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Parenting a blended family in our modern age


  • PG Holyfield Tributes


    Information on the Tributes: Wednesday, 10/8 at 9pm – Online Vid Tribute from The Beyond the Wall crew: On Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 at 9pm Eastern, the Beyond the Wall crew will be recording a live podcast show in which we will bid farewell to our good friend, P.G. Holyfield. There is also an in-person […]

  • Episode 66 – Whaaaa??

    18/04/2014 Duración: 01h44min

    We recorded this a few months ago on the anniversary of ITB. We haven’t sat down to write the show notes, so kept putting off releasing it. Well, it’s been too long! Here’s the episode, and we’ll get back here to drop show notes later.. eventually

  • Episode 65 – 2011 Wrap Up, Part 2


    This episode is part 2 of a car cast where we cover our highlights of 2011. Apologies again for the audio quality as we’re testing a new set of microphones and the road noise was louder than we anticipated. Listening through we’ve come up with some ways to greatly improve the audio from the car. […]

  • Episode 64 – 2011 Wrap Up, Part 1


    This episode is part 1 of a car cast where we cover our highlights of 2011. Apologies for the audio quality as we’re testing a new set of microphones and the road noise was louder than we anticipated. It gets particularly loud around the 30 minute mark, but that only lasts for six or seven […]

  • Episode 63 – A New Blender


    We find ourselves heading into a whole new blender and discuss it a bit. Announcements DBK at the Hard Rock Cafe News Viv Packing begins in earnest at the house as we say goodbye to Big Paradise and The Burrow where our podcasting career began. Family photo archive Chooch How Not To Grow A Beard […]

  • Episode 62 – Happy Anniversary


    Happy Anniversary to us! Breast Cancer Anthology Update Stories by folks that have some how been affected by breast cancer. You don’t have to have had it. Fiction or non-fiction and the only word limit is the maximum of 30k words since I’ll consider poetry, flash fiction, short stories and novellas Art work – photos, […]

  • Episode 61 – Live from Balticon! Take My Geek Card (I Dare You!)


    From the Balticon 45 pocket program: Into the Blender Live! Take My Geek Card (I Dare You!) Sun, 9:00 PM, Chesapeake, Into The Blender: Live! (New Media) Moderator: Chooch Schubert, Panelists: Marc “Grailwolf” Bailey, P. G. Holyfield, Chris Miller, and Vivid Muse. The podcast is back for another live show. This time we’re taking […]

  • Episode 60 – Big Fun, Small Business and Balticon


    In a Balticon rush, so only adding that which I can remember needs linking. ~Viv Our News: Balticon Schedules: Chooch ~ Here is a list of the events I will be participating in.  Sound Design & Extreme Audio Effects, Friday 10:00pm – 11:00pm in the Derby Our expert panel of professional sound designers and audio […]

  • Episode 59 – Cheap Beach Second Honeymoon


    *Recorded March 7, 2011* News from Virginia Beach Visit with M.A. in PA and Paulette Jaxton; chatting and knitting. Super cheap beach vacation was expiring so we mad a mad dash towards the ocean. Ditched By Kate News Ditched By Kate website is up Live shows that are broadcast live over the web will be […]

  • Episode 58 – First Times


    This episode is a continuation from Ep 57 In this episode we discuss: Ladies’ Craft Day, Uterus Holding and Planning World peace Manly Day of Brewing and Boy Talk and Games for the Monkeys (Heroscape) Ethiopian Cuisine Adventures Ditched By Kate performed their inaugural show with the new name at IOTA Promo: Nutty Bites