Insert Coin - We Say Stuff


A buffet of guests join Kyle Murphy as he goes through various video game topics from the golden age of arcade games and current news to indie games and even tabletop/card games. 


  • Insert Coin Ep 15 - Episode 1ish

    Insert Coin Ep 15 - Episode 1ish

    08/09/2016 Duración: 01h09min

    The boys are back in town! Well kind of. Kyle is joined with Steve and Josh from Game Raven on the gaming podcast that just won't die!

  • Insert Coin Ep 14 - Steve Tom Sawyer

    Insert Coin Ep 14 - Steve Tom Sawyer


    Special Guest: Steve Tom Sawyer

  • Insert Coin Ep 13 - Meals on Wheels Podathon

    Insert Coin Ep 13 - Meals on Wheels Podathon

  • Insert Coin Ep 12 - The Return! Episode 1 The Presequel

    Insert Coin Ep 12 - The Return! Episode 1 The Presequel


    The return of Insert coin!

  • Insert Coin Ep 11 Retro Love

    Insert Coin Ep 11 "Retro Love"


    Benchwarmer and Kyle’s wife, Nicole, joins Kyle for a show full of NES, Atari 2600 and arcade appreciation. Outro music provided by Diagamblic.

  • Insert Coin Ep 10 Technical Difficulties and DD

    Insert Coin Ep 10 "Technical Difficulties and D&D


     Mike and Kyle do a short episode to make up for the last episode with talk about their upcoming D&D game.

  • Insert Coin Ep 09 8.5 Man Down

    Insert Coin Ep 09 "8.5 Man Down"


     This is what happens when we are a man down, a live audience waiting and no backup plan. Kyle rambling about Sonic the Hedgehog for 20 minutes.

  • Insert Coin Ep 07 Retro Made New

    Insert Coin Ep 07 "Retro Made New"


     Ghostbusters for the NES is pretty awful. Jamestown isn’t old but it’s pretty awesome. Then Mike and Kyle go on another  journey down tangent' lane.

  • Insert Coin Ep 06 Shmups Etc.

    Insert Coin Ep 06 "Shmups Etc."


     Description: Mike and Kyle talk about some of the retro games they’ve played recently and actually stick to talking about games for the whole episode. Go us!

  • Insert Coin Ep 05 Doctor Powerslam

    Insert Coin Ep 05 "Doctor Powerslam"


     Mike talks about the passing of a close friend and former guest of the show Jake Johnson. We get unsaddened and inspired to not wear condoms then talk some tabletop gaming, magic and a sprinkle of video games tossed in for kicks.

  • Insert Coin Ep 4 Hibernation Cut Short

    Insert Coin Ep 4 "Hibernation Cut Short"


     Mike and Kyle do some catching up in the wake of a month long hiatus by talking movies and eventually getting around to video games. Indie developer of the week: Paul Leishman creator of Squares of Black Space Twitter: @pixelsword1

  • Insert Coin Ep 03 Quit Being Sh!@#y Parents

    Insert Coin Ep 03 "Quit Being Sh!@#y Parents"


     Mike and Kyle broach the subject of video games having a negative influence on children, talk about how shitty Billy Mitchell is and other arcade classic talk. Also we have Jeremy Solares, developer of Just Beneath the Skin as our indie developer of the week.

  • Insert Coin Ep 02 Its All Coming Together

    Insert Coin Ep 02 "It's All Coming Together"


     Jake Johnson and Just Johnny join Mike and Kyle to talk retro gaming (and a little modern) for our first segment. Then Jon Baldizon comes on to talk GTA and gaming in general. THEN I get to talk with Winter Drake, the maker of the game Adventure Dungeon.Check out Adventure Dungeon at www.adventuredungeon.comMy Dearest by Super Cell is our intro music and our outro music was a song from the game Adventure Dungeon by Jon Halford.

  • Insert Coin Ep 01 A Tale of Two Gamers

    Insert Coin Ep 01 "A Tale of Two Gamers"


     Kyle and Mike recall their beginnings in gaming and the consoles that they grew up with throughout their childhood years.Intro Music: 8BIT My Dearest - Supercell