We're two gamers / musicians who can never take anything seriously for more than about 10 seconds. Follow our exploits as we discuss our favorite games, join us for our journey of creating our first acoustic album, and laugh at our sorrow as we unsuccessfully attempt to get sponsored by Coors Light. Check out for more!


  • Ep. 94: Hurdy Gurdy


    We’re back, with much less of a hiatus this time. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen… will it be the next WoW killer? Probably not! Rick has been listening to EDM, and his new favorite instrument is the Hurdy Gurdy.

  • Ep. 93: Don’t Hate Us, Hiatus


    We’re back after a long hiatus (don’t hate us). In this episode we discuss League of Legends, eSports, Guild Wars 2 and it’s upcoming expansion Path of Fire, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s upcoming Space Odyssey, Jerry’s dinner outing, and the Playstation 4.

  • Ep. 92: 2016 Top Five


    After 8 long months, we’re back with another brand new episode of the IRLnoobs podcast.  Today we are joined by Todd’s brother, Chad.  Check out Chad’s podcast over at, it’s pretty great! Listen to this podcast and be delighted as Rick drops his phone! Also, learn of our top five

  • Ep. 91: Nintendo NX


    Nintendo still won’t release any info on the NX. Blizzard has cracked down on a popular WoW private server. Everquest Next is no longer going to be a thing. Also, some lady’s public defender is super hott.

  • Ep. 90: Black Desert Online


    It’s been a while, and we missed you. But it’s ok, because we’re back with this April Fools Day episode of the IRLnoobs Podcast! Black Desert Online is a cool new MMO that you should play if you’re looking to have too many things to do. A new Final Fantasy

  • Ep. 89: Hunting Stories


    On today’s podcast, we actually interview a real live person! A big thanks to Rafael from the band Hunting Stories for taking the time to talk with us about the band and their upcoming new album. Also, The Nintendo NX might happen sometime kinda soon! There are some rumored specs

  • Ep. 88: Diablo Season 5


    On this new episode of the critically acclaimed IRLnoobs podcast, you can do anything.  Just like when you’re over at or Also, Diablo 3 has a brand new season happening right now! Thanks to Matt over at Just Games for having a hygiene rule. No bad smells in

  • Ep. 87: Most Anticipated Games of 2016


    On the first episode of 2016, Todd and Rick talk about some games that are coming out this year that they’re excited about! Wow!

  • Ep. 86: 2015 Top Five


    It’s the last podcast of 2015! Listen in as Todd and Rick discuss their top five games of the last year!

  • Ep. 85: Holiday Special 1


    It’s the holiday season! On episode 85 of the podcast, we have Santa as a special guest! Also, we discuss the League of Legends Snowdown event, the Playstation 4, Diablo 3, and Star Citizen!

  • Ep. 84: Cyber Monday


    Today is Cyber Monday, and Rick should probably utilize Target’s current deal on the PlayStation 4. Star Wars Battlefront is pretty great. Does anyone else remember the Deep Run Tram in World of Warcraft and how steamy it would get down there? Cause we remember that…

  • Ep. 83: Blizzcon CliffsNotes


    It’s another IRLnoobs podcast! Today we’re talking about Fallout 4 that was just recently released.  League of Legends is currently in preseason mode. Blizzcon happened last week and we’ve got an incredibly shallow summary of the events!

  • Ep. 82: Cyberpunk 2077


    Happy two year anniversary from the IRLnoobs! For your anniversary this year, we brought you a brand new episode of the podcast! Cyberpunk 2077 has a sexy cyborb lady getting shot at. Rift is a MMO that came out a long time ago, so let’s discuss it now! Would you

  • Ep. 81: Stinky Trike


    We’re back with another episode of this podcast. The League of Legends season is coming to a close. Nintendo gave us about 1oz of info on the NX. Star Wars Battlefront is fun, and Hearthstone continues to be neat. Also, this trike is super stinky.

  • Ep. 80: Mars is so Moist


    All sorts of space things are happening both in and out of video games! Elite: Dangerous is a cool thing to do unless you’re Sir John. No Man’s Sky might be getting a release date really soon. Mars seems to have some sort of moistness going on. The super moon

  • Ep. 79: Detotated Wam


    Rick is back with us! He’s here to spill some info about Minecon 2015 and why Minecraft is so damn popular with the youth of today. Space sims are still a thing on our minds. Also, are you cursed and/or hexed with birthday breakups? h4ush1nk4 is cursed with exactly that.

  • Ep. 78: Space Jerry


    On this, the 78th episode of the IRLnoobs podcast, Rick is nowhere to be found. Replacing him in America’s basement is DJ, back from episode 75. World of Warcraft is down to 5.6 million subscribers, India sent an orbiter over to Mars, and Jerry might be in space.

  • Ep. 77: Captain Kirk Hammett


    Today, we talked about GamesCom, which involves Star Wars Battlefront and some sort of new World of Warcraft expansion called Legion. Also, Todd’s brother is here to tell us about some sort of space probe (lol, probe).

  • Ep. 76: Cooling Your Cat in the Summer


    Do you want to know how to keep your cat cool in these hot summer months? I know I do. Also, e-sports and doping: does it matter? Magic Duels Origins is coming out on Steam, Rocket League is pretty great. All this and more, on this brand new episode of

  • Ep. 75: Crappin Your Pluto Pants


    On today’s episode of the IRLnoobs podcast, Rick is gone, but DJ is here. Magic Origins is brand new today. Satoru Iwata has sadly passed away. RIP in peace. Pluto has finally been passed by a man made probe.

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