Jesus following non-conformists spreading Gods peace and love by the power of the Spirit through audio accounts of obedient acts of study, service and community.


  • #104: Service in 2020

    #104: Service in 2020

    10/10/2020 Duración: 36min

    How do we serve in the time of a global pandemic? In this episode, we visit with our friends in the Brethren Volunteer Service to hear about their experiences and what they're doing to continue a life of service during 2020. Join Chad Whitzel and Alton Hipps with host, Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred, for this engaging [...]

  • #103: Defining “Apocalypse”

    #103: Defining “Apocalypse”

    26/09/2020 Duración: 20min

    In the year 2020, the word “apocalypse” has been casually thrown around in conversation. Are we actually experiencing apocalypse(s) in our lives right now? In this episode, Alex McBride explores the true meaning of “apocalypse” and the possibilities it might bring. Dunker Punks Podcast [...]

  • #102: The Ups and Downs of Being a Tour Guide

    #102: The Ups and Downs of Being a Tour Guide

    12/09/2020 Duración: 26min

    “The best part of a tour is a really good tour guide.” Who has guided your life recently? As we kick off a new season of the podcast, Christa Craighead tells us some stories from her world and the impact guides and teachers make in our lives. Listen for her reflections, a new theme [...]

  • Bonus #12: Muraho, Rwanda!

    Bonus #12: Muraho, Rwanda!

    11/07/2020 Duración: 47min

    In this continuation of Josiah Ludwick’s series on Intercultural Ministries, he takes us on an international visit to learn about the Church of the Brethren in Rwanda. Be inspired as you hear from church leaders across the pond and reflect on your own sharing of the gospel along with host, Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred. [...]

  • Bonus #11: The Be-Attitudes

    Bonus #11: The Be-Attitudes

    27/06/2020 Duración: 53min

    "There are consequences of being on this work [the work of following Jesus], but we do it from a place of meekness, transparency of heart, taking part in delivering compassion, in solidarity with those who are suffering, while mourning and not making it 'about us'." ~ Jarrod McKenna In this bonus episode, we continue [...]

  • #101 It’s Not an Apathetic Tradition

    #101 It’s Not an Apathetic Tradition

    13/06/2020 Duración: 54min

    Josiah Ludwick didn't plan to start this series about Intercultural Ministries on racism, just like the rest of us didn't plan to be staring into the depths of which racism has shaped our lives. But here we are in a clarifying moment as Dunker Punks committed to seeing the kingdom of God on earth [...]

  • #100: A Scrappy Little Podcast Turns 100

    #100: A Scrappy Little Podcast Turns 100

    30/05/2020 Duración: 59min

    Welcome to a special 100th regular episode of the project amplifying what’s on the hearts of the emerging church! Because youth and young adults have a ministry all their own, every episode of the Dunker Punks Podcast is built around unaltered audio created by young, passionate voices following Jesus. Characterized by thoughtful risk-taking and a [...]

  • #99: Not Alone

    #99: Not Alone

    16/05/2020 Duración: 27min

    All of our lives and livelihoods have shifted recently in unexpected ways. Those changes are especially drastic in the health sector and for those who minister to patients. Listen as Zech and Jen Houser tell about their unique experiences in a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at a local hospital.       [...]

  • #98: Let’s talk about good things!

    #98: Let’s talk about good things!

    02/05/2020 Duración: 32min

    Need ideas for some wholesome fun? Having trouble finding a silver lining? Susu and Annika chat about experiencing community during a pandemic, rekindling their love and excitement towards nature, connecting with old friends, and a lot more. Listen for your daily dose of positivity! Dunker [...]

  • #97: The Earth and Its Peoples

    #97: The Earth and Its Peoples

    18/04/2020 Duración: 35min

    As Earth Week approaches, we tend to amplify our thinking about the environment and how humans interact with it. How has your connection to nature and the environment changed during this pandemic? In this interview with Mandy North, listen to how her perspective on what’s important changed when she decided to go on one [...]

  • #96: Praying Through a Pandemic

    #96: Praying Through a Pandemic

    04/04/2020 Duración: 32min

    The world feels sideways these days. What are we followers of Jesus supposed to be doing? How do we continue living the radical Dunker Punk life, now? Good news: we've already got all the tools we need to be faithful.       Dunker Punks [...]

  • Bonus 10: Love Feast

    Bonus 10: Love Feast

    04/04/2020 Duración: 54min

    Social distancing may keep us from literally recreating the way Jesus taught that night, but there’s no formula for repeating Jesus’ lesson. In response to this necessary time of social distancing, the Dunker Punks Podcast is leaning into creative uses of technology to continue to connect people during the sacred time of Holy Week.  [...]

  • #95: The Making of a Dunker Punk

    #95: The Making of a Dunker Punk

    21/03/2020 Duración: 25min

    How have you helped to teach new Dunker Punks? In this episode, Ben Bear has a great conversation with Donna Parcell about her life as a Dunker Punk and her experiences raising another one. Life isn’t always easy but pink is powerful!       [...]

  • #94: Will you let me be your servant?

    #94: Will you let me be your servant?

    07/03/2020 Duración: 48min

    Welcome to a new season of the Dunker Punks Podcast! Let's get into a deep dive of the life of a BVS'er: what's it like? How does on get into volunteer service? Listen as Nolan McBride and his siblings, Jamie and Alex, talk about their experiences with answering these questions.       [...]

  • Bonus 9: Outspoken

    Bonus 9: Outspoken

    11/01/2020 Duración: 45min

    "To love another Person is to see the face of God." ~ Victor Hugo, Les Misérables In this bonus episode, we celebrate the diversity of the Church. On Earth Peace intern, Mayara Storer, interviews Carol Wise on the origins and work of the Brethren Mennonite Council on LGBTQ Interests. [...]

  • #93: New Community Project

    #93: New Community Project

    21/12/2019 Duración: 40min

    The New Community Project has worked for social and ecological justice across the globe since its inception and continues to do so today. This episode is the first of a series featuring members of this cool group and hearing about the important work they do. Emmett interviews David Radcliff about an overview of how [...]

  • #92: Choose Wisely

    #92: Choose Wisely

    07/12/2019 Duración: 43min

    “Live in such a way that those who know you but don’t know God will come to know God because they know you.” In this crossover episode with the Choose Wisely Podcast, Logan JP Schrag interviews his father, Rick, about his career in chaplaincy and hospice care. How do you keep true to your [...]

  • #91: Mike Stern Concert

    #91: Mike Stern Concert

    23/11/2019 Duración: 50min

    Peace, social justice, and music make a great addition to the holiday spread. We find all these ingredients and more in our first ever Dunker Punks Podcast Concert featuring talented songwriter, Mike Stern. Listen to his music and a deep dive interview by Tori Bateman on this episode recorded in front of a live [...]

  • #90: Peace in the Cosmos

    #90: Peace in the Cosmos

    09/11/2019 Duración: 30min

    As funny as its name may sound, starting a “space force” now is akin to starting an air force at the end of the 19th century. That’s why the Church of the Brethren’s Office of Peacebuilding and Policy takes this new institution’s formation so seriously. Nathan Hosler and Susu Lassa share how they voice [...]

  • #89: Giving a Reason for Our Hope

    #89: Giving a Reason for Our Hope

    26/10/2019 Duración: 39min

    This time on the Dunker Punks Podcast, we’ll discuss tackling big questions about life and spirituality, make allusions to sheep both young and old, and be unapologetic about studying apologetics. Nathan and Jerry invite you to join them in a robust discussion about Christianity and the Church of the Brethren!     [...]

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