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  • Endlessencouragement with Myra

    15/09/2014 Duración: 58min

    Jana Flaig My cancer experience establishes my credibility for knowing fear, and the experience through which I learned to Fight Fear. Cancer was my hardship, but others Fight Fear that comes with divorce, job loss, foreclosure, etc.  The focus is not which hardship your listeners experienced; the focus is learning practical tips to knock out the fear that comes with any life challenge. Other than a brief 1-2 sentence background as fear expert (Stage 3c ovarian cancer survivor "who's greatest battle was against fear that overwhelmed her and threatened to defeat her."), the interview is on to the talking points of Fighting Fear.

  • Faith In The Darkest Hour

    01/09/2014 Duración: 01h02s

    Bradley is an accomplished singer/songwriter and released a national EP entitled Never Give Up under his stage name BJ Ministries in December.  He also released a national book in 2009 entitled Removing the Graveclothes. Currently he is working on his debut album entitled ENDURETH that will be released in 2015. This summer he will be nationally releasing a second edition of his book with new insight and revelation entitled Removing the Graveclothes for the 2nd Time.  Quiana is currently finishing up her first book entitled C.R.A.S.H. (Carefully Reviewing All Situational Hazards) that will be released nationally this fall. All their projects are produced and distributed through their own multi-media company N.A.T.D. Media LLC, a company that is dedicated to producing media (publishing, music, broadcasting, etc.) that proclaims that Jesus is real, reigning, and returning.

  • Alpha Chick Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power

    25/08/2014 Duración: 01h03s

    Mal Duane, Bestselling Author and Life Recovery Coach whose book Alpha Chick Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power hit No 1 in Canada and 11 in the US on Amazon. Mal is passionately committed to empowering women in releasing the shackles of shame, pain and self-condemnation to live a life of passion and purpose.Mal's transformation journey, including recovery from alcoholism as a young woman, has provided her with extensive hands-on, in the trenches experience for taking hold of life and bringing forward the potential that lies buried beneath the scars and hurts.Website: www.AlphaChick.com

  • Revitalize Your Marriage and Increase Your Faith

    18/08/2014 Duración: 01h07s

    Kelli Smith is a native of Baton Rouge, LA, has been married for over six years and with her husband for over eleven years. She has several years experience working with adolescents, couples, and families in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Kelli has received numerous awards, honors, and recognition for her research on various health disparities in the United States, Brazil, and South Africa. She has been instrumental in developing and working with various non-profit community based agencies to promote healthy living, co-parenting, inmate rehabilitation, youth after school programs, and other outreach programs. Website: http://www.kellihsmith.com/

  • Endless Encouragement with Myra

    13/08/2014 Duración: 01h03s

    Kristie Kennedy is a women's empowerment speaker, entrepreneurial leadership coach and highly accomplished author. She is skilled in four areas of personal development: mindset, momentum, motivation and potential maximization. Ms. Kennedy has a passion for helping leaders who have reached a mental plateau to turn their cant's into cans and their dreams into plans. Her life is a testament that it is 100% possible to shift from mediocrity to magnificence one bold action step at a time. www.kristiekennedy.com