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Manny Aragon from The Rolf Workshop Center For Structural Performance ( shares biomechanics, nutrition, wellness, and athletic performance advice on this podcast. He interviews various authors, athletes, practitioners, and others on his quest for improved human performance.


  • Is This The Magic Bullet For Pain Relief?

    02/11/2015 Duración: 50min

    In this episode I interview Chris Corrales, founder of MedicinEvolution and Gravity Meridians systems about his recent formation of the Gravity Meridians system of assessment models for bodywork and healing practitioners. Chris is a certified practitioner of Structural Integration, a classically trained Homeopath, and BJJ Practitioner. Join us while we deconstruct the Gravity Meridians system and show its breakthrough to both health practitioners as well as movement professionals.   A brief bio: At 21 years old, after growing up with asthma and experiencing little to no help from conventional medicine, and sustaining a number of injuries from training and competing internationally in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I was introduced to Structural Integration. After only a few sessions, a shoulder injury, remnants of a sprained ankle, chronic low back pain, neck pain, and surprisingly my asthma were all transformed. The results of Structural Integration were dramatically different from other types of bodywork I had experi

  • EPP 50: How To Use A Plastic Square And A Camera To Improve Posture And Performance While Eliminating Pain

    22/10/2015 Duración: 01h02min

    In this episode I interview Isaac Osborne, Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration, LMT, and creator and founder of imaging software Body Align Pro and inventor of the Sqr Shot device holder about his practice and his recent experience as an attendee and exhibitor at the 4th Fascial Research Congress in Reston Virginia.   A brief bio: Isaac has 17 years in the chronic pain industry. He began his bodywork training while living on Kauai learning Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Lymph Drainage Massage, American and Russian Sports Massage, Craino-sacral Therapy, Thai Yoga Therapy, and Myofascial Release. For 2 years Isaac was the lead medical massage therapist in a Physical Therapy Clinic where he focused on pre and post surgical care, work comp injuries and auto injuries. Realizing that the techniques he was using could be improved to help his clients (and himself because he was suffering from his own chronic low back and neck pain for over 12 years). He sought out the R

  • #49 Does Foam Rolling Provide More Than A Temporary Fix?

    13/10/2015 Duración: 56min

    Episode #49 Kevin Lucas–   In this episode I interview Kevin Lucas, BCSI, LMT, about his many Structural Integration endevours- his school, teaching, his work with dogs, Healthy Paws Therapy, his work with athletes at Gonzaga University and elsewhere, and his innovative program for self care, Relief Through Rolling.   A brief bio: Kevin Lucas, BCSIcm, LMT is a Certified Advanced Structural Integrator. He began his education at the Utah College of Massage therapy and received his advanced training at the Guild for Structural Integration. Kevin is the founder and director of Structural Innovations which is 1 of 22 recognized schools by the international Association of Structural Integrators to teach the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. Throughout his career, Kevin has helped thousands of patients and specializes in working with people who have very severe conditions and diseases such as Scoliosis, Parkinson’s, Dystonia, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Pain. Kevin also specializes in working with all levels of

  • #48 Does RockTape Really Work?

    31/08/2015 Duración: 33min

    In this episode:   Tons of athletes are using RockTape and KT tape these days- it looks great but what its all about? According to RockTape, there are three types of taping- for slightly different applications. 1)      Pain Taping- to reduce pain. A subset of this is drainage taping for swollen areas to facilitate lymph drainage and reduce swelling. Another subset would effectively splint the injured area (minor injury) to get muscle groups surrounding a joint to work together more efficiently, better supporting the joint. 2)      Postural Taping- this is combined with a discrete assessment method like FMS, muscle testing, or SFMA to determine what muscles are not working enough and which ones are overworking. The goal is to create balance across agonist/antoganist muscles and muscular chains to facilitate functional strength and flexibility, balance, etc. 3)      Performance Taping- the focus here is to tape entire chains of muscles (for particular movements) to improve strength and endurance. This is move

  • The J Shaped Spine Part Deaux

    27/07/2015 Duración: 46min

    In this episode, I discuss and dissect the recent trending story about Esther Gokhale and her work with back pain- specifically comparing modern, first world, anatomy of the spine (she terms the “S- Shaped Spine) and the “J- Shaped Spine found in very old anatomy books in addition to modern indigenous peoples who live a traditional, non sitting lifestyle. In this discussion I explain the reasons for the anatomical differences, their implication in poor posture, hip, SI, back, neck, and shoulder pain, and I offer a strategy for improving posture and banishing back pain. Resources: Esther Gokhale’s website: Exercise tips and movement cues:   1)   lift the collarbones (disengage your shoulder girdle- engage your core) 2)   build your glute medius (stand, balance, lunge- use your legs more often!) 3)   build your glute complex (min, med, max)- squat often 4)   Leg strength and mobility is important 5)   Keep a long neck (starts in the mid back- lumbo dorsal hinge) 6)   Get a Functional

  • Drugs That Gobble Up Vitamins

    17/06/2015 Duración: 23min

    Drugs that gobble up vitamins- in this episode, I discuss common pharma drugs that people are taking and the nutritional deficiencies that they drive. I also talk a bit about how to address the deficiencies and natural alternatives to the pharma drugs. Download the pdf checklist HERE

  • Cycling Discomfort, Spider Veins, Dry and Flaky Skin, Stubborn Belly Fat

    15/05/2015 Duración: 56min

    Edema and spider veins what they mean and what to do about them. 1)Edema is a swelling (usually in the lower extremities) resulting from poor circulation caused by a variety of factors (sitting, poor diet, nutrient deficiency, injury, etc) It is a result of pooling of liquids- blood, lymph, and interstitial fluids. Edema further slows fluid flow and can even block fluid flow. The risk of edema is blood pooling and clot formation. If the clots or micro clots become discharged into the bloodstream they create a high risk for stroke or heart attack. 2) Spider veins are blood vessels that have, due to nutritional deficiency of whole food vitamin C amongst other factors, lost their integrity, have swelled a bit and no longer move blood well. They are most visible in the sides of the heel, in the lower legs and legs and as people age, throughout the rest of the body. 3) Both of these conditions are manifestations of sub-clinical Scurvy- the degradation of the collagenous structures in the body due to deficiency

  • SPP 44-Rich Roll- Does Eating A Whole Food Plant Based Diet Need To Be Mindbendingly Difficult?

    07/05/2015 Duración: 40min

    In this episode I interview Rich Roll vegan ultra endurance athlete (bio below) about the benefits of a plant based diet, Rich’s tips for training and race fueling and recovery using whole, real foods, easy ways to incorporate more plant based food into one’s diet, and, the easy, inexpensive and stress-free way to make the conversion to a plant based diet, and the larger effects the transition has had on his family life and children.   A brief bio: A graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School, Rich is a 47-year old, accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete and former entertainment attorney turned full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, motivational speaker, husband, father of 4 and inspiration to people worldwide as a transformative example of courageous and healthy living. In 2012, Rich became a #1 bestselling author with the publication of his inspirational memoir Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World's Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself (Crown Arc

  • #43 Is Core Strength Really That Important? How To Determine Postural Imbalance. Why Vitamins Don’t Work. What Causes Plantar Fasciitis. Is Arthritis Curable?

    27/04/2015 Duración: 51min

      In this episode I explore and answer the age old questions that many seekers ponder- 1)   What most people don’t know about core strength and do incorrectly- this is related to the next topic… 2)   What is postural imbalance, why its important, and how to determine and resolve your postural imbalances for better “core strength”, and physical performance. 3)   Why do we keep seeing articles on “Why Vitamins Don’t Work” and why that matters- In this segment, I demystify common tribal knowledge from experiential clinical knowledge to show you the best way to determine what nutrients you may be missing  and those you are likely taking that are causing problems. 4)   Plantar Fasciitis is a scourge to those who have it and most methods are relatively ineffective in resolving PF for more than a limited time. I identify the primary SYSTEMIC drivers of PF and explain how PF is simply a symptom of a greater imbalance pattern. 5)   Is arthritis curable?- First of all, what the heck is common arthritis? I explain ho

  • #42 Can Coffee Enemas, Lymph Massage, RIFE, and Detoxing Make You Sicker?

    02/04/2015 Duración: 24min

    In today’s episode, I discuss a recent case study of a person who put in enormous time, effort, and money into her healing process only to see it flounder after a few years. The foundation of healing processes is as follows: 1)     Eat the right foods for your body (foods, supplements, etc, proper  eating mindset, chewing, etc) 2)     Eliminate or minimize the impact stress has on your body. (Mindfulness, meditation, job change, relationship change, move location, etc) 3)     If there is an internal imbalance of flora- use various methods to restore balance (kill bad, promote good)- herbs, tinctures, RIFE, etc. 4)     Eliminate the toxins from the body (this includes destroyed flora, chemicals, metals, etc). Various methods/systems are available for this- stage 1/2 detox, lymph drainage, laxatives temporarily if necessary, gut cleanses, enemas, etc. 5)     Movement- move your body in varied ways over varied terrain, using varied strategies. 6)     Breathe 7)     Replenish the body with genuine replacement par

  • #41 14 Super Critical Functions Of Your Most Important Organ

    26/03/2015 Duración: 40min

      If you’ve been paying attention to any of my social media posts and newsletter articles lately you probably know that I am a big fan of periodic metabolic body detoxification. And I have been just as guilty as most of the other authors out there in dumbing down the reasons why -honestly, I am pretty sure most of the authors out there don’t really know the specifics as to why detoxification is so important and beneficial- just that it works. So I am going to share with you today a few more wonky reasons why a regular, properly designed detox, makes you feel so good and makes your body operate at such a higher capacity than the vast majority of folks are used to. Here are the 14 reasons:* 1)   The liver converts thyroid hormone thyroxin (T4) into its more active form Triiodothyronine (T3). When your liver is not operating at potential, your thyroid function and thereby your metabolism will not be operating optimally. This can lead to symptoms such as chronic fatigue, weight gain, poor memory and so on. 2)   T

  • #40 Katy Bowman – Are You Living In A Human Zoo?

    12/03/2015 Duración: 48min

    In this episode, I interview Katy Bowman, Biomechanist, Author, Blogger, Podcaster and Founder of the Restorative Exercise Institute in Ventura, CA. Katy and I talk about the effects of "living in a human zoo", how to stop using exercise like vitamins, why sleeping surfaces matter, and how to determine an appropriate "movement diet" for your body. We also delve into the intricacies of cellular loading and how the loading of each cellular cytoskeleton impacts cellular health and epigenetic expression of your DNA. Resources are below the bio A brief bio: A biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart, Katy’s ability to blend a scientific approach with straight talk about sensible solutions and an unwavering sense of humor have earned her legions of followers. Katy is the founder and director of the Restorative Exercise Institute, which teaches the biomechanical model of preventative medicine to health professionals and laypeople worldwide, both online and in live seminars. She is also the creator of t

  • Episode #39 Natural Healing Manifesto Part II (The 5 Pillars)

    05/03/2015 Duración: 44min

    ▪   Part II of a two part series on the 5 essentials to holistic healing and how they work synergistically to produce a result greater than the sum of the parts. Download the guide for free here: Download The Guide

  • Episode #38 An Interview With Jason Lewis - Human Powered World Adventurer

    01/03/2015 Duración: 56min

    In this episode, I interview Jason Lewis, Author and the first person to circumnavigate the globe by human power. We discuss topics ranging from his ocean crossings, cycling through Europe, rollerblading through America, and Pedaling through the Pacific.   Jason’s Bio:   “Arguably, the most remarkable adventurer in the world today.”                                                                                          —THE DAILY MAIL Jason Lewis is an award-winning author, adventurer and sustainability campaigner specializing in human-powered expeditions. He is recognized by Guinness World Records as the first person to circumnavigate the Earth without using motors or sails[1]: walking, cycling, and inline skating five continents, and kayaking, swimming, rowing, and pedalling a boat across the rivers, seas, and oceans. Taking thirteen years to complete, the 46,505-mile journey was hailed “the last great first for circumnavigation” by the London Sunday Times. RECORDS
Jason has set three additional records: t

  • Episode #37 Are Supplements Bogus and The 5 Pillars of Healthy Athletic Success

    26/02/2015 Duración: 53min

    In today’s episode, I discuss two specific topics: 1)     On Feb 2, 2015 the NY Atty General Accused major retailers like Walgreens, GNC, Target, and Walmart of selling a number of store brand dietary supplements that were fraudulent and in many cases contained ingredients not listed on the labels. He demanded that the retailers remove the products from their shelves in the state of NY. The NY Times and many other major news outlets ran prominently placed stories about the action. 2)     The 5 Pillars of Healthy Athletic Success- or the 5 Pillars of Holistic Healing as I practice it – where to start, why, and how and why the various pillars work synergistically together to produce a result greater than the individual parts.   NY Atty General’s accusation and action against retailers – my thoughts. ·         If true- they should be punished ·         Unlikely to be true- there is much more to the story – ie, the testing methods used  to back the accusation are faulty for various reasons I discuss in the podcas

  • Episode #36 Can Meditation Practice Improve The Health and Athletic Performance of Your Entire Family?

    19/02/2015 Duración: 42min

    In today’s episode, I discuss the various scientific studies that quantify the positive effects of a regular meditation practice. Remember meditation helps to balance out the nervous system response- in study speak, it induces the Relaxation Response (RR). In my own language, it down regulates the stress response (sympathetic nervous system or fight or flight response) and up regulates the rest and relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system response or healing, digesting, and rebuilding response). See episode #35 on mindfulness which has a similar but not as powerful response as meditation. ( Meditation has been shown in studies to improve everything from digestion to sports performance, to healing and athletic recovery (by lowering inflammation response)  to recovery from serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Additionally, meditation has been shown (in studies) to actually change gene expr

  • Episode #35 Is Mindfulness Bogus New Age "Science"?

    17/02/2015 Duración: 38min

    Mindfulness is often described in terms of meditation protocols and in a somewhat mystical way. That is a misnomer perpetuated by folks in the media who would rather relabel meditation by calling it something different. Mindfulness is not meditation. The mindfulness I am going to talk about today is actually a form of paying attention. Paying attention to what we are feeling inside and making behavioral changes on the outside to get a positive response of what we feel on the inside. That is the mindfulness I am going to discuss today. We can use mindfulness in myriad ways- from mindful movement, mindful communication, mindful eating, etc. Mindfulness is a base skill upon which we can build powerful pillars for living. Today we are going to discuss how to use mindfulness to heal and nourish your body. Mindful of mindset- Mindset helps us to regulate the way we experience and respond to stress- whether emotional stress, food stress, chemical stress, and physical stress. Our bodies were designed with only one st

  • Is GERD, Reflux or Hiatal Hernia the REAL Problem?

    12/02/2015 Duración: 33min

    In this episode I discuss how to tell if you have GERD, Reflux or Hiatal Hernia GERD has become somewhat of a catch all these days- but the real problem may, in fact, be Hiatal Hernia- a condition where your diaphragm becomes strained and the stomach or esophagus becomes kinked or trapped above the diaphragm muscle resulting in things like palpitations, difficulty breathing, and reflux. If you have Hiatal Hernia, taking drugs for GERD or reflux will not solve the problem and will, over the long term exacerbate your health issues as you will no longer be able to properly digest food in the absence of sufficient stomach acid. Additionally, your mineral stores will become severely depleted as sufficient stomach acid is required to activate and absorb minerals from food. As a result, cavaties and osteopenia and osteoporosis, depression, cardiovascular problems, amongst other degenerative diseases driven by malnutrition may develop in your body. Even if you have been diagnosed with GERD- you may, in fact,  have

  • Episode #33 Do You Have The Symptoms Of A Hidden Digestive Problem?

    05/02/2015 Duración: 37min

    In this episode I discuss the rampant, undiagnosed, malnutrition that permeates our society and some of the common ailments that people perceive as “normal” but that are actually red flags for poor digestion, poor diet, and malnutrition. These symptoms are usually the result of years, decades even, of malnutrition- the body’s stores of certain nutrients exhausted, it can no longer function optimally and begins to fail. Some of the red flags: •    Adrenal exhaustion and insufficiency •    Adult acne •    Allergies to foods •    Anemia, pernicious •    Appetite, excessive •    Asthma •    Atherosclerosis •    Autoimmune diseases •    B12 Deficiency •    B6 Deficiency •    Bacterial Dysbiosis •    Broken capillaries •    Calcium deficiency leading to insomnia, cramps, nervousness •    Chronic infections •    Chronic weakness •    Conjunctivitis •    Constipation (with liver/gallbladder involvement) •    Delayed gastric emptying (food feels like it’s just sitting there in your stomach for hours) •    Diabetes •  

  • Episode #32 What Is Fascial Fitness And Why Is It Imperative To Your Performance?

    03/02/2015 Duración: 36min

    Episode #32 Show Notes: In this episode I interview PJ O’Clair, Owner of ClubXcel and of Northeast Pilates- In this episode I speak with PJ about the emerging field of Fascial Fitness, what it is, why its imperative that any serious athlete incorporate it into their program and the logistics of HOW athletes should incorporate this vital, 4th pillar of sports science, into their training program for long term results. NOTE: Resources are below PJ’s Bio A brief bio: PJ O’Clair is the owner of ClubXcel and of Northeast Pilates, an award winning STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Centers.  PJ teaches a variety of group classes at the club and sees a full schedule of private clients.  She conducts numerous teacher-training courses in a variety of different movement modalities.  In addition to owning her training center PJ is an acclaimed leader in the fitness industry.  She is a Merrithew Health & Fitness™ Master Instructor Trainer and an integral member of their internal programming and presenting team represen

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