Everyday Losers



Taylor Withers and Eva Cook, two everyday losers, detail their own journey in weight management. We discuss challenges and victories. Join us as we walk a road to wellness together.


  • EL006 - Starting Over Again!


    Taylor and Eva discuss their last year and coming back to Everyday losers.

  • EL007 - Liquids


    Taylor and Eva talk about not drinking calories.

  • EL008 - Planning Ahead


    Taylor and Eva discuss planning ahead for success.

  • EL009 - Calcium


    Taylor and Eva discuss their week and calcium.Kiefer's Bean Soup RecipeIngredients■2 15 oz. cans northern beans■1 15 oz. can pinto beans■1 15 oz. can black beans■1 1/4 tsp. salt (optional)■1/2 tsp. black pepper■1 large chopped sweet onion■2 cloves minced garlic■1 16 oz. can diced tomatoes■1 chopped jalapeno pepper (or other variety)■2 C. cooked ham, diced■2 lb. smoked sausage, diced■1 tsp. cayenne pepper or 2 tsp. Cajun seasoningDirectionsCombine all ingredients in crock pot. Cook on low for 6-8hours or high 4-5. Stir occasionally. Serve with cornbread.

  • EL010 - Keepin' On, Keepin' On


    Taylor and Eva discuss the challenges of their week and motivation.

  • EL011 - The Curse is Broken!


    Eva and Taylor discuss their week and fiber.

  • EL012 - Short but Sweet


    Eva alone discusses her challenges and what works.

  • EL014 - Harsh


    Taylor discusses his rough last few weeks.

  • EL013-Where I say Umm


    Taylor and Eva have returned to Everyday Losers. Where have we been?

  • EL001 - Everyday Losers Pilot


    EL001 Show Notes:Taylor and Eva introduce themselvesHow did we get overweight?Our TipsOur Favorites

  • EL002 - Planning


    Show Notes #2:Topic: PlanningChallenges for the weekPlan your meals!Plan your loses too!safe-foodsGoals Eva and Taylors Goals for the year:1/1/09 - lose 15 t0 20       Reward: New outfit or piece of cloths3/30/09 - lose 15 to 20   Reward: New Kitchen Item9/1/09 - lose 60  Reward: Spa day or weekend

  • EL003 - What Should I Eat?


    Show Notes #3:Topic:  What Should I Eat?Week in ReviewEva and Taylor share their grocery listsEva:Sare Lee 45 & Delightful Honey Wheat BreadSteam Fresh vegatablesCan't Believe It's Not Butter SprayBerries/FruitSoymilkEdy's Slow Churned Ice CreamFat free/Low Fat Cottage CheeseTaylor:Boneless, Skinless Chicken BreastsLean ham/turkeyJennie-O Boneless frozen turkey breastLean Hamburger 93/7PotatosGreen Veggies - Green beans, lettuce, Green Peppers, Brussel Sprouts and BroccoliBeans especially black beans94 % Fat Free PopcornBarleySteel Cut OatsApples/Berries/other fruitCarrotsfat free yogurtspritz salad dressingswhole wheat pasta/brown rice

  • EL004 - Moderation


    Show Notes #4:Topic: ModerationWeek in ReviewEva and Taylor discuss being moderate in all things.

  • EL005 - Starting Over


    Show Notes # 5Topic: Starting OverEva and Taylor discuss how it is important to be willing to start over.