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  • TBA Lite February 16th, 2018


    Lee and guest host, Andrew, waste entirely too much time discussing the current state of Disney, the MCU, and Star Wars, before discussing the latest video game releases, new developments in the Donkey Kong high score saga, and E3 2018.

  • Sultans of Slam February 9th, 2018


    Hosts Lee and Andrew are joined by newcomer, Reid, to discuss the current happenings in the world of professional wrestling. Some of which they even watched!

  • Sultans of Slam August 13th, 2017


    The hosts discuss the current state of the WWE with their thoughts on storylines, talent, the most recent installments of Raw and SmackDown, the SummerSlam 2017 card, and this year's edition of WWE 2K.

  • TBA Lite June 20th, 2017


    Lee provides a luke-warm take on E3 2017 as he runs down the highs and lows of what was showcased during the show, and talks briefly about what he's been playing.

  • TBA Lite June 6th, 2017


    Japanese video game culture, E3 2017, and Tekken 7 are amongst the many topics that cost our host his voice.

  • TBA Lite April 23rd, 2017


    It's catch up time as our lonesome host breaks down the more interesting news stories from the past few weeks as well as the Nintendo Switch and everything he's been playing during Turn Based Attack's 'radio silence'.

  • Sultans of Slam March 25th, 2017


    The Sultans return to discuss the latest news from the world of WWE and share their thoughts on the build to Wrestlemania 33 including the results of Elimination Chamber, Fastlane, and the most recent entries of Raw and Smackdown. Buckle up for the ultimate thrill ride!

  • Turn Based Attack #48


    January's a drag. The hosts are finally able to discuss Fallout 4 spoilers, Lee pitches the Nintendo Switch to Rob who keeps a chip squarely planted on his shoulder. We discuss walking the media tightrope and the importance of context, and Rob bookends the show with a tribute. Sometimes it's not the game, but with whom you played it that makes the best Key Items.

  • Turn Based Attack GOTY 2016


    Lee, Rob, and Mike (with regards from Andrew) gather to discuss the highs and lows of video gaming in 2016.

  • Turn Based Attack #47


    We fire up the microphones during a Final Fantasy XV discussion already in progress. Rob provides his spoiler free hot take on the game, having completed it earlier in the week, while Lee provides some insight into the 'optional' primers Kingsglaive and Brotherhood. The hosts also discuss Let it Die, the Game Award winners, Hideo Kojima's new game, the announcements from the PlayStation Experience stage presentation, and much more!

  • Turn Based Attack #46


    Rejoice, fans of longer podcasts and cursing. Lee and Rob return to discuss all the games they've played, the games they haven't, and the games they've yet to play before Game of the Year season. The hosts also discuss the continuing hostility towards certain game developers and the nominations for this year's Game Awards.

  • Turn Based Attack #45


    We discuss what we've been playing including Mafia III and PlayStation VR, Lee spits hot fire at Nintendo's continued insistence on pursuing third party software titles for new console launches, we complain about the bad business of exclusive content and release dates across different versions of new games, and virtual reality sees it's first entry inducted as a Key Item.

  • Turn Based Attack #44


    Lee and Rob open the show by briefly explaining the Luckey 'controversy' and what it means for Oculus, Rob bookends the show with another hot take on Darkest Dungeon, Lee plunders the new Destiny expansion Rise of Iron and, in the Active Time Conversation, mobile game copy-cats are outed and your friends live forever.

  • Sultans of Slam September 23rd, 2016


    Andrew and Lee run down the cards and discuss the first Smackdown LIVE 'pay-per-view' Backlash, the Clash of Champions go home Raw, this week's Smackdown LIVE, and everything in between!

  • Turn Based Attack #43


    Our hosts convene in Lee's lavish 54 bedroom estate to discuss No Man's Sky, Pokémon Go, Overwatch, and everything that's been keeping them busy over the summer. Rob and Lee contemplate who the PS4 Pro is for, why the Arkham games are so well regarded, and the dominance of Psychic-type monsters in the generation one Pokémon games.

  • Sultans of Slam August 1st, 2016


    Andrew and Lee provide their perspective on the WWE draft, Battleground pay-per-view, and the first Raw and Smackdown Live of the 'New Era'. The show concludes with a tease of things to come from the Sultans of Slam!

  • TBA Lite July 3rd, 2016


    Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness is unfairly compared to Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE, the hosts briefly tangent with a discussion on story narrative and how it motivates you to complete a game, Lee runs down the newest Pokemon reveals, and Rob taps that Katamari.

  • TBA Lite June 25th, 2016 (E3 2016 Review)


    Our hosts discuss the highs and lows of E3 2016, what Lee saw and played, the future of the expo, the release of Mighty No 9 and more!

  • Sultans of Slam June 21st, 2016


    Lee and Andrew provide a hot take on the Roman Reigns suspension and breakdown the Money in the Bank pay-per-view and June 20th Edition of Raw.

  • TBA Lite June 12th, 2016 (E3 2016 Preview)


    Lee and Rob spend some time catching up on where they've been and what they've been playing in recent months before (an hour later) diving into their E3 2016 breakdown, including what to expect from all the major publishers and what the Nintendo NX could possibly be.

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