Church Of The Redeemer With Pastor Dale O'shields


Audio recordings of weekend services led by Pastor Dale O'Shields at Church of the Redeemer in Gaithersburg, MD.


  • #11 Use Us

    #11 Use Us


    Allowing God to enter your life is the first step to being used as his instrument.

  • #10 Keep Us - Part 2

    #10 Keep Us - Part 2


    Learning to pray will keep you closer to God.

  • #9 Keep Us - Part 1

    #9 Keep Us - Part 1


    There are many things grabbing for our attention, but keeping God in the center is the most important.

  • #8 Increase Us - Part 2

    #8 Increase Us - Part 2


    Building our lives with the right materials can only be done with the help of God.

  • #7 Increase Us - Part 1

    #7 Increase Us - Part 1


    God values you and wants to increase the blessings in your life.

  • #6 Heal Us - Part 2

    #6 Heal Us - Part 2


    Though sickness and pain may enter our lives, it does not diminish God's love for us.

  • #5 Heal Us - Part 1

    #5 Heal Us - Part 1


    There is healing waiting for you in prayer.

  • #4 Guide Us

    #4 Guide Us


    Proper guidance is essential to living a godly life.

  • #3 Forgive Us

    #3 Forgive Us


    God's mercy and grace prevail in our lives, because of the sacrifice Jesus made.

  • #2 Rule Us

    #2 Rule Us


    Prayer increases our trust in God, allowing us to fully surrender our lives to Him.

  • #1 Teach Us

    #1 Teach Us


    Being committed to prayer is the first step to learning how to pray.

  • The Beauty of Communion

    The Beauty of Communion


    Communion is a regular opportunity to renew and update our relationship with Jesus.

  • #5 What Happens When You Give Thanks - Part 2

    #5 What Happens When You Give Thanks - Part 2


    God calls us to be people of gratitude because of all the good that comes to us when we do.

  • #4 What Happens When You Give Thanks - Part 1

    #4 What Happens When You Give Thanks - Part 1


    Learning about the good things that happen to us when we become people of gratitude.

  • #3 When You Lose Your Praise - Part 2

    #3 When You Lose Your Praise - Part 2


    You can't praise without giving thanks! To truly give thanks you must become a praiser.

  • #2 When You Lose Your Praise - Part 1

    #2 When You Lose Your Praise - Part 1


    Knowledge alone isn't enough. We have to actually use our spiritual weapons if victory is going to be ours.

  • #1 Things Standing in the Way of Thanks

    #1 Things Standing in the Way of Thanks


    One of the most sobering things we must understand is that any lack of gratitude in us, takes us out of the fullness of God's will.

  • #4 The Purpose of Heaven

    #4 The Purpose of Heaven


    Through personal relationship with God, we are given all we need to fulfill our divine purpose.

  • #3 The Provisions of Heaven

    #3 The Provisions of Heaven


    There is no lack in heaven, any and everything we need is there. God wants to get that provision of Heaven to your earth.

  • #2 The Peace of Heaven

    #2 The Peace of Heaven


    There are no disturbances, no fears, and no worries in heaven.

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