His ways. In His presence, His love manifests, and causes us to fall in love with Him more. We will no longer perform to earn His approval; we will know we are accepted and loved unconditionally. When everything we do flows from this place of intimacy, then we will have a lasting impact in this world. We cannot change the darkness in this world until we are immersed in His light, and He then shines through us. God is looking for those who will move with Him and allow Him to work through us.

  • Heaven’s Freedom


    The body of Christ is not living in Heaven’s freedom. We are still trying to live under the Law in so many ways, yet we call it “grace”. Many don’t have the confidence to step out in faith to be used by God if we aren’t living up to some standard that we have in our religious mindsets. The truth is, you had God’s approval when He sent His Son to die for you. The assurance of His love brings Heaven’s freedom. It is not something that can be earned. That foundation will enable you to step out in obedience to do whatever He calls you to do, with boldness and assurance that He is with you and in you, and you are loved and forgiven and equipped by His Spirit and His love.

  • Step Into Your Authority with the Commanding Anointing #2


    God’s heart was always to have a people who would show forth His authority with HIS LOVE and power. To do that we must have our heart prepared by the Spirit to operate in that authority with a humble dependency upon Him. God’s first assignment to mankind was to subdue and take dominion. He is calling upon His Church to rise with the understanding and boldness to walk in His authority on the earth!