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Speaking of Life is a weekly podcast by Joe Tkach coming from two perspectives God is not mad at you. God loves and accepts you. Dr. Tkach, is President of Grace Communion International, a Christian fellowship with 42,000 members, worshiping in more than 900 congregations in 100 nations and territories. Speaking of Life is updated every Friday.


  • Speaking Of Life 3026 | The Groans of Our Heart


    We sometimes find ourselves out of words when we are overwhelmed with emotions. This is similar with our relationship with God. We often find it difficult to talk to him or even fail to express the entirety of our emotions. God tells us in Romans 8 that he knows our deepest thoughts and even our worst heartaches. Let us be assured that when we feel like all is lost, God is always there to listen to us and ready to embrace us with arms wide open.

  • Speaking Of Life 3025 | Eyewitness Testimony


    Like the stories of Jesus in the Bible, the courtroom drama that we see on TV is based on eyewitness testimony. Our human biases can cause us to misremember or unconsciously give false testimony. The Bible may have been written by man but every word is inspired by God himself. John reminds us that God never lies and his testimony is that he gave us a new life through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life!

  • Speaking Of Life 3024 | The Divine Irony


    Instead of grasping for power, Jesus conquered the world through love. He came and flipped the world upside down to usher in his kingdom.

  • Speaking Of Life 3023 | Plugged In


    We rely on our devices for most daily activities, even our relationships. A trip of a circuit can leave us disconnected and isolated. Electricity can fail us. The internet can fail us. Our gadgets can fail us. But one thing is for sure. Our relationship with God will always be there even if everything else fails.

  • Speaking Of Life 3022 | The Green in Rugged Pastures


    In Psalm 23, we hear the promise that God gives us rest in green pastures. The “green pastures” the Psalmist referred to are nothing like the bountiful tall green grass landscape that others might think of. In reality, the landscape where the Psalmist lived is actually a desert. Just as the Psalmist could see God’s provision beyond his desert circumstances, we too can rest in the truth that God will lead and care for us, even in the desert.

  • Speaking Of Life 3021 | Jesus Goes Viral


    Have you ever seen a video go viral? The video spreads rapidly through online sharing and is watched by thousands or even millions of people around the globe! Like watching that interesting video clip, knowing Jesus makes us want to share with others about who he is. The more we come to know him, the more compelled we are to share his love with the people around us.

  • Speaking Of Life 3020 | Life in a Handful of Dust


    Throughout the Bible, God uses dust to reveal how he can transform something lifeless into something wonderful. Even now, God continues to breathe life into us and he can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing.

  • Speaking of Life 3019 | Rolling Stones


    Life often feels helpless and discouraging when we have a boulder-sized obstacle blocking our way. During these situations, let us be reminded that no problem is too big for our God. Our loving father will always make a way even if it seems impossible.

  • Speaking Of Life 3018 | Coronation of Thorns

    22/03/2021 Duración: 03min

    The crown of thorns is one of the most known symbols in Christianity. The crown was given by the soldiers to mock and humiliate Jesus. Death thought he won but Jesus can turn darkness into light, mourning into dancing, evil into good, and a crown of thorns into a crown of victory.

  • Speaking Of Life 3017 | See the Manager

    15/03/2021 Duración: 03min

    Have you ever had a sour experience in a restaurant or store that you just wanted to see the manager? When we say “I want to see Jesus”, do we actually mean that we want to see him, or do we just want things to happen our way? Following Christ means that we can be joyful even when situations get sour.