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Join Tanner, Jackson, and Dave as their Christian theology is put to the test by the trivial, the controversial, and the unconventional. When they (repeatedly) find themselves swamped in their own ignorance, witness their special guests (biologists, pastors, music producers, and more) swoop in to save the day!


  • Brethren Never Say Die


    This is it friends... our swan song, our final will and testament, our eulogy to ourselves. BRETHREN FOREVER!

  • Talking With Non-Brethrens 101


    In our second-to-last episode ever, we talk about finding common ground with other religions! To infinitely help us with that, we're joined by David Shorten... no, not David Short. We'll explain later. I know, I know.

  • Pacifism: Not Just For Whackos?


    With Tanner away, Jack decides to gang up on Dave with two of his good friends, Chris and Josh. The nice part about being ganged up on by pacifists is that you can beat them up easily, so Dave winds up just fine.

  • The Totally RADICAL Family of God


    Jack's got a radical idea... it's a big one. His mom doesn't agree with it. It'll get him kicked out of high society. But he BELIEVES it, gosh darn it!

  • Top 5 Christ Figures in Film


    After a looooooong break, we're back in a major way. Disclaimer: we do not own or profit from any of the film clips in this episode.

  • Music Music Music


    We've commandeered Tom MacPherson for another episode, and he joins Tanner and Dave to think all sorts of musical thoughts!

  • The Hezeniah Awards!


    Ferda Bible nerds out there, our love song to you: an award show celebrating all the minor characters.  Enjoy.

  • Abandon the Global Village?


    With the flood of information from around the world, has it all just become entertainment? Does it ever lead to action? Are we 'amusing ourselves to death'? Should North American Christians stop putting their focus internationally, and invest in our home turf? All these questions and more, with no guarantee of answers forthcoming!

  • The Noah Movie Fight!


    Finally, it's happened! Dave and Tanner watch Aronofsky's "Noah", coming away with questions like: Why does Noah try to kill babies? Is Noah fighting global warming? And, most importantly, HOW COOL IS METHUSELAH???

  • OT Difficulties: What To Do About Genocide


    In our 2nd attempt at an important and controversial topic, Joel Short saves the day once again with his brilliance, wit, and supreme Oilers knowledge.

  • OT Difficulties: Creation and Evolution


    There's a saying at Desiring Brethren: if you need extra brain-power, bring in a second Short. Dave's older brother Joel joins us this episode to talk creation, evolution, and how we read the Bible.

  • Sweatpants for the King


    Dave gets extra-spicy this episode as we talk dressing up for church!So to honour him, pa-ra-pa-pa-pummmmmm,I wore my sweats for him, pa-ra-pa-pa-pummmmm

  • Dr. Phil Can't Be Wrong, Right?


    This episode Jack grinds his ax, beats his recently-deceased horse, and makes sure to peeve his pet over the value of secular help. Tanner interrupts him a lot, while Dave just wants to know what's going on. WE LIKE TO FIGHT TOO!

  • End Times For Dummies?


    Newspaper in one hand, Revelation in the other: what should be our response to those who are looking for signs of Armageddon? In this episode, populist-hero Dave battles the elitist-scum Jackson and Tanner over the rapture, Left Behind, and whether you should challenge those in your church that are keeping an eye on the sky.

  • CAMP! (Part 2: Crushes and Creationism)


    We present the second part of our loooong conversation about camp, featuring the 'expert' Anna Page! We talk Evolution vs. Christianity, CTF, flirting, and even NUDE BUTTS (Dave made me write that).

  • CAMP! (Part 1: The Sing-Along)


    With Anna Page popping in, we got so much content that we're putting out two episodes: so nice you have to listen twice! Part 1 is filled with bragging contests, off-key songs, seven baptisms (you read that right!), and so much more.

  • Jesus (and Elly) Wants You More Needy


    Real talk: This is one of the best conversations we've ever had, and Dave wasn't there. Draw your own conclusions. After blowing the dust off the ole Master's thesis, Elly Krogman joins us to talk about one of her passions, rediscovering a theology of brokenness and need.

  • Should We Follow the Billy Graham Rule?


    In 1948, Billy Graham committed to never be alone with a woman that wasn't his wife. In 2017, the 'Billy Graham Rule' is still going strong in the evangelical community, but rarely is it questioned. With Dave away this week, Jackson and Tanner talk with their former Bible School professor Elly Krogman about what impact the Rule might be having in our churches today.

  • Storing Up Bible Bucks in Heaven


    This episode we enter the murky world of "heavenly rewards": the idea that based on our good deeds, some of us are gonna get (in Dave's words) Lamborghinis in heaven while others are gonna be stuck with old junkers. Spoiler alert: none of us understand this topic at all.

  • The Ocean: Existential Abyss of Terror


    In this episode, we shine light on one of the earth's greatest mysteries: why did God make the ocean so spoooooky?

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