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We talk about our lives, and yell occasionally.


  • (4th Edition) - Episode 22 "Late Birthday-Cast"


    Once again the podcast is up really, really late. I apologize to everyone, but hey, Canada Day didn't start until Carson Mauthe started it.Maybe (hopefully) I can start getting these up at the appropriate time. CROSS YOUR FINGERS, FOLKS.Hosts:AgainstBelief - New ProgramHD Shadow - Irate AdrianWITH SPECIAL GUESTSStatic Sonia - WarpedThe Doc - Back For The CensorsSmartzke - Temporary Freezecracker News RepresentativeClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 21 "Late-Cast"


    Wow, we're really keeping this schedule intact, aren't we? Well, regardless, we've all overcome our busy lives as of late to record, and pump out a podcast.Since it was once again mentioned, this podcast is sponsored by Sleep Pants.Hosts:HD Shadow - Angry Video Game AdrianAgainstBelief - StabbedWITH SPECIAL GUESTSStatic Sonia - Girl On The InternetThe Doc - Mangodavey_flavey - Canadian Friend #1Tarek - Canadian Friend #2Troy - Canadian Friend #3Click here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 19 "Sleep Pants-Cast"


    Ok, we're back! We took a week off because we felt we deserved it after that amazing interview with Victor Lucas. Will this next one top it? Who knows?!This podcast is brought to you by Sleep Pants.Hosts:HD Shadow - Technical DifficultiesAgainstBelief - Impressed DadWITH SPECIAL GUESTSFrank Howley - Victor's SuccessorThe Doc - HowdyHave a question to ask us? Want to tell us how bad we are?Email us at FreezeCrackerPodcast@gmail.comClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Special Episode "Victor Lucas-Cast"


    Today is a day to remember. Today is a day when we kick off our new (hopefully) series of interviews with people in the gaming universe who matter.Our first guest is Victor Lucas. You may know him from such amazing television shows as Electric Playground and Reviews On The Run (Judgment Day in the US). He has been a driving force among the gaming world, and continues to deliver a constant, and high-quality stream of content for the public's viewing pleasure. So, we are grateful to launch this series off with a legend!Be sure to check out these places:www.elecplay.comwww.reviewsontherun.comwww.twitter.com/Victor_LucasHosts:HD Shadow - 500th Twitter FollowerAgainstBelief - Canadian TranslatorWITH SPECIAL GUESTSVictor Lucas - Real CanadianWe'd like to thank Victor Lucas for taking the time out of his busy day to do this for us!Click here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 18 "Seismic-Cast"


    Alright, we're back, and ready to Seismic Toss some laughs and some tears at ya!Also, don't worry. This is a completely new podcast, just with almost the exact same guests.Hosts:HD Shadow - Better Than Matzke(?)AgainstBelief - Even More DepressedWITH SPECIAL GUESTSdavey flavey - I AM E. HONDAThe Doc - Seismic Toss BringerSmartzke - Back From The GraveClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 17 "Spoiler-Cast"


    Oh, boy! We might as well make Wednesday the official podcast day at this point. But we won't, because we're like that.Don't worry about the title 'Spoiler-Cast', it's not that big of a spoiler. Or is it?..Also, here are our Youtube channels that you should subscribe to for more Freezecracker goodness:www.youtube.com/againstbeliefwww.youtube.com/hdshadowHosts:HD Shadow - Put In More than 34 HoursAgainstBelief - DepressedWITH SPECIAL GUESTSdavey flavey - 6-Alarm Chili (Only David Will Get That)The Doc - Put In Only 34 HoursClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 16 "Mystery-Cast"


    We return a day late (due to technical difficulties) to present to you our sixteenth episode of the 4th Edition Podcast! We talk about things, things of mystery, hence the title.Also, I refuse to name it 'Train-Cast' much to the dismay of my peers.Hosts:HD Shadow - Drunk With Hosting PowerAgainstBelief - UnappreciatedWITH SPECIAL GUESTSSmartzke - Four Years Too LateSamuelTehG33k - Steel Has Been BrokenReviewGuru - A Guru That ReviewsThe Doc - CHOO-CHOOClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 15 "Holo-Cast"


    Alright, so this is a day late, again. Ah, whatever, it's here now. Enjoy.Also, we dedicate this podcast to the... nevermind.Hosts:HD Shadow - "Bonjour, je m'appelle Adrian"AgainstBelief - Gets Asked The Worst QuestionsWITH SPECIAL GUESTSSmartzke - Hasn't Played The 360 Version of Dead RisingSamuelTehG33k - Indeed, Teh G33kThirtyWun - Asks The Worst QuestionsThe Doc - Can't Say A Certain WordClick here to listen/downloadClick here to disuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 14 "Drama-Cast"


    Bonjour, Freezecracker. We've got another serving of Podcast goodness for you guys, and you might want to listen to this one as something dramatic happens.Oh, the suspense!Hosts:HD Shadow - "Hi, I'm Adrian"AgainstBelief - Struggled This Entire RecordingWITH SPECIAL GUESTSSmartzke - Likes DS GamesGene The Bean - Cranked It Up A NotchThirtyWun - ___ HoneyBlackMist - High School MathHideo Kojima - Mega64 Aren't The Only OnesClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 13 "Meat-Cast"


    Hello, and we finally have another brand new podcast for you after our much needed break. Conveniently, we chose to return on Easter Weekend (hence the lateness of this podcast).Listen up, folks! This could be our last episode as we're all probably going to jail.Hosts:HD Shadow - Dr. ChanceAgainstBelief - Makes Animal NoisesWITH SPECIAL GUESTSSamuelTehG33k - Has His Own ShirtSmartzke - The Furious OneThe Doc - Likes CerealRobbie Chance - Made It Just In TimeBefore you listen, watch this video in order to understand the 'caulking' references.P.S.They ended up taking us off of hold, to which the guy said he's transferring to his manager. Carson then replied with a moose noise and hung up.Click here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 12 "Robert-Cast"


    Alright, so Adrian didn't want to do a podcast this week. Something about being 'too tired and sad', or something.So here's the famed 'Robbie-Cast' that Carson keeps talking about.Contributors:Robbie Chance - The HostRobbie Chance - The Music VersionRobbie Chance - The Smart OneWITH SPECIAL GUESTSRobbie Chance - PhDRobbie Chance - WoWClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 11 "Apologiz-Cast"


    Okay! So, we return from the stadium and into our houses for the 11th episode of the 4th Edition Freezecracker Podcast!There's also a special little something at the end, so, stick around until then!Contributors:HD Shadow - Got Over-runAgainstBelief - Chris WarrenGeoff Mendicino - Took Over the PodcastWITH SPECIAL GUESTSThe Doc - What's To Say?Gene The Bean - Plays Too MuchGreg Giesbrecht - Screams and CoughsClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 10 "Math-Cast"


    Alright, so, apparently this podcast was recorded live in a stadium with thousands of people, hence the echoing.Samuel wasn't here for the first half because he was doing math homework, so now you get the jokes in the beginning.Contributors:HD Shadow - Got Us The Stadium Set-upAgainstBelief - Cut-out A LotSmartzke - The One We Never Forget AboutSamuelTehG33k - Just Barely Made ItGeoff Mendicino - I Don't Even Think He Was ThereWITH SPECIAL GUESTSThe Doc - CENSOREDThirtyWun - Regrets NothingClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 9 "Tribute-Cast"


    Oh wow! We've really done it! We've surpassed the record for the longest-running Freezecracker Podcast (8 episodes)!This is a special podcast as Robbie takes the helms one more time to host the podcast as we remember the past feel and experiences of yesteryear.Contributors:Robbie - Has One Last ChanceHD Shadow - The Guitar-ManAgainstBelief - Screams a LotWITH SPECIAL GUESTSThe Doc - The Second E-BayerConnoro - Pooped Da Bed For One Last TimeAND A SECRET SPECIAL GUEST THAT I'M SURE GEOFF REMEMBERS FONDLYClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 8 "Watch-Cast"


    I just want to say that I do enjoy curling.Also, screw you guys! If it wasn't for the compression you'd have to turn up your speakers all the way just to hear Adrian.Contributors:HD Shadow - The Reason For CompressionSmartzke - Has Parents In The Other RoomSamuelTehG33k - Sucks SomethingWITH SPECIAL GUESTThirtyWun - The Real E-BayerClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 7 "Omelet-Cast"


    Listen in and see if you can figure out why it's called 'Omelet-Cast.'This podcast is dedicated to Beth's Cafe in Seattle.Contributors:HD Shadow - The Guy Who Talks With A Gentle VoiceAgainst Belief - The Man Who Caused The White Noise (problem is now fixed, by the way)Smartzke - AgainstBelief's ValentineSamuelTehG33k - The Important SamuelWITH SPECIAL GUESTSThe Doc - Restrained VersionThirtyWun - Restrained VersionGene The Bean - Unleashed VersionClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 6 "Censored-Cast"


    Have we finally pushed the limits too far? Who knows?!This podcast is dedicated to Black History Month.Contributors:HD Shadow - The Man Who Enjoyed This PodcastAgainst Belief - The Man Who Had A Crappy ConnectionSmartzke - The MatzkeSamuelTehG33k - The Guy With A SoundboardWITH SPECIAL GUESTSThe Doc - No CommentThirtyWun - The Black ManGene The Bean - The Equally Black ManClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 5 "Let's-Move-On-Cast"


    Ah jeez, here we are: on the brink of being cancelled. Will we make it through? Who knows?!This podcast is dedicated by Smartzke and Eric to Carson's Date.Contributors:HD Shadow - The Low Volume HostAgainst Belief - The Level-Breaking SidekickSmartzke - The BreatherSamuelTehG33k - The GeekWITH SPECIAL GUESTSThe Doc - The Man With a Lousy ConnectionClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 4 "ROFL-Cast"


    Finally, I'm back to bring you another podcast that is longer than 3 minutes.This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Jesus.Contributors:HD Shadow - The Mayne with the PlayneAgainst Belief - The Een-House CanadianSmartzke - The Mayne Who Breathes on his MicGeoff Mendicino - The Hero For The First HalfWITH SPECIAL GUESTSDJDOOM - The Comic ReliefRobbison Chancington - The Class-BringerClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

  • (4th Edition) - Episode 3 "Gone Away-Cast"


    I am here to present to the third episode of our visually pleasing podcast entitled 'Gone Away-Cast'.This podcast is dedicated to Dexter Holland, singer for The Offspring.(Technical difficulties caused this podcast to go M.I.A, you will indeed hear it someday though, I promise! You'll hear it in two versions...)Contributors:HD Shadow - The Man with the PlanAgainst Belief - The In-House CanadianSmartzke - The Man Who Breathes on his MicSamuelTehG33k - The Man with the GlassesWITH SPECIAL GUESTSGene The Bean - The Joke-BringerRobbie Chance - The Famed VeteranThe Doc - The Hero of the DesktopClick here to listen/downloadClick here to discuss

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